Neal and Carly are in New York after they go shopping. They get back to the hotel room and she is so excited. She tells him he is spoiling her and she loves it. She says this is just what she needed. Neal kisses her and she kisses him back. She stops him and tells him she just isn’t ready for this yet. He assures her that he understands and says this trip is a no strings attached. He says all he wants is for her to have a good time during this trip. He offers to get her a massage while he is at a meeting. He tells her to call for the in-room massage while he is gone.

Barbara shows up at Fairwinds and Paul wants to know what she is doing there. He doesn’t want to hear what she has to say but Meg does. Barbara explains about Rick finding evidence that Paul couldn’t have killed Sofie. Meg thinks that is great until Barbara says the evidence he found points to her instead. Meg says she can’t believe they would believe she killed Sofie. Barbara says she doesn’t believe it but the report will say it has to be someone in the medical profession. Meg storms out and Barbara tells Paul they need to figure this out.

When Carly is ready for her massage she calls for them and says she is ready but when they come in it is Holden there instead. He tells her he couldn’t stand the thought of her being there with Neal so he had to come. He says he is ready to leave Lily to be with her. She tells him to go home. She says she can’t live with herself if she is the other woman that takes her best friend’s husband away from her. He hugs her and tells her he can’t stop wanting her. She tells him to back off but he kisses her instead and she kisses him back. They end up making love. Neal comes back and Carly tells him through the door that she is about to shower. She tells him she will meet him at the bar. She looks at Holden and tells him that their affair is a bunch of lies. He says this is more than sex. She begs him to go home to Lily. She tells him that she is going to Paris with Neal because it will give them distance between them. Holden leaves

Carly invites Neal back to her room He sees that she is packed. She tells him she was just using him to get over another man. He wants to know if that is Holden. He admits seeing Holden in the bar. She apologizes for leading him on. She says she wishes she had stopped it. He asks her what she is going to do. She says she is going to end it, because he has a wife. He promises not to tell anyone about this but he says he thinks she deserves better than a married man.  On his way out he tells her she can talk to him anytime.

Susan finds Rick at the morgue and tells him she is surprised he has the nerve to show up there. He tells his guard that Susan is a little bitter over their broken marriage. Susan throws a cup of hot coffee all over him and she refuses to apologize. When Susan leaves Meg walks in. She and Rick argue and Meg tells him that she didn’t kill Sofie. He starts explaining how she could have done it when Paul walks in and punches Rick. The guard comes between them and takes Rick out the room. Rick yells out that he is only trying to help but Paul tells him he wants him off the case.

Lily and Luke do research on starting his new foundation. She tells him how proud of him she is. Luke wonders if Holden is ok with all of this. She explains that Holden is just distracted with work right now. Luke asks her how their marriage is right now. She tells him they are doing fine.

Margo talks to the maid at Fairwinds and she tells Margo that she ran into Paul the night Sofie was killed. She also says that she heard Meg with Sofie that night too. Margo talks to Lisa later and Lisa tells her that Sofie told her that Barbara threatened to kill her but she didn’t believe her.

The guard takes Rick back to the police station and he tells Margo she needs to read his notes. She tells him she doesn’t thinks she needs to read anything he wrote. He tells her that he has found 14 other killers so she takes his notes as they escort him to his holding cell.

Barbara gets back to her hotel room only to find Cole sitting there waiting on her. He takes out a bottle of morphine and tells her he knows how Sofie was killed. She grabs her phone to call the police but he takes it from her. He tells her he watched her kill Sofie. He stops Barbara when she tries leaving the room. He says she was on the morphine when she gave Sofie the dope. Barbara swears she didn’t do it but she can’t remember that night clearly. He pushes by telling her what he saw that night. Barbara screams that she didn’t do it but he says he saw her. He offers to keep quiet but only if she will pay him $100,000. She tells him she will need some time to get the money up. He tells her ok but it would be a big mistake to keep him waiting.

Margo goes to talk to Meg and Paul and questions Meg about her visit with Sofie. Meg explains about her visit with Sofie. Margo continues her questions until Paul has enough and tells Margo she needs to leave. She warns Meg not to leave town. 

After Margo leaves Dr. Schiller calls from the hospital. She tells him there was a mix-up at her office and asks him to come back. He leaves in a hurry. When Paul gets to the doctor’s office he asks what the problem is. The doctor says they need to do another sonogram because there was a clerical error with the first one. She says the staff found two different pictures and there is a big difference in the age of the pictures. The doctors says the picture they found was much earlier which means Sofie wasn’t as far along as Sofie thought. Paul and Meg realize that Sofie wasn’t pregnant with his baby after all.

Meg and Paul go back to Fairwinds and try to figure out who the real father could be. Meg says the only men she saw Sofie with were Mike and Aaron. Paul wonders if Mike could have been the daddy but Meg is sure he wasn’t. Paul says Sofie did confide in Mike so maybe he could tell them something. They decide to talk to Mike about who else Sofie was intimate with.

Holden goes home and talks to Lily. She tries to kiss him but he pulls away. He tells her he is tired of lying and tells her he went to New York not to Louisville. He tells her he has been seeing someone else. He says he has been having an affair.

Jan Barrett

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