Brad and Katie are doing the taping of a show where their guest has lingerie for sale. While looking at different pieces Brad starts daydreaming about Katie modeling some for him. Katie brings him back to reality when she asks him a question. He looks at Katie and tells her he can’t wait to get her back in bed again. Katie doesn’t want to have sex with Brad anymore. She tells him she doesn’t want to wake up one morning in the next few weeks and be pregnant and alone. She says she wants to fall in love again, but she says it can’t be with him.

Vienna runs into Katie and she finds out that she is there for a speed date marathon. Vienna begs her not to do this but Katie does anyway. While trying to think of something to do to stop her Brad walks in asking her if she has seen Katie. She tells her what Katie is doing. She stops a man that is coming in for the marathon and manages to get him to change his mind about going in so she takes his name tag. She gives the name tag to Brad and tells him to go in there and keep others from Katie. When Katie sees him there she asks him what is he doing there, he tells her he is there just like she is, looking for a hot new date. She asks him if he followed her there and he admits that he did.

The hostess asks them to write on a paper the name of someone that they might be interested in that was there that night. Katie writes down this guy Joe’s name and Joe done the same thing for her. Brad gets Vienna to get the hostess’s attention and he tears the cards up. When they see there was no match Joe leaves and Brad gets Katie to go to Old Town with him to cheer her up. While there Katie sees Joe and tells him she was sorry there wasn’t a match. He tells her he was too, and then he says he wrote her name down. She says she wrote his down too. Katie knows right away what happened. They agree to make a date for another night and then Katie heads over to Brad and tells him he is so busted. She finally tells him that from now on other than work she doesn’t want to see him anymore and then walks out.

Chris runs into Gwen and Will at the hospital and tells them that the baby is beautiful. He tells them that he thinks he met the birth mother a few days ago. He tells them he could tell she had had a c-section by the way she was moving around. Will says that sounds like Sofie, but Chris says the woman never introduced herself so he doesn’t know.

Jack goes to talk to Carly about Parker. She wants to know what he has done this time. Jack shows her his report card showing that his grades have dropped and that he is failing. Carly tells Jack she has noticed that Parker has been having some problems but she thinks she knows what his problem is. Jack tells Carly he thinks they should talk to Parker together about this. Meanwhile Sam runs into Parker in Old Town and offers to buy him lunch but Parker tells him no and then openly tells Sam that he doesn’t even like him.

Sam goes back to Metro and sees Carly and Jack and hears them talking about Parker and he offers some news about him. Jack tells him he doesn’t need his help with their kids. Carly defends Sam and then Jack apologizes saying ok so he over reacted. Sam says ok and then tells them where they can find Parker. They find him at the diner and they give him the riot act about his grades. Carly tells him no Hockey after school and no hanging out with his friends for now. Parker mouths off saying she can lie but he fails a few classes and he gets grounded, it isn’t fair. Carly tells him it is fair because he is the kid. They send him home to study but when he leaves he goes to see Sam and tells him to stay away from him and to leave his mom alone.

Carly and Jack talk about Parker while sitting in the diner. Carly asks Jack if he would let the kids spend more time with her at the house. Jack says not with Sam there. Carly once again defends Sam and finally talks Jack into letting her take them for a while. He insists that she keeps Sam away from Parker though and she agrees.

Chris runs into Sofie at the diner and he tells her that he had no idea that she had given up her baby for adoption. He tells her he knows the adoptive parents and that Will is his cousin. She tells him it is ok that he had no way of knowing. He offers her some pamphlets that might help her learn to cope with this. She thanks him and leaves. Sophie later runs into Gwen and Gwen invites her and Aaron over for dinner tonight. Sofie accepts but doesn’t realize how hard it will be for her to be around the baby. Alison is there and she realizes how hard it is to see Aaron with Sofie. When Sofie and Aaron leave Sofie tells him she can’t do this, it just hurts too much.

Jack brings Parker and Sage over to see Carly for dinner. Carly has ordered Pizza and she says there is plenty and even enough for Jack too if he wants to stay. Sam walks in and has beer and offers Jack one. Jack declines the offer to stay for dinner but says he will take a rain check. He kisses Sage good bye and then tells Parker to be nice and mind his manners and leaves.

Jan Barrett

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