Jack walks in at Metro and finds Carly there with Sam and a towel. She was drying him off. Jack says he always seems to be walking in on them. Sam excuses himself and Carly talks to Jack. He asks what’s going on between her and Sam. She reminds him that they are no longer together so it is really none of his business. He agrees then tells her the reason he came by in the first place. When Jack is gone Sam tells Carly that the boiler can’t be fixed tonight and it is freezing in there. Sam invites her to go with him to Yo’s for a beer but she only wants to go home but he pulled the broken heart thing on her and she finally agreed to go.

Sam has had several glasses of beer and Carly suggests that he slow down. He says he has had a rough day so he needs to unwind. He takes her hands after saying he needs to keep warm. Parker walks in with some friends and he sees Sam holding Carly’s hands. Sam makes small moves on Carly by rubbing her cheek and hair with his hand. Carly stops him by telling him that if they are going to stay friends they are going to have to set some ground rules here. He apologizes and asks her if there are no hard feelings. She laughs and they hug and she says he is a good guy.

Parker is watching all of this and he takes it the wrong way. She says they need to go and he tells her she needs to drive. She excuses herself to go to the ladies room. Parker catches Sam outside and tells him to stay away from his Mom or he will be sorry. Just then the guys that Parker was with come through and says this place sucks, they wouldn’t serve them any alcohol. Sam says so that is what he is doing there. He tells Parker he needs to run along before he is caught then tells him not to get on his wrong side. Carly comes out wanting to know who he was talking to but Sam just brushes her question off as they leave. They go back to Carly’s and she makes him a cup of hot coffee. She tells Sam that she wants to just keep it business between them.

Parker and his friends sneak into Metro and Parker finds Sam’s dummy, Cowboy Jack. The other guys only want the booze but Parker wants to take the dummy. He says this thing has got to go. He throws the dummy away and then he goes home. When Sam gets back to Metro he finds Cowboy Jack missing. He calls Carly and accuses Parker of taking him. When Parker goes home he heads upstairs and when he lays in his bed he is surprised to find Cowboy Jack there.

Katie gets Brad to the hospital and the doctor tells him if he will stay off his leg completely then he should be able to get by with just a brace on his leg. Katie says he lives with family and they can all help take care of him. She calls Jack and asks him to come help her bring him home. Brad feels bad that she called Jack. He says he can take care of himself without needing his big brother. Katie says don’t be ridiculous. She says she can’t get him home on her own, they need Jack’s help.

Jack gets called away for a few minutes so Brad talks Katie into taking him home with her instead of letting Jack bring him out to the farm. When Jack gets back to the hospital the doctor tells him Brad went home with Katie. Jack goes to Katie’s hotel room and knocks on the door. He tells Brad thanks for filling him in on his plan. Brad claims Katie insisted on bringing him back there with her. Jack turns to look at Katie. She just smiles and shakes her head. She tells Jack that Brad is exaggerating. Jack tells her that she doesn’t have to explain. He says unless she has changed her mind then this is fine. She says no she hasn’t so Jack leaves.

Paul goes to see Rosanna to talk about a divorce. Rosanna asks for forgiveness. Paul says it is her fault that his child is dead so there is no way he can forgive her. He tells Rosanna he doesn’t love her anymore, and all he wants to do is get a divorce. She says she will agree to a divorce but suggests that they go to the Caribbean and get a quickie divorce. She calls her pilot to set it all up. When they are on the plane set to go she hands Paul a bottle of champagne telling him to relax. He is getting what he wants, a divorce.

Paul tells Rosanna that they soon will be divorced. She giggles and says oh not quite. She admits to him that they are taking a little detour to her Island for a little while. She tells him this will give them some time to spend together to try and save their marriage. He asks her if she is kidnapping him. She says no, he got on that plane willingly. He tells her to turn this plane around right away but she refuses. He tells her they are over and she needs to accept it. She says no. He says well then she leaves him no choice and he leaves and heads for the pilot.

When he comes back Rosanna tells him she can see we are back in Oakdale. He tells her that he told the pilot to turn around. Paul tells her the pilot didn’t want to be a part of a kidnapping. As they argue over the divorce a police officer walks in and tells Rosanna that she will have to come with him to the station for questioning. Rosanna can’t believe that Paul called the police on her. He said if she had just followed through with the divorce he would have let it all go but she tries to trick him. He called the police while in the cockpit.

Jan Barrett

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