Carly goes to see Jack and tells him that Sam told her that Parker stole his puppet. Jack says no way because he went to the dance and was home by 10:00 and went straight up to bed. She asks if he is sure. Jack calls him downstairs and they ask him if he did take the puppet. Parker denies it saying that guy is crazy. He convinces them that he didn’t take the dummy and that Sam always accuses him of doing things. Carly and Jack say they believe him and let him go back to bed.

After he thinks Jack is in bed, Parker takes the dummy and gets a shovel to bury it but Jack catches him before he can get out the door. Parker tells him that he doesn’t know how the dummy got in his room and finally convinces Jack to believe him. He says he will talk to Sam about it but Parker says he will only lie. Someone is knocking on the door. Jack answers it and it is Parker’s coach wanting to make sure Parker was feeling ok. He tells Jack he never showed up at the dance so he was worried. When the coach leaves he tells Parker he wants to know exactly where he was and this time not to lie to him.

Carly goes back to Metro and tells Sam that she spoke to Parker and he doesn’t have Cowboy Jack. He says he is glad because he didn’t want to get the boy into more trouble. He says he could use a beer and asks about her. She says yeah she could go for one. She tries to explain to him about how Parker is. He tells her he can see that she loves her kids. He says she is an amazing woman. She never gives up. She is always trying to make things work. He says but she needs to give herself a break. She gets a call from Jack. He tells her that Parker has Cowboy Jack and asks her if she can come out there and get it. She says she is on her way.

As she is going out the door Sam stops her and asks her if he can go with her. She says ok and they leave. When they get to the farm Jack asks Sam if he can talk to Carly alone. So Sam goes outside. While out there Parker comes out there and tells Sam that he knows he put that dummy in his bed and he says he is not going to get away with it. Sam warns him to stay out of his business or he will be sorry. Parker goes inside and tells them that Sam is setting him up. They don’t believe him. Jack tells him they are going to start him back in therapy.

Margo takes Holden down to the station to question him about Dusty’s murder. She tells him that Dusty was injected with a lethal injection. An empty syringe was found out at the farm and he hated Dusty. She asks him why he won’t cooperate with her. He says he is doing what he has to do. Margo says this is a very serious thing and she needs to find answers. She asks him where he got hold of the syringe. He says he found it. She says where, and then tells him as soon as the tests results from the lab come in she will know if it is the same syringe used to kill Dusty.

Lucinda comes into the police station and raises hell with an officer. Margo comes out to see what all the noise is about. Lily asks Margo if she can talk to Holden because she is so worried about him so Margo lets her go in. Holden tells Margo to please see to it that Lily goes home because she just got out the hospital and she needs to rest. Lily wants to know what is going to happen to Holden. She says that’s entirely up to Holden. When Lily leaves Margo gets the reports from the lab showing that the syringe he had was the same one used in killing Dusty. She says the only prints showing on the syringe were his. She asks if he would like to tell her now how he came about having this syringe.

Luke comes in asks to see his Dad but he is refused right now. They tell him that his Father has been arrested for the murder of Dusty Donavan. Luke gets all upset and calls Lily to tell her about it. She says she will take care of it. Lily calls Bonnie and has her come to the diner and talk to her. She tells her about Holden being held for murder. She asks Bonnie if she will represent him. She says she doesn’t think that she would be Lily’s first choice of representation for Holden.

Bonnie goes to see Holden but Dallas tells her that he has waived his rights to an attorney. She says she will change his mind. Margo comes in with Holden in handcuffs and Bonnie tells her she needs to talk to Holden. Holden asks what is she doing there and just then Lily walks in saying she asked her to come. He agrees to talk to Bonnie. He tells her that he found the syringe. Bonnie tells him she will represent him if he will let her. Margo comes in and says she can arrange for him to be arraigned tonight so with any luck his wife can bail him out tonight.

Jan Barrett

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