Emma comes home and talks to Holden. She says she felt like she has been traveling forever. She asks him what he is doing there, and he says he moved back in. She wants to blame Lily but Holden says this time it is his fault. Holden wants to tell her what is going on but she wants to freshen up a bit first. She says to think for a few moments out on the porch she was actually happy.

Lucinda comes in and asks Lily what happened outside. Lily tells her she tried to run over Carly to kill her. Lucinda doesn’t take her seriously until Lily explains the truth to her. Lily tells Lucinda that Carly slept with Holden. Lucinda wants to know if Holden was sober and Lily says yes he was. She tells Lucinda at first she was shocked but now it is starting to sink in and she feels like a fool. Lucinda wonders if this is a payback cause of Dusty. Lucinda asks her how she found out about it.  Lily says Holden told her about it.

Carly comes into the kitchen and tells Parker that she made some brownies for him. She asks him what is wrong. He asks her if she wants to know the truth. He tells her he thinks she is a slut and all she ever does is messes up this family. Carly tells him he can’t talk to her like that. She wants to know if someone has been talking about her. She asks if he was there when his Dad was there yesterday. He tells her it was him. He wants to know how she could do that to her friend. She tells Parker if it makes him feel any better this is the worst moment of her life. He is mad at her and tells her she didn’t even think about how this would affect Sage or Faith. Carly says she isn’t leaving this time. She says all she can do is admit she made a mistake. He says that won’t make it right. He says he doesn’t think any of them will ever understand her and he leaves.

Barbara tells Paul what all went on between her and Cole. She realizes Meg hasn’t come back with her medicine yet and she starts to worry. Paul goes to the medication room but no one answers the door when he knocks. Paul notices blood on the floor. He calls for help and he and a nurse go in the room and find Meg on the floor. Susan comes in with a trauma team and they take Meg off to the operating room. Paul goes back to Barbara’s room with Meg’s blood all over him. He tells Barbara that Meg has been shot. Susan comes in and tells them that Meg is in surgery but she has lost a lot of blood. She asks Paul if he will call her family in.

Paul calls the farmhouse and tells Holden that Meg has been shot and they are taking her to surgery. He says Meg lost a lot of blood and they need blood desperately. Paul tells Holden they were hoping that he has the same blood type as Meg has. Holden says yes he does and he will be right there.

When Holden and Emma get to the hospital Paul explains to them what happened. They don’t know exactly how Cole got to Meg though. Emma blames Paul for getting Meg involved in all of this to begin with. Paul tells her things are different this time though. Susan comes in and says Meg is out of surgery and everything looks good so far. She tells Paul there is paperwork that needs to be signed. Emma asks why Paul has to sign them and is shocked to hear that Meg and Paul got married while she was away. Paul is surprised that Holden didn’t tell her and he apologizes.

When Holden comes back in Emma asks him if he knew about Meg marrying Paul. He admits he knew and didn’t call her. Emma is mad and says she needs a whole new set of children. Holden jokes around and says she is now Mother-Snyder to Paul. Paul calls her Mother- Snyder and swears he will make Meg happy. Emma starts crying. Susan returns and says they can see Meg now.

Holden and Paul stand in the door while Emma talks to Meg about her wedding and they start planning a reception. Susan tells them Meg can only have one visitor at a time. Emma and Holden leave but Paul stays with Meg. Paul starts to get emotional but Meg stops him by saying she is fine. He lies next to her and tells her that she is more than he deserves.

Carly goes to Lily’s and Lucinda answers the door. Carly tells Lily she came to talk about Holden. Lily tells her she can’t think of anything they could say to each other. Carly tells her that Holden never really wanted her but he was confused and lost. She says he was trying to feel the way he use to feel around Lily. She begs Lily to fight for her husband. She tells her that her marriage doesn’t have to end. Lily can’t believe Carly is telling her all this. She says if Holden only needed comfort for a night he wouldn’t have gone to her over and over again.

She reminds Carly about her buying the lingerie and perfume and says she isn’t stupid. Carly says the affair isn’t enough to ruin the marriage. She tells Lily the affair is over. Carly is surprised to hear that Holden has moved out. Lily says Holden wouldn’t answer her when she asked him if the affair was over. Carly says they are definitely over. Lily says the thing that scares her is that she may be over Holden but he isn’t over her. Carly says it isn’t like that. She says all Lily has to do is forgive him. Lily tells Carly to get out.

Parker goes to see Liberty and grabs a beer and starts drinking. When she tells him she is home alone. He says he doesn’t want to be around anyone over 18 right now. He tells her all about Carly and what she did this time. Parker worries that he will turn out like his mother. He says before now he would have been on the road after hearing about this but now he can’t leave town or her. They start kissing.

When Holden and Emma get back to the farm Holden defends Meg’s choice in a husband but Emma is worried about her. She brings up Lily and Holden starts to tell her everything that has happened while they drink a glass of wine. Lucinda walks in and tells Holden to stay as far away from Lily as possible. Holden tries to stop her but she goes on and when Emma tells her to back off Lucinda tells her about Holden having an affair with Carly. Holden yells at Lucinda telling her to get out. She apologizes but tells Holden to keep his distance. When she leaves Emma looks at Holden. She can’t believe what has been going on with Meg and him. She orders him to fix things and then takes the bottle of wine upstairs.

Carly goes home and Holden calls her. She tells him he shouldn’t be calling her and then she says she was just put through the ringer by Lily. He tells her about Lucinda going to the farm and her telling Emma everything. He asks to see her saying just to talk but she thinks it is a bad idea.

Jan Barrett

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