Craig turns over in bed while sleeping and puts his arm around Meg who is sleeping too. His hand reaches her stomach which wakes him immediately. He pulls away right away. Meg turns over in a slightly frisky mood but Craig is totally turned off. He wants nothing to do with cuddling with her. Meg doesn’t understand why he has changed his mind about her and the baby. After she gets dressed, Meg goes to the hospital and asks her nurse friend if she can help her with something. She wants to see the test results which they done on Craig’s hand. She thinks maybe Chris is treating Craig for something more serious than they are telling her which could explain Craig sudden change.

The nurse shows Meg the file and where it shows that the infection is caused by a drug that when taken could cause a miscarriage. Meg is trying to figure out where Craig would have come in contact with such a drug when the nurse tells her to just be happy she didn’t get it. Meg asks her why. She tells Meg if she had accidentally taken it she could have lost her baby. Meg thinks back to the night Craig knocked the glass out of her hand and cut it.

Meg goes back to their hotel room and finds Craig there. She tells him she had a doctor’s appointment and she had a sonogram done. Craig has no interest at all in hearing what the doctor had to say. To test his reactions she tells him while looking at the baby on the sonogram she thought of a perfect name for the baby, Craig Montgomery Jr. He throws a fit and says absolutely not. She asks why not. How come he doesn’t want his son to have his name? He makes excuses why he has to go to the office then storms out. Meg tells herself that Craig really doesn’t want this baby and asks herself but why.

Then she whispers no that’s not possible. She calls the nurse back and asks about Eli. She says that Eli quit suddenly. After questioning that, she finds out that suddenly Eli is going to Europe to do some traveling. Word is he came into some money from somewhere. Meg says maybe as in a payoff. She thanks the nurse then calls Eli’s cell number but the answering service says his voice box is full and to try again at another time.

Lily runs into Emily at the hotel after she sees her kissing Chris. Lily asks her if that kiss was for her benefit. Emily says no not at all, she says she and Chris are in a relationship after all. Lily says ah yes, she and Dusty were in a relationship also until she slept with him. Emily tells Lily to stop talking to her like she is some sort of home wrecker. They end up arguing in the lobby about it. Emily finally tells Lily she is making a scene so Lily leaves.

Dusty goes to Margo and Tom and tells them that Chris knows more about what happened to Bob than he is telling them. Tom says there is no proof of that. Tom thinks that Chris is very worried about their father and would never do anything to harm him. Tom warns Dusty to back off and stay away from his father. When Dusty leaves he runs into Emily in Old Town and she tells him about her run in with Lily. She warns him to tell her to back off or she will not be responsible for the consequences. He tells Emily that Lily is his friend, so he won’t tell her what to do.

Dusty goes to the hospital where Tom was when he collapsed. He is searching for any evidence of something that could have caused it. He spots a coffee cup on the floor and picks it up using his handkerchief being sure not to smudge any possible fingerprints off of it. He calls someone from the lab and tells them he has something that he needs analyzed.

Holden calls Bonnie and asks her to join him tonight for a movie. She is surprised yet excited when she asks if he is really asking her out on a date. He tells her yes he guesses that is what he is doing. She agrees to go out with him then. Before they could get together Faith calls Holden and asks him if he knows where her mother is. Lily was supposed to pick her up so Holden has to go get her. When he gets to the diner, he makes an excuse for Lily and says he will take her home. Before they leave Bonnie walks in and Holden apologizes to her saying they will have to break their date and promises to explain later.

Lily goes to a bar to relax and have a drink. A man comes up to the bar and starts talking to her. He offers her a bottle of pills. She tells him no thanks and admits that she use to have a small problem with pills so she refuses. While they sit there drinking he manages to talk her into taking just one of those pills. They start dancing and Lily is feeling the effects of the pill when he asks her to go back to his room. She tells him she is not interested. She heads out the door and is pretty messed up. The guy asks her if she is ok and she tells him yes but she is a little woozy. He says ok and offers to call her a cab and she agrees.

After Holden gets Faith home he goes to Lily’s hotel room to check on her. After he talks the hotel clerk into letting him into Lily’s room he finds her passed out on the bed on her stomach with her head hanging over the foot of the bed. He finally wakes her up and asks her if she is ok. He tells her about her forgetting to pick up Faith and she feels terrible about it. She says she has been so stressed. Later after Holden goes home Lily calls to talk to Faith but she does not really want to talk to her but Holden says she should never be too busy to talk to her mother.

Jan Barrett

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