Meg doesn’t want to believe Mike when he tells her that Sofie is pregnant. She says if Sofie was really pregnant Paul would have told her but Mike doesn’t believe that. She tells him she doesn’t understand why he keeps falling for everything that Sofie does.

Meanwhile, Barbara tells Paul not to tell Meg the truth. Barbara begs him not to tell her but he says he has to before he loses Meg. He leaves the hotel to go find her.

Shortly after Meg leaves the farm Paul shows up and Mike tells him that he is too late because he already gave Meg the news. Paul is upset that he went to Meg with first. Paul tells Mike he had no right to do this, it was his place to tell Meg. 

Meg goes to see Sofie and tells her she doesn’t believe she is pregnant with Paul’s baby. Meg tells Sofie she and Paul are going to Vegas tonight to get married so all her lies aren’t going to change anything because they will still be together. Sofie shows her the sonogram picture. Meg thinks Paul would have told her about it if it were true. Sofie says he was there with her at the hospital and if she doesn’t believe her to call her doctor. Meg thinks back to when she ran into Paul at the hospital that day and starts to wonder if Sofie is telling the truth. Sofie says Paul should have told her that he was going to be a Daddy.

Paul looks all over for Meg. He goes to see Barbara at the Lakeview and he tells her that Mike told Meg the truth. Barbara tells him he needs to go and fix things with Meg. She tells him to go tell Meg that Sofie is out of her life for good. Paul says that isn’t true though, Barbara says yes it is. He goes to Sofie’s room and finds her on the floor almost unconscious. He sees she is still alive so he tries to bring her to. He asks her who did this to her and all she can say is Meg, and then she passes out. Paul panics thinking Meg did this so he hides Sofie’s body and cleans the room up so there is no evidence left behind to prove he or Meg had been there and he leaves with the body in a cart left in the hallway of the hotel, to take it to Fairwinds.

Before Paul can leave the hotel room a maid walks up just as he shuts the door to the room and she asks him if there is a problem. He says no worries but he heard a loud noise and asks her if she heard it. She says no and then notices the cart there and apologizes for it blocking him. He grabs the cart and then lets it go. He goes back into the room not knowing what to do next. The maid puts the cart in the room with the cleaning supplies so when she leaves Paul goes to the room and rolls the cart out. When he gets to Fairwinds, he buries her body in the yard and then he tries to call Meg but she won’t answer her phone. He leaves a message on her phone telling her that things will be ok and he tells her he loves her. Then he burns the sonogram picture that Sofie had.

Meg goes back to the farm and Mike is still there. He asks her what happened. He tells her Paul was there and he wanted to talk to her but he couldn’t find her. He asks her if she found Sofie. Meg is not acting herself so Mike wants to know what is wrong. He asks her if she found Sofie. She tells Mike that she and Paul were supposed to be going to get married in Vegas tonight. Meg tells Mike that she just wants to be alone so he leaves.

Mike goes to the Lakeview and she sees Mike. She tells him he had no business running to Meg with what he did. He says he was just trying to help a friend. She tells him that Paul and Meg will be just fine. Mike asks her if she is sure about that.

Alison is at Yo’s drinking when Aaron finds her. She tells Aaron she has nothing to do in her life except to drink this drink. He tells her she doesn’t want to do that. Aaron asks Alison if she knows what she needs more than this drink. She tells him to please tell her. She asks him if he is going to help her pick up the pieces. He tells her yes he is.

Chris walks in at Yo’s and Alison says what the odds are. Aaron offers to leave but she says no. Chris tells her that he thought he should tell her he is quitting his job at Memorial. He tells her he won’t have a career in medicine because of her and she won’t have a career in medicine because of him. She tells him he is so wrong. Aaron wants to take care of Chris but Alison says she can handle this. Aaron turns to Chris and tells him he should just walk away. Chris says maybe he should. Chris says he still believes in Alison and then he leaves.

Margo and Tom celebrate their 25th anniversary with the family at a party for them. Chris shows up drunk. Kim pulls him outside to speak to him. He tells her he is sorry he is late. Kim scolds him because he is drunk. She fusses about how Tom went to court to fight for him. He says he didn’t tell the truth on the stand. He says Alison told the truth not him. He said when Alison let him believe she slept with Aaron he felt like a fool so he went to Brenda. Kim says he lied to save his job. He says no. Kim says he should have told his father the truth but Chris says he couldn’t face another disappointing look on his dad’s face. Kim goes back in to the party and tells everyone that Chris wasn’t feeling well so he left.

Casey tells Margo she has got to start letting him make his own decisions since he is an adult now. She tells him that only makes her feel old. Lisa makes a toast to Tom and Margo telling Tom he is the joy of her life and then she tells them they are truly an inspiration to life. She hands them her gift to them. Tom asks who has the present for them. They say they all chipped in for the one gift. Margo teases them saying they are all so cheap. They open it and it is a photo album and Lisa tells them that everyone sent them pictures from the past to put in the album. When Margo opens it they start thinking back to some of the memories of the past years. As they look through the photos Tom reminds Margo of their wedding vows. They decide to make new promises to each other. Bob makes another toast to Tom and Margo for another 25 years. Casey tells them they need new wedding pictures too so he gathers the family around for picture.

Jan Barrett

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