Paul goes to the police station wanting to give a statement against Rosanna. Margo comes out with Rosanna and tells Paul to calm down, that Rosanna will be punished for this. Rosanna tells Paul that she confessed to everything she did. After talking to Rosanna Paul goes out to the farm and bangs on the door insisting on talking to Meg. She says she doesn’t want to speak to him but he won’t take no for an answer. When he goes inside he tells her they are free. They are finally free and they can be together now. He tells her about how Rosanna confessed everything to the police. Meg tells him all she wants is to have her baby back, and she asks him if he can do that for her. He says no but they can try again. She says having Rosanna and Craig prosecuted will not bring her baby back. He corrects her by saying their baby. Meg tells Paul that it is too late for them. Paul says they can help each other. They can rebuild their lives together and he needs her. He asks her what he can do to prove to her that he loves her. She says the only thing he can do is to leave her alone and she kicks him out.

Paul goes to his hotel room and pours himself a big drink. He sits on the bed and closes his eyes. When he opens them he sees Rosanna sitting there. He asks her what is she doing there, she is supposed to be locked up. She says she had to come there to tell him good bye. He asks her why they let her out. She says it doesn’t matter. He says he is going to call the station but she talks him into waiting so she can say something to him. He says ok she has one minute. She tells him he has no idea how much she loves him. She said that knowing how he felt about Meg made her become desperate to do whatever she had to do to keep him. She still feels like deep down inside her she will always be his and she will always be waiting for him. Suddenly she disappears making Paul grab his jacket and run out the door.

He storms into the police station asking Margo why they let Rosanna go. She doesn’t know what he is talking about but she tells him about an hour or so ago they went to her cell and found her collapsed. She went back into a coma and is in the hospital. Paul goes to the hospital to talk to the doctor. The doctor tells him she has slipped back into her coma and may never come out of it. Paul starts talking to her telling her that he guesses she came to him to tell him goodbye and as he goes out the room, he runs into Meg who just looks at him and then walks away without saying anything.

Susan and Emily discuss what happened to Dusty. Emily says she didn’t believe Dusty and she should have. She says Chris didn’t love her like she thought he did or he would have never been able to call it quits the minute he found out about her past. Susan tells Emily that she is the reason they arrested Holden, because she told Margo about seeing him acting suspiciously in the hospital. She says she did it because the last thing Emily needs right now is for the police to find out about her past because then everyone in town would know. Emily realizes that her mother is right.

Lily comes downstairs and finds Holden up already. She offers to make him breakfast so they can talk but he says she needs to get rest. He says she needs her strength back for her kids. She says she needs him for their kids. Meg comes into the kitchen and says Holden is right and besides she would like a minute with Holden alone anyway.

Tom meets with Emily and Alison about Dusty’s will. He tells Alison that Dusty set aside a college fund for her in the event that she ever decided to go back to college. He gives her a letter that Dusty wrote for her. He turns to Emily and asks her if she thinks she is up to dealing with the unfinished business that Dusty left for her. She says he told her that it has something to do with her son so yes she is. He says this envelope will determine just how much time she will be spending from now on with their son, Daniel. She opens the envelope and finds that Dusty left the paper to her. Tom says Dusty thought she deserved to have it. She says he knew how important it was to her but she says she doesn’t deserve it.

Alison goes to Susan and tells her about the trust fund that Dusty set up for her and how he left Emily the paper. Susan is all excited. She says they deserve it and she is so happy to hear that Dusty realized he owed them something. Alison sets Susan straight by telling her that Dusty didn’t owe her anything.

Lily wakes from a dream. She runs downstairs to Holden and tells him she had a dream but she thinks it is her memory coming back. He tells her to calm down. Later when she talks to her doctor she tells him she wants to remember what she can about that night and asks for his help. She tells him Holden doesn’t seem to want her to remember so she asks him if he can talk to him. When they come out of the examining room she excuses herself to go to the restroom but wanders off elsewhere in the hospital. She ends up at the research office and she has another flashback and remembers Dusty lying there and she remembers having the syringe in her hand. Holden finds Lily in the stairwell and she tells him she remembers what happened.

Jan Barrett

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