Brad tries to get Katie to give him a sponge bath. He tries setting the room in a romantic atmosphere by lighting candles saying it is just to relax him. She pours ice cold water on his back and then tells him it’s like the cold shower that he needs. He begs her to continue so she sits on the bed and wets the towel and starts wiping his chest. Suddenly she throws the towel and tells him to finish the rest himself and she leaves.

Jack and Carly want Parker to talk to a psychiatrist. Parker insists he isn’t the one that is crazy here but when the psychiatrist comes in she asks Jack and Carly to let her have some time with Parker alone. The doctor calls Carly and Jack back in and tells them she thinks all this can be worked out fine without sending Parker away to camp. After a talk with Carly and Jack the doctor tells them she would like to meet with Parker once a week. She says her office will be open to them to if they feel the need.

Casey is out now and he goes to see Gwen and Will. He watches them through the window and starts to leave when Alison walks up and sees him. She recognizes him and tells him that Gwen and Will have both been talking about him and she knows they will be glad to see him so she knocks on the door and tells Will, look who is here. While they all chat Gwen asks Casey if he has talked to Maddie. He tells her that they don’t talk anymore. He says he has to go job hunting. He thought of going to Al’s Diner to ask for a job. Gwen tells him that Henry and Vienna run it now. Casey says that well that job possibility is out then. He says oh well he will just have to look at other places and leaves. When he is gone Alison tells Gwen and Will that she doesn’t know Casey that well but she sure found that he was in a big hurry to get out of there.

Barbara is leaving the doctors office when she runs into Lisa. Lisa doesn’t accept that she is ok because she can clearly see that she isn’t. Finally Barbara tells her she can’t lie to her so she tells her she has been diagnosed with cancer. She explains to her about it all and then tells her she hasn’t told anyone about it. Lisa tells her she needs to tell Will and Paul.

Lisa runs into Casey in Old Town and is surprised to see him home. She said she had no idea he was back. He tells her he was just going around looking for a job. She laughs and tells him he is hired. He is shocked. She tells him he can go to work at the Lakeview.

Barbara goes to see will. When he opens the door he hesitates. She asks him if she can come in because she has something she needs to talk to him about. He lets her in and Alison excuses herself and tells them she will have to take a rain check on the pizza and leaves. Barbara asks them what they have been up to today. Will tells them that Casey is back and he tells her that he has forgiven Casey for what he did to him. Barbara tells him that’s good. Gwen walks in with the baby. Will asked Barbara if she is ok and she says no. Gwen asks Will if it is ok for her to bring the baby to Barbara. Gwen hands Barbara the baby and Barbara starts crying and then changes her mind about tell them about her cancer.

Katie is in Old Town when she sees Jack and Parker, so she tries to hide. Parker leaves and Jack goes into the café where Katie is and orders coffee when he spots her there. He asks her if she is trying to dodge him and of course she denies it. He says good because he could sure use a friend right now. As they sit and talk Brad calls Katie and tells her he needs help, he fell and can’t get up. She says fine she is on her way. Jack tells her the least he can do is help her pick his brother up off the floor and they leave. Meanwhile Vienna is with Brad making the whole thing up and him falling saying they have to make this look real. He gets on the floor and she lays the chair over his leg.

Carly goes to Metro and finds Sam there talking to his dummy. She is pretty upset and Sam can tell so he asks her what is going on. She tells him she went to see her sister but missed her. She says she is on the plane heading back to Switzerland and she may never get to see her again. As they talk Carly notices that it is freezing in there so she invites Sam to go back to her house since the boiler hasn’t been fixed yet. She tells him she isn’t expecting Jack or Parker back tonight so it should be ok, so he agrees. Back at Carly’s house she offers him a beer. They sit down and talk. He tells her she is an amazing woman. She thanks him for that and he tells her that’s what friends are for. Sam leans towards Carly to try and kiss her but Carly isn’t going for it.

Jan Barrett

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