Meg looks out the window and panics that Mike might know about Sofie. Paul tells her it was dark and Mike would have come running in there if he had found something. He tells her what ever happens they will go through this together. He goes and gets a snack for her and he says he made it with his own two hands. She says it is really good. When he mentions a herb garden she suddenly thinks about the rose garden. He offers to get her something else and she says no, she wants to enjoy what he husband made her.

Mike talks to Jack about Sofie telling him he thinks she has been murdered. Jack tells him you can’t have a murder without a body. Mike tells him to look under Paul’s roses. He says he can’t just dig a yard up but he agrees to question Paul.

Jack and Mike arrive at Fairwinds. Paul tells Mike he thought Meg made it clear to him that he isn’t welcome. Jack says he hopes that didn’t include him too. Paul wants to know if he is going to need a lawyer. Jack asks him some questions about Sofie. They say Mike is just jealous because they are in love and they got married. Jack says since when. Meg tells Jack they got married this afternoon. Jack asks her if she got married and didn’t tell the family. He asks her what is going on with her. 

Meg defends herself saying she is tired of the family never understanding what she wants. Paul tells Jack he wants them to accept him and this marriage. Then he asks if they will excuse them now because he and his wife would like to go to bed. Jack says he will leave but he has one more favor. He wants to look around in their garden. Paul tells him he has a particular gardener and as soon as he comes back on vacation he can.

This makes Jack want to look even more. He tells Jack to get a search warrant. When they leave Paul says this will buy him some time. He says he has to move the body. Meg says he can’t do that. He says there is nothing else they can do. She says they can tell them the truth. She asks if he can honestly say he didn’t leave some piece of evidence behind like some hair or something.

Paul tells Meg that if they go to the police and they believe their story about them not being the ones that killed her then it would point towards his mother and she can’t handle the pressures. Meg agrees to go talk to Barbara to fill her in on what is going on. She gives her all the details of what happened. Meg tells Barbara that they thought maybe she killed Sofie but Barbara tells her she didn’t do it. Meanwhile while Meg is gone Paul gets out the shovel and gets ready to dig up the rose garden.

Margo holds the gun on Emily. She tells her she can’t believe she put her hands on her son. Margo explains how she will convince people that she came home and found an intruder in the dark and had no choice but to defend herself. Emily screams and Casey walks in. He gets between them and the gun but Margo still won’t put the gun down.

Tom walks in and tries talking to Margo but she is so enraged in anger. She tells them all about Emily’s prostitution past. Casey already knows and doesn’t care which only makes Margo even madder. Tom is shocked and he tells Emily to get herself a lawyer. He tells her to stay away from both of his sons. She says Daniel is her son too. He tells her he will make sure Daniel doesn’t hurt anymore by her. He says he will make sure she never sees Daniel again now.  Casey tries defending Daniel but they don’t want to hear it. They tell Emily to get out but Casey said if she goes so does her. Tom tries to block him at the door but Casey grabs him by the shirt and throws him against the wall.. Emily tells Casey to stay with his family and she leaves.

Casey tells Margo and Tom that they have disappointed him. Margo tells him he can’t come back once he walks out that door. Casey walks out the door. Margo blames Emily on all of this. Tom asks Margo how long was she going to keep this from him. She says she was trying to give Emily a break.  He swears he will see to it that Emily never sees Daniel again.

Emily goes back to her office. Susan comes in right after and rambles on about Allison’s birthday and she wants Emily to ask Tom if they can bring Daniel. Emily breaks down and tells Susan what just happened. She tells her everything. Susan can’t believe Emily was with Casey. She says that is what is called robbing the womb. Emily tells her it was a mutual feeling. Susan says Casey is just a kid and he doesn’t know what love is. Casey walks in saying he won’t leave Emily. Susan tells him to go home and not to come back. Emily tells him to go home too. Casey gets his feelings hurt and he leaves. Emily starts crying. Susan asks her if she is crying for Daniel or Casey. Emily says both.

Casey goes home and walks past Margo and Tom and ignores them. He packs some of his clothes and walks out again without saying a word to them. Margo says she can’t believe she is losing her son to Emily. She says if she does next time she will kill her.

Jack and Mike go back to the police station to try and get a warrant. But the judge won’t give it to him Mike says he isn’t a cop so he doesn’t have to wait for a search warrant. He says he will do the digging himself. Jack warns him not to make him have to arrest him. Mike says as long as he waits until he finds evidence he doesn’t care. When he leaves the police station Jack follows him.

Jack and Mike get back at Fairwinds just in time to catch Paul by his car about to close the trunk. Jack asks if he minds if he has a look at what is in the trunk. He finds Sofie’s body and places Paul under arrest saying he doesn’t know how much he hates having to do this. Paul says he hates it too. Meg and Barbara walk up and Mike grabs her saying she doesn’t want to see this. Meg asks Jack not to do this. Jack tells Meg as her cousin he wants to warn her that as Paul’s wife she can’t be forced to talk about this so he advises her to keep quiet. Jack hauls Paul off with Barbara yelling to Paul that they will get him a lawyer.

When Meg and Barbara get to the police station Mike tries talking to Meg. She says she wants nothing to do with him. She says Paul didn’t kill anyone. She says Mike has been nothing but trouble for her and Paul since he came back to town. Mike says she is better off without Paul. Meg tells Mike he should have stayed away and then she walks over to Barbara.

When questioning Paul, Jack asks him if he didn’t kill Sofie who does he think did. Paul only tells Jack that he didn’t kill anyone. Jack is irritated now and he tells Paul to get himself a lawyer. He gets up and leaves the room. Meg looks at Paul through the window.

Jan Barrett

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