Janet goes to see Jack and brings him some food. Jack explains to her that he saw her out there all that time. She tells him his ex-wife warned her to stay away from her territory. She tells him to enjoy the food and she starts to walk off but he grabs her and kisses her. She pulls away when she thinks about what Carly told her. He invites her to stay for dinner.

Liberty rings the doorbell and is surprised to see Janet there too. She and Parker go upstairs to do homework. Jack tells Janet about seeing Liberty and Parker kissing. Janet throws a fit and starts yelling for Liberty to come downstairs. Liberty tells her it was just a kiss. They start arguing. Liberty tells her not to worry because she won’t ruin her life the way Janet did. Liberty runs out with Parker following her after he says to Jack to see what he started. Janet cries that she didn’t mean it that way. Carly walks in. She says oh no, not this. She reminds Jack that she didn’t want his girlfriend in her house. He says parker isn’t home. Janet tells Carly she was only staying for dinner. Carly asks them both to leave.

Henry is working at Metro when Vienna comes in and tries to get him to go home with her. She says she needs him. She complains about not ever having time together anymore. Vienna doesn’t care that he is doing this for Carly. Henry lets her know that he has invested in Metro with Carly. Vienna says all she wants is him and the diner. Vienna tells Henry she will talk to Carly and see if he can get his investment money back. He tells her he wants a more glamorous business so she agrees to give it one more shot.

She goes to the kitchen and Bonnie comes in. Henry is about to make a toast when Vienna comes back and tells him if she doesn’t like Bonnie’s part in this deal. Vienna asks Henry how he could confide in Bonnie over this and not her. She recalls how Bonnie has stolen men from her before. Henry swears this was just business and he vows his love for only Vienna. She is hurt and she leaves. Bonnie comes back to Henry and says Vienna is just mad at her. He says it is because he has been keeping secrets from Vienna. Bonnie defends Vienna then which causes Henry to defend himself. Bonnie tells him she is sure that Vienna will come around.

Lily screams at Holden that she wants to know who he is having an affair with. Finally she gets him to admit it is with Carly. She freaks out. She tells him she has him in bed with her with barely an inch between them and she has to beg him to touch her but yet he can fly thousands of miles to go to New York to spend a few minutes with Carly. She asks if they grabbed a quickie together while he was there. He says it wasn’t like that.

She asks him if he is in love with her. Lily brings up all the things he has done that should have told her they were signs of him being jealous over another man being with Carly. She says she feels like a fool for going around town telling every eligible man about her single friend Carly. She says she was going around trying to help Carly find a man when all along Carly just helped herself to her man instead.

Lily wants to know how long has this been going on. She asks if all these months that he made love to her was he thinking about Carly. When he doesn’t answer she figures his answer is yes. Lily asks him if he has put an end to this affair. He tells her he doesn’t know. She asks him if she is supposed to sit around and wait until he makes his mind up. He says he is just trying to be honest. This makes her feel worse. He says he is sorry and starts to reach for her. She tells him not to touch her. She screams for him to get out and then she grabs her keys and leaves.

Holden calls Carly and she says she can’t talk to him right now. He asks her where she is. He says he is at home. He says he is coming over because they need to talk. She tells him no and hangs up. Holden comes over and asks Parker where his mother is. He says she came in and dropped her bags off and left.

Carly heads over to Java and Holden finds her there. He tells her he needs to talk to her. She tells him they can’t see each other anymore. She tells him he is still in love with Lily so he has to save his marriage. She tells him she can’t keep wanting him like she does because it is wrong. He tells her it is too late because Lily knows. She is shocked. She says Lily didn’t need to find out. She says things aren’t going anywhere from here. He tells her that he couldn’t keep the truth from Lily because he cares for her. Carly pays her bill and starts to go, but Holden asks her where she is going. She tells him she is going to save his marriage. Holden tells her that he was only trying to do the right thing. She tells him he has ruined everything for her. He says they can be together now. He says it all has changed now. She asks him what has changed. She asks him if he still loves Lily When he can’t say no, she kisses him one last time and walks away.

Jack and Janet go back to the farm and she can’t get Liberty to answer her phone. Jack thinks she should give Liberty some space. She tells him how harsh she was with Liberty over her kissing a boy. She tells Jack that Liberty is a lot like she was when she was her age. She says the difference is though that Liberty is smarter than she was. She tells Jack that Liberty is the best thing in her life and the worst. Jack hugs her and says Liberty will be ok. They start to argue about Liberty and Parker until Janet realizes she is over reacting. Jack kisses her.

Holden goes home and finds Lily gone. He finds a picture of him and Lily face down on the shelf. He looks around and asks himself what he has done. Meanwhile Lily is in her car and decides she needs to go home. The headlights on her car hit Carly and when Lily sees her she thinks back to when Holden admitted he was having an affair with Carly. Lily doesn’t even think about it but suddenly her foot presses the gas peddle harder speeding her car up with her headlights shining right in Carly’s eyes.

Jan Barrett

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