Emily finds Casey and says she can’t see him anymore because she just got a court order where his Dad has started trying to take Daniel away from her. She begs Casey to help her. She wants him to talk to his parents but he doesn’t know of anything he could say to make them listen. She says there is one thing. She asks him to go to his parents and tells them it was a mistake for him to be with her and he won’t see her anymore. She begs him to just do it. He doesn’t want to do it but she begs him. She says this has to work. She says it will be his son for her son. She is sorry it has come down to this for her to have to choose but she says it is just the way it is

Daniel and Tom go home and Daniel waits for the explanation about what is going on. Tom tells him there are some family issues and from now on he won’t be able to spend much time with his mother now. Daniel says as it is he barely gets time with her. Tom tells him they are going back to court to change the custody agreement. Daniel wants to know what his mom did this time. Daniel gets mad when Tom won’t tell him. Casey arrives and asks if they can talk.

Alison is at the hospital when Chris walks in. She says she thought he resigned. He tells her that he is just tying up some loose ends. He encourages her to continue with her nursing schooling. When Susan walks in she asks why he can’t stay away from her daughter. Alison calms Susan down and when Susan keeps on with Chris, Alison stops her and tells her to back off. Susan is called to the ER. Alison asks Chris to keep away from her mother. He apologizes.  And Alison tells him she just wants to move on and finish nursing school. She tells Chris she never wants to see him again. Later Susan catches up with Alison and Alison tells her she is ready to move on and now she can because Chris is leaving the hospital.

Meg goes to the police station to see Paul. Margo assures them that handcuffs on Paul are necessary but gives them two minutes alone together. She tells Paul that Barbara didn’t kill Sofie. They say if Barbara didn’t and neither of them did, then who did. Meg says that is for the cops to find out but Paul says they think they have the killers. She suggests that they tell Margo everything. But Paul is worried about Sofie’s lasts words but Meg isn’t worried about that. Margo comes in and Paul says he is ready to talk. He tells her everything except for what Sofie told him as her last words about Meg. Meg steps in and tells Margo the rest. Margo explains that Meg has just implicated herself. They defend themselves and Margo accuses them of obstructing justice.

Barbara talks to a lawyer for Paul. He says he knows an expert that can help them but he warns her that he comes with baggage. Barbara doesn’t care what it costs as long as it can get Paul off. He tells Barbara that his expert can guarantee to get Paul off the hook here. She says ok but does this expert have a name. He says she can find out when she meets him. He takes Barbara to meet this expert and she is shocked to see that is is Dr. Rick Decker. She can’t believe it. She wants nothing to do with them and decides to fire him and the lawyer. Rock tells her that he is Paul’s only hope here and that he isn’t a killer anymore. He says he is in the honesty business now.

Barbara and her lawyer arrive at the station and they bail Paul out of jail. Margo tells Paul not to leave town. The lawyer tells Margo that his expert needs access to the autopsy reports. Margo is shocked to see that the expert is Rick Decker and so is Paul. Rick says he is the only one that can save Paul but Paul doesn’t want Rick on his payroll. Margo refuses to give Rick access to her evidence. He says well he will just order his own autopsy. She tells him he doesn’t have jurisdiction there. He pulls out a court order ordering her to share the information. They all stand there and say what they have against Rick but he tells them he can get Paul out of this. After everyone is gone, Tom calls Margo and asks her to come home. She says she is on her way.

Rick goes to the hospital and sees Susan before she sees him. He asks him handler to keep him separated from Susan, his ex wife. He goes to the morgue to examine Sofie’s body. Alison walks in the door and screams. Chris hears Alison screaming and runs to her. The guard with Rick tries to explain to her but Alison is too upset to listen to what he tries to tell her. Alison tells Chris Rick is pure evil and Chris tells her to calm down. Alison hugs Chris. When Rick comes out Chris calls him a killer. He apologizes for scaring Alison and leaves with his handler. Alison breaks down and runs out.

Rick goes to see Barbara and he tells her that Paul couldn’t have killed Sofie because a medical person had to have done it. He explains that a non professional wouldn’t have been able to kill her so easily. He tells a stunned Barbara that the killer has to be either a doctor or a nurse.

Meg and Paul talk about Decker helping them. Paul wonders if he should get another lawyer but Meg thinks if Decker can find evidence to clear him then they should let him take the case. She says in the meantime she is just happy to have him home. They make love together. Meg tells him that they can conquer anything together. Barbara calls and tells Paul what Rick figured out. She says Meg might not be as innocent as she says she is.

Margo gets home and Casey tells her he is done with Emily and wants to know if it is ok with her he would like to move back home. Margo is so excited that she hugs him and tells him yes, yes, yes. They start bad mouthing Emily right away. They promise to give Casey his privacy. Casey says actually he wants a little more than that. Casey tells them they have to drop the custody case against Emily though. Tom refuses so Casey turns to Margo and tries to get her to talk to Tom. She won’t listen either and she refuses to budge on it. She says it is not her place. This is between his father and Emily. Tom says Emily was a prostitute and he wants her to stay clear of both of his boys and he will do whatever he has to do to keep her away.

Susan overhears Emily leaving a message for Casey and asks what she is doing. Emily explains what is going on and she tells her that right now Casey is her only hope right now. Susan tells her this is a bad idea and says Emily has no common sense. Emily tells her at least she didn’t marry a serial killer.

Jan Barrett

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