Luke and Noah meet at the diner and Luke discusses college with him. He says that he is going to get a room at the dorm this semester. Luke asks Noah if he has a problem with that and Noah says no but he really thinks that Luke isn’t ready for that. Luke jokes around with him then asks what’s wrong with him staying in the dorm. Noah says he just thought that maybe they could get a place together. Luke says maybe they could be roommates at the dorm. Noah says that’s not exactly what he had in mind. He more or less wanted them to get their own apartment together and start sharing their life together all the time.

After Noah leaves Henry has a talk with Noah advising him against getting an apartment together with Noah. Henry says they are too young to tie themselves down that way. When Noah comes back in he and Luke go look at a few apartments but back at the diner Luke still is uncomfortable about this. He tells Noah this reminds him of how Noah rushed the move with Maddie. Noah explains to Luke that he doesn’t have any family left. He doesn’t have a mother and he thinks that if they had their own place then it would give him the sense of family.

Luke tells him to hang on he needs to go make a phone call. When he comes back he tells Noah he has a proposition for him. He asks him how he would feel about moving in with him at the Farm. Noah tells Luke his grandmother would never go for that. Luke says she is ok with it, in fact she loved the idea. Luke says that’s who he just called. So Luke wants to know if he wants to and Noah says proudly that yes he would love to.

At the farm the girls are trying to find something interesting to do for the day when Holden suggest to them that they do some chores. Bonnie comes in and hands them a DVD set of the entire Twilight Zone series for them. They invite Bonnie to stay and watch it with them and offer to make cookies and popcorn as refreshments during the show. She says ok and thanks them. After they get the cookies made Holden thanks Bonnie for showing up saying it has been a long time since he has been able to spend time with the girls this way.

Lucinda spots Lily in Old Town causing Lily to hurry up and hide the bag of pills she has. Lucinda asks her how is Dusty. Lily tells Lucinda that it is over with Dusty for good.
Lucinda is worried about Lily. She asks her what is wrong with her, she doesn’t seem like herself today.

After Lucinda is gone Lily pops some of the pills she has in her bag and then heads over to the farm. She spots the store bought cookie mix wrappers and asks how dare him have that in Emma’s kitchen trying to make a joke about it. Before Holden can answer Bonnie comes out the living room and finds Lily there and apologizes not knowing Holden had company. Lily doesn’t take to being called company too well and lays into Bonnie telling her she wants her out of that house right now. She says she is not going to let her take over her family. Bonnie goes to get the girls out the room and Lily tells her not to dare tell her girls what to do.

Holden tells Bonnie to stay, he will handle this. He yells and tells Lily to come outside so he can talk to her now. When he gets her outside he tells her he is trying to keep her from making a fool out of herself and tells her the girls heard all that. He makes her see what she done is wrong. She goes back inside and apologizes to them and then to Bonnie. She tells them she has a bad headache and just lost control. Then she leaves and goes home.

Emily overhears Dusty talking to someone about the possibility that Bob might have been poisoned. She attacks him for what he is doing and tells him he better not print that in the paper. He tells her he doesn’t do things like that without real evidence. She defends Chris saying that there is no evidence that Bob had been poisoned. Chris walks up and Emily tells him of Dusty’s ideas. Chris calls Dusty’s bluff and tells him to take it to the cops. Dusty says he will when he is ready. As he is leaving Dusty sees Evan go up to Chris and insist on talking to him. He threatens to leave the hospital if Chris doesn’t set up a date for them to go public with his research.

Later Dusty runs into Alison at the hospital and he asks her to keep her eyes open around there. She isn’t quite sure what he is wanting from her. He tells her a little about Bob and how he feels Bob is in danger so Alison agrees to help by looking out for things around there. When Alison leaves the room she sees Chris and then Chris notices Dusty coming out the same room and starts’ wondering what is going on with them. He later corners Alison and asks her what was going on between her and Dusty. Alison tells him she was just catching up with him and then she says she really doesn’t want to get in the middle of him and Dusty. She says she thinks Dusty is only doing this to look after her sister because she thinks Dusty is still in love with Emily.

Jan Barrett

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