Dusty and Emily talk about what happened between them. She says she is trying to write a story about how people go on with their life after the New Year. He says he knows how they can go on with theirs, by going back to his room and doing it again. She tells him what they had is over. When she stands up to go he tells her the headlines should read that Dusty Loves Emily. She says below that it should read that Emily is still with Chris Hughes. He asks her if she is still going to stay with Chris even after they made love together. She says yes, he is a good man. He tells her she is staying with a kid. She says Chris is a man. Dusty says if she says she loves Chris he will call her a liar. She asks him what does he want her to say, that she loves him? She says she is sorry but she will never tell him that. He says he doesn’t need her to tell him that she loves him because he already knows that she does. She says he sounds so sure of himself. He asks for a chance to prove to her that what they have and she says she already has enough proof that he is no good for her and she doesn’t want to make the same mistake twice and walks away.

Lily goes to the farm to pick up the baby and she runs into Holden. Judging by his attitude she can tell that Luke told him that Dusty stood her up for the party leaving her with no date. She lies to him and says that Dusty couldn’t make it so she went to the party alone to help support Carly. While they talk Dusty calls her so she asked Holden to watch the baby a little longer so she can meet Dusty.

When they meet in Old Town Dusty confesses that he slept with Emily. Lily is taking it sort of hard. She asks him if sleeping with Emily is like his way of saying goodbye to her. He admits to her that he is in love with Emily. She says she can’t believe this. She reminds him that he told her that his relationship with Emily is over. He asks what she wants him to say. She says she wants him to tell her how beautiful she is like he always does. Dusty tells her that she doesn’t love him, he knows she loves Holden. She says she made Holden believe that she was important to him. He tells her well she is but she says not as important as Emily is to him obviously. Dusty apologizes to Lily if he has hurt her. She says she has to go pick the baby up and she is going to have to tell her soon to be ex-husband that she got dumped. Dusty says he didn’t dump her. He just caught up with his feelings for Emily. She tells him he told her he would always be there for her and now he won’t be. Back at the farm Lily tells Holden that she and Dusty are over and she says she knows everyone tried to warn her about Dusty but she wouldn’t listen.

Craig is still under the influence of the medicine that Chris gave him and the liquor he drank with it. He is acting crazy with Rosanna and Paul. He keeps asking Paul if he thinks the doll looks like him and finally Paul answers yes. Back at the room Meg is trying to cope with Craig. She checks the bottle of pills he is taking and asks Craig if Chris told him not to drink with them. He mumbles do not take this medication while pregnant, then he changes his words by saying he took his medication. Meg is confused and Craig is only making matters worse. She asks him if this is all about her and Paul. She says it is over with Paul and now that they are having their baby Paul is definitely out of her life. She says he is going to have to forgive her if this marriage is going to work.

Paul is happy they ran into Craig and Meg like they did. Seeing Craig like that really made Paul’s day. He says he loved seeing Craig losing it like he was. Rosanna isn’t so happy about any of this. She doesn’t want to talk about it but when Paul keeps going on laughing about it all, she loses her appetite. She excuses herself to go to the ladies room but overhears Meg telling the desk clerk to put a do not disturb light for her husband’s room because he is not feeling too well and she has to go out for a few hours. Rosanna goes back and tells Paul she just found out that her masseuse has an opening and a good massage might help ease up her tension that she is having so she wants to know if he minds. He smiles and tells her to go one. He will just stay there and have some dessert with a great big smile on his face. She heads straight up to Craig’s room and knocks on his door. When he answers she asks him what the hell he thought he was doing.

Meg goes out to the farm and sees Holden. He asks her if she would like to talk about what is bothering her. She says not unless he is willing to talk about Craig. Holden shocks Meg by telling her to give her husband a break. She gets a message on her phone and it was from Craig. She heads back to the hotel and finds Rosanna getting off the elevator and she asks her where she had been. Meg cons her into confessing that she went to see Craig but Meg wants to know why. She says after Craig went after Paul she went to him and told him to leave her husband alone.

Back in the hotel room, Meg throws the doll in the garbage can. She tells Craig she ran into Rosanna in the lobby and she told her that she was up there seeing him. He says he bets she didn’t volunteer that to her. He whispers something about Rosanna being good about keeping secrets.

Jan Barrett

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