Luke and Noah tell Lily that Noah wants to move back in at the farm and Lily is excited about it. She tells him this would make her happy. Luke promises Noah there would be no pressures if he does move back in. Lily comes in with a package for Luke. It is from his real father, Damian. Luke doesn’t want it. Lucinda walks in and since Luke doesn’t want to open the letter she takes it saying she is curious what his father wants. She opens it and says oh, Damian wants to make amends in a huge way.

Chris runs into his father in the changing room at the hospital and Bob tells him he received his resignation letter. Bob tells him he won’t accept it though. He thinks Chris’s admission is better late than never but Chris won’t take back the resignation. Bob says if he resigns what he will do after that. Chris says he just wants to make a fresh start. Kim comes in as Bob is blaming himself over Chris thinking of leaving town. She tells him it isn’t his fault and that Chris needs to face his own demons.

Carly goes to the farm and asks Jack if he can move in at the house for a while to help with Parker while she gets out of town for a while. He says he can’t so Carly wonders now what will she do. Janet comes downstairs and Carly is surprised to see her there in her nightgown. Janet assures her that she and Jack are only friends, then explains that Brad isn’t paying her hotel bill so Jack offered to let her stay there. Carly tells Jack not to worry she will make other arrangements and she storms out. Jack follows her and tries to explain. When Carly tells Jack she is going to Paris with Neal, he says like hell she is. He says Parker will look at this like his mother is abandoning him again. She tells Jack that is not what she is doing this time. She tells him it isn’t any of his business but she and Neal will have separate rooms.

Alison goes to the Lakeview and shows Aaron an apology letter she got from Chris. Aaron tells her not to believe it all. She wonders what she is supposed to do now. Brenda calls her and she has to go. A little while later she comes back with some good news. She has been reinstated in nursing school. She runs into Chris and she tears up his letter of apology to her. He says he is trying to make things right. He tells her he handed in his resignations and she is shocked. He says he wishes there was some small way to make this up to her. She tells him he can’t and starts to leave but he stops her. He tells her not to give up her dreams. Alison walks out. Later Aaron overhears Alison on the phone accepting the reinstatement. He asks what changed her mind. He says she talked to Chris and he convinced her to fight for what she wants. Aaron tells her he thinks she has done the right thing.

Kim comes in and tells Chris she is proud of him. Chris tells her he doesn’t know where he is going to go. He doesn’t want to leave town though which makes Kim happy.

Neal goes out to the farm to talk to Holden. Holden continues to work while Neal talks. He tells Holden he wants to come to a truce over Carly. Holden says Carly’s life is none of his business. Neal goes on about it. Holden asks him how long he thinks they will be gone He says if things go well he and Carly will be spending a lot of time together. Lily calls Holden and asks him to come home because Luke really needs his father right now so Holden says he will be right there. On his way home he ruins into Carly. He tells her she is making a mistake. He asks if she thinks Neal is offering her a little more than she is asking for but Carly asks him what he is offering though. Before he can answer Neal comes up. He tells her there has been a slight change in plans. They need to go to New York first and then they can fly out to Paris from there and then Carly leaves with him.

Holden gets home and sees in Luke’s letter that Damian is giving Luke a huge part of his inheritance. Luke doesn’t want it but Lucinda thinks he should take it. Lily wants Holden’s opinion. He thinks Luke can make his own decisions. Luke tells them he needs to get some air so he and Noah leave. Lucinda says that money could make a change in Luke’s life. Lily tells Lucinda that all of her children have their trusts funds that she set up for them so Luke doesn’t need this money but Lucinda still thinks it would be a good idea if he accepted this. Holden is daydreaming when Lily looks at him so she says this is really important and asks him what is going on with him. Lucinda leaves the farm and Holden makes up an excuse to call Carly fro the porch. Lily follows Holden outside and asks him what is going on. He says there is a problem with one of the horses and he has to go to Louisville to fix things. When she goes inside Holden tries to call Carly and when she doesn’t answer he books a flight to New York.

Jack tells Janet about Carly going to Paris and she wants him to move into the house to help out with parker. Janet tries to explain that she can cook for them while he is there and carries on. Jack stops her and tells her that he is moving in at Carly’s alone. He explains what is going on and she asks him if he will at least come out there and visit her. They start to head upstairs when Janet asks him about the rules there. He tells her well as of right now he isn’t living there anymore, so they both run upstairs together.

Luke and Noah talk about his taking the money. Luke wants to know ‘Noah’s opinion about him taking it. Noah thinks if he passes up the chance to take the money he might be passing the chance up for him and his dad to ever have any kind of relationship together. Lucinda finds Luke and Noah at Java. Luke tells her that he has decided to take the money but only so he can set up an endowment. Lucinda likes the ides and agrees to help him set it up. When Lucinda leaves Luke tells Noah he is doing this for him so he wants him to help him run the foundation.

Carly and Neal get to Carly’s house for her to pack. Carly’s phone rings but she doesn’t answer. Neal brings in a bottle of wine and the phone rings again. He asks if she wants to answer but she says it isn’t important and they drink some of the win. It is Holden calling and he keeps whispering to himself for her to come on and pick up. When Carly is all packed she comes downstairs and he asks her if she has everything they will need. She says all but her phone. The limo comes so they are out the door to leave. In the limo Neal starts telling Carly about the things they will do while gone when her phone rings and it is Holden but she still doesn’t answer.

Jan Barrett

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