Parker talks to Jack about how his mother and Brad always doing something to ruin his chances with Katie and says he thinks he has a solution to it.

The bellhop delivers food to Katie’s room and Brad answers quickly. As soon as he accepts it all, Brad hurries and hangs a do not disturb sign on the hotel room door. Jack goes to Katie’s room and knocks on the door. He hears Brad yell to go away and then he hears Katie crying out in ecstasy. He gets mad and kicks the door in only to find them sitting on the bed playing video games. Jack and Katie talk after Brad leaves. She tells him that she and Brad are not having sex together anymore. Jack is happy to hear this but Katie tells him she can’t be around him anymore. She says that Carly is always going to be there. Every time they start getting close he has to run away from her to help Carly. She says she just can’t trust him anymore. Jack apologizes to Katie for not being able to make her happy. He tells her she is a wonderful woman and she deserves better, He leaves her some tickets for a hockey game that Parker gave him for her and leaves the room. She picks up the tickets and starts to cry.

Brad sees Henry downstairs in the lobby. Brad figures out that Henry is why Jack showed up at Katie’s door. They talk more and Henry realizes that Brad is really in love with Katie. Henry tries to tell him though that Katie is in love with Jack. Brad sees Jack leave so he goes up to Katie’s room to check on her. He finds her on the bed crying. He asks her what happened but she says she doesn’t want to talk about it. He says ok, and then asks if she wants to play more video games. She says no she wants to make love.

Meg finds Paul and tells him that she doesn’t think Craig is the father of her baby. Paul refuses to listen at first but she insists. She tells him she thinks that someone fooled with the lab results to make it look like Craig was the father instead to keep them apart. She wants him to do another test but he says he can’t do that. He says the last time he did it he got caught and it sent Rosanna back into a relapse and he won’t risk that again. She talks him into trying again and they ask Susan to do the DNA test. As they go in the room together Craig walks in the hospital looking for someone else. The nurse tells him she doesn’t know but he could ask Dr Stuart, pointing to the room, telling him she was in there. Just as he heads to the room Susan comes out and sees him saying hello to him hiding Paul and Meg in there.

Paul realizes that Meg is kind of scared of Craig so he wants to know if Craig has done something to her. Before she can answer him Susan walks in and tells them the DNA results aren’t back yet but she can tell them that the “other” DNA profile that they have on file does not match with the baby’s profile. Paul asks what does that mean. Meg says it means that he is the father.

Carly asks Sam to stay and join her there as the entertainment at Metro. She asks unless he would rather be there with Kit. He says Kit is a big girl and she can take care of herself besides Kit wants him to stay in Oakdale and help Carly. He says he would be happy to stay there and help her. They start talking about how Jack will react but Carly tells him that it isn’t really Jack’s decision. She says she has to do what’s right for the business. She tells him about how Jack only wants to be with Katie, and she wants him to be happy. She knows his happiness will not be with her.

Sam goes to the back to check on something and a man comes in. Carly says hi and could she help him. He says he is there looking for Sam. Sam comes in and sees the man and asks him what he is doing there. Carly overhears Sam talking to the man and suddenly the man tells her that he wonders how much she is paying Sam. She says she isn’t paying him anything. The guy tells her Sam just turned down a 4 week gig at a club in Texas. Carly tells him he should go because she can’t afford to pay him. Sam says he won’t leave her there. He feels committed to staying and helping her. He asks her if he can stay at her house for a few more days though. She says Jack won’t let her kids come over there if he is there though. Then with a change of heart she tells Sam she can deal with Jack and agrees to let him stay. She kisses him on his cheek and tells him he is a good man and walks away. He says he is the lucky one here with a smile on his face.

Margo runs into Craig in Old Town. She has Daniel with her but Daniel is less than happy seeing Craig. He walks off to talk to friends. Craig asks Margo how she can love a child that doesn’t belong to her. She gives him the riot act and makes Craig see that he could love Meg’s baby even if he isn’t the father. He calls the architect and asks him to create the biggest nursery ever saying nothing is too good for his son.

Meg and Paul go to a small bar and as they enter Paul yells out “We’re having a baby” He notices that no one cares. When they sit at the bar she says that’s why she likes going there, no one knows her. Meg kisses Paul but he pulls away thinking about Rosanna. Meg tells him it must have been Rosanna that changed the results but Paul would prefer to think of it as being Craig. She tells him about how up until recently Craig has been over protective with her and the baby, she says suddenly he changed. She tells him she caught Rosanna coming out of Craig’s hotel room that night. Paul is surprised to hear this. He thinks he should call Rosanna but Meg stops him. She says the important thing now is their baby. Meg thinks she needs to tell Craig that she knows the truth but Paul says no. He wants her to play along with Craig til he can figure a way to get her away from him safely. She suggests that she tells Craig her mother is sick and she wants to go there to take care of her for a few days. Paul says he thinks that will work.

Jan Barrett

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