Barbara begs Paul not to tell Meg the truth about Sofie being pregnant. He says she agreed to marry him because she thought he has changed. Barbara tells him he has changed. Paul says not if he doesn’t tell Meg the truth. Barbara says she will take care of Sofie. Paul says he has to tell her the truth. Meg comes in and Barbara tells her they need to get married sooner because her illness has become worse. Paul tells his mother to stop it, because she isn’t dying. He says they have to make plans but Meg doesn’t care. She just wants to get married. She tells Paul they should get married right away. When Barbara leaves them alone Meg tells Paul she is excited about getting married and maybe starting a family. She says they could fly to Las Vegas and get married. Paul tells her he wants to marry her too and they kiss.

Cole figures out that the baby Sofie is carrying might be his. She tells him he can’t blackmail her. He wants to know what is in the hidden box of hers. She says it is just a memory box and doesn’t want to show him what is in it. He calls her a professional victim. She tells him to get out. He threatens to tell Paul the truth so she stops him. She tells him he can have all the money as soon as she gets Paul to marry her. He wants a down payment first but she shoves him out the room saying she will call him as soon as she gets the money.

Barbara goes to see Sofie. She tells her to get lost or she will make sure she spends the rest of her life in prison. Sofie begs Barbara to tell her why she hates her so much. Lisa walks in but Barbara doesn’t notice her. Sofie pretends to be scared of Barbara and asks her why she is threatening her like this (as a show for Lisa) Lisa asks what is going on here. Sofie tells her that Barbara threatened to kill her and is trying to control her life. Barbara explains to Lisa what is going on. Lisa tells Sofie eventually she probably will kick her out and not to try her patience and leaves. Barbara says the same goes for her and she leaves too.

Meg and Paul go to the farm to tell her family about their plans but no one is there. Mike comes in and Meg tells him the good news. He wishes them the best and leaves. Paul says they still have to think about Sofie. He says even though she knows now there is no future for them she probably won’t give up trying. He tries to tell Meg the truth but Meg doesn’t give him the chance. She says if Sofie’s name comes up once they are married they will have to deal with it then She tells him to pack so they can go.

Paul goes back to Barbara’s room and tells her he needs to tell Meg the truth.  She advises him to get married first and then worry about it. He tells her he has to tell her first.

Mike goes to the Lakeview and he runs into Sofie. She tells him she and Paul have made up but he doesn’t believe her. He tells her about Paul and Meg planning their wedding. Sofie doesn’t believe him. She brings up that she is pregnant but Mike doesn’t believe her. She says Meg would never marry Paul knowing she was pregnant with Paul’s child. She shows him the ultrasound picture. He is shocked and says Meg needs to know about this. He goes back to the farm and tells Meg

Cole goes back to Sofie’s room and he demands money from her. She gives him $5000. She says he will get the rest when she gets it. He says that isn’t enough. She promises him to get him more. He says a promise from a liar doesn’t say much. She convinces him and he leaves.

Margo and Emily almost tie into it when Margo thinks Emily is there for Casey. When Daniel arrives Margo calms down and apologizes to Emily. She wants to talk to her son alone. Margo and Tom insist that Casey stay for their anniversary party but he doesn’t want to. She accuses Emily of being behind this. Casey yells that he can’t forget how they have been treating people, like Alison and Emily. Tom tells Casey to show some respect for his mother. Emily interrupts the argument by telling Casey to stop defending her because she can defend herself. She tells Margo to butt out her life too. She tells them she will be out of their as soon as Daniel changes clothes. Once she is gone Tom tells Margo she has to stop worrying about their kids and start thinking about them. Tom says at least Emily is a good mother to Daniel.

Casey follows Emily back to her office. She tells him to leave her alone but as usual he doesn’t listen. She insists that no one can know about their relationship and then suddenly she wants to end it between them. Casey says he has a better idea, he thinks they should tell everyone. She tells him he is crazy. She says they have to keep this quiet because of Margo. She says she was once a call girl and Margo knows. She says she could use it against her and ruin her life. Casey is surprised to hear it. He tells her it doesn’t matter, because he loves her. When he leaves Margo shows up and tells Emily if she doesn’t stay away from Casey she will tell everyone the truth about her. Casey goes back home and apologizes to Tom. Tom tells him he understands and he says he had a heart to heart talk with his mom. He says they have got to find a way to get rid of all the hostility there.

Jan Barrett

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