Liberty runs after Parker telling him it isn’t her fault that his Dad and her Mom are sleeping together. Meanwhile Jack is at Al’s Diner with Janet and they talk about the arrangement they have together. Jack asks her if she is really happy with what they are doing and she assures him that she is fine with it. He tells her he is busy with a case so he isn’t sure he can show up this weekend. She reminds him that this is really what you call uncomplicated sex. He reaches over the counter and kisses her. She wants to know what that was for. He says a little foreplay.

Brad and Katie arrive at the school to pick up Liberty and she tells them about Parker being upset about her telling him about her Mom and his dad doing it together. Brad becomes unglued over this news. He had no idea. Liberty asks him besides why does he care so much anyway. Katie says yes she would like to know the answer to that too.

Lily is on the phone with Carly talking about the dinner party Lily is having tonight for Carly and Neal. She tells Carly this guy could be a good catch. Carly is nervous and isn’t so sure about it but Lily assures her it will all be fine. When Carly hangs up she finds Holden at her door telling her that she can’t go to this dinner party with Neal. He wants her to make up some excuse why she can’t go. She says she can’t back out now because Neal is on the way and besides that Lily made lamb. Holden tells her couldn’t she at least wear an ugly dress. He says he can’t sit across the table from her drinking wine without feeling something for her. He tells her that Lily is starting to suspect something. She tells him that Lily can not find out about them. She says if she does she will never forgive him. When Neal arrives he asks Carly if she is upset about how he arranged dinner with Lily. He says he will just walk out and forget the whole thing but she stops him. She tells him to give her flower back and then admits she does want to go out with him again.

Brad asks Katie to take Liberty home. She makes him promise not to fight with Jack but he can yell at him if he has to. Liberty tells Katie that she isn’t stressed out about her mom. It is bothering her more about Parker being upset with her. She says she is letting her mother mess up her and Parker’s relationship. Katie asks her to define ‘relationship’. She tells her she can’t be with Parker because she is older than he is. Katie explains some of the problems in Parker’s life and that she should give him some space but Liberty thinks all of his problems are her fault and all the other adults in his life. Liberty runs off after that.

When Carly and Neal arrive at Lily and Holden’s they talk about horses. Carly tells Neal she would love to see his horse farm sometime. He invites them all to come but Holden says he wouldn’t go because they play polo there and he has no respect for anyone that plays it. Neal says that is a surprise to him because he plays polo. Holden says yeah he thought so. Lily and Carly are surprised that he said that. When Carly and Neal leave Lily wants to know what that was all about. Holden says Neal deserved to be insulted, because he is a big phony. Lily thinks Holden is drunk and overacting. She says Holden is only mad because Neal is dating Carly. Lily tells him he needs to go after Neal and Carly to apologize.

Carly takes Neal to Metro for dinner. He asks what that was all about with Holden. And she isn’t sure what to say about it. She says she needs a break. She tells him about Montana and how Henry sometimes runs Metro for her so she can get away. Neal tells her she should go to Paris with him sometimes. He talks about all the things they could do there. Holden walks in and apologizes to them for his actions. He says he was having a bad night and shouldn’t have taken it out on Neal. They shake hands. Carly looks at Neal and tells him she thinks he has a phone call to make. Neal is delighted and walks off to makes his call. Carly tells Holden to back off because she is going to Paris with Neal. Holden storms out mad. Neal wonders if Holden is jealous when he sees how he acted with Carly. She tells him Holden isn’t jealous. Neal tells her that he made the arrangements and promises that they will have fun in Paris.

Holden goes home fuming. He tells Lily about Carly’s plans and he says Neal was a jerk. Lily likes the idea of Carly going to Paris with Neal but she can’t understand why Holden isn’t happy for Carly. Suddenly Holden grabs Lily and kisses her.

Jack wonders what is wrong with Parker. She tells him it is probably just teen stuff that is bothering him.  if she told Liberty about them sleeping together. Brad comes storming in insisting on talking to Jack. Jack wants to know what is going on. Brad tells him he can’t be sleeping with Janet. Jack tells him that is none of his business. Brad says yes it is. Brad leaves and Jack goes back inside. He asks Janet if she told Liberty that they were sleeping together and she says no. She doesn’t know how Liberty knew. She says she must have figured it out herself. Jack can’t believe that. Janet asks him about their date that night and then Jack leaves the diner.

Parker goes to his room but can’t stop thinking about Liberty so he leaves. Liberty climbs through his window just as Parker leaves. She hears Jack’s voice so she hides. Jack sees Parker in the kitchen reading a note from Carly about dinner. Jack talks to him but Parker isn’t listening to him. Jack follows him when Parker walks out of the kitchen.  He tells Parker that his kids are his top priority and that what happens between him and Janet is no big deal. Parker asks him if he is in love with Janet and if he is going to marry her.. Jack says he likes Janet and they are on the same page. Parker wants to know what will happen if he and Janet split up but Jack can’t give him an answer.

Parker goes upstairs and finds Liberty there. She tells him to ignore their parents but Parker can’t. He asks her where their relationship is headed, but Liberty can’t answer. He wants to know if she even likes him. She looks at him and tells him to come over to her and find out. She starts kissing him..

Brad tells Katie they have to get rid of Janet. They go to the Diner to talk to Janet. Brad tells her that Liberty needs some time to get use to him and Katie as a family without her there. She asks if this is about her sleeping with Jack. Brad says the relationship with Jack is bad for Liberty and hurts Janet’s feelings. She says she raised Liberty on her own and suddenly they are telling her she isn’t a fit mother. Brad tells her she can do what she wants but he can no longer pay for her room at the Lakeview and they leave. She calls Liberty and gets her voicemail. She calls Jack after that and tells her that Brad and Katie want her to leave town. She tells him she has to pack so she has to go and she hangs up.

When Brad and Katie get home they both worry that they hurt Janet’s feelings but they both agree that it is time that Janet moves on.

Jack goes to Janet’s hotel room and tells her not to go. She tells him she can’t afford to pay the rent there in hotel without Brad’s help. She says she needs a place that is safe. She says she realizes she has to leave Liberty alone now. Jack comes up with the idea that she could move out at the farm with him. He tells her that way she can stay.

Jan Barrett

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