Will and Gwen meet Barbara in the lobby at the hotel and she thinks they are going to accuse her of using Dusty’s death as an excuse to get them to feel sorry for her. They tell her no that they appreciate what she is doing for Dusty. Will asks her if she wants to ride to the service with them. She thanks them and accepts the offer.

Holden is looking at the syringe that he found in Lily’s hand. He puts it back in hiding when he hears her coming in the kitchen. She grabs her coat and he asks her where she is going. She tells him she hurt Dusty so she has to go make it better. He stops her and tells her Dusty is dead. She doesn’t understand because she can’t remember. He tells her she was pretty out of it at the time. Meg walks in all dressed up and Lily asks her where she is going. Meg tells her to Dusty’s funeral service. She cries telling Holden that she has to go to the services. She says he was her best friend. Holden says she doesn’t need to go. He tells her that it was over between her and Dusty and that is why she took that over dose. He asks her if she will be ok going, she says yes. He says ok let’s get dressed and we will go.

Alison shows up at Emily’s door and is surprised that Emily isn’t dressed. Emily said it was Dusty’s fault that she lost Chris. She tells Alison that Dusty went to Chris and told him everything.

Meg gets to the church for Dusty’s service and finds Craig there talking to Lucinda. She tells him he is not wanted there. He tells her he came there to see her. Since she won’t answer his calls anymore and this is the only way he could think of to get to her. She tells him she has nothing to say to him and from now on speak to her through her lawyer and then she storms out just as Barbara and Will and Gwen walk in. Barbara lashes out at him telling him she told him not to come here. He says alright he can see he is not wanted there. Lucinda whispers to him then that should tell him something. He says OK he is leaving but he just wants to say that that man (meaning Dusty) was not the saint that everyone will be trying to make him out to be today and then he walks out.

Gwen calls the babysitter and tells her that their cell phones will be off during the service. The babysitter tells her the baby wanted to be outside so she took her to Old Town to get some air. While in Old Town Sofie walks up when she sees the baby. When the babysitter tells her she has to go Sofie starts questioning her about her abilities as a babysitter and experience in child care. Grace tells her that none of this should concern her. Sofie tells her that actually everything that concerns Hallie is her business.

Alison walks up and finds Sofie with Grace and Hallie. Sofie tells her that Will and Gwen want her to be a part of Hallie’s life. She says besides she was only there to say hello to the baby. Alison leaves and Sofie offers to walk Grace home with the baby. When they arrive at the house they get there at the same time as Will and Gwen do.

Lily tells Holden that she remembers going into the stairwell that night Dusty died. Holden says he knew it was a mistake for them to come. She asks him what is it that he is afraid she will remember. He says nothing but he is just worried about her. When they go into the church Lucinda asks Holden what he was thinking of by bringing Lily there. He says he tried to talk her out of it but she was coming with or without him.

Just as the services begin the priests asks if anyone would like to say a few words. Barbara says she can’t handle it so Will offers to do it but before he can Alison walks up to speak. As she is about to start Emily walks in and everyone seated turns around to look at her standing there. Alison starts her speech anyway. She says Dusty was a decent man and a good friend. Will is up next and he says a lot of kind words about Dusty.

After the service Emily is standing there thinking of Dusty. Lily walks in and has it out with her. She tells Emily this is all her fault. Lily blurts out that she knows about Emily’s past and how she found out about it. Emily figures it out that it was Lily and not Dusty that told Chris about her. Holden takes Lily out of the church leaving Emily there upset. She is crying that she was so wrong when Susan walks up and asks her what is wrong. Emily tells her it wasn’t Dusty that told Chris. She says she insisted that it was no matter how much he swore to her he didn’t do it. She says this is all her fault. Susan calls Margo and tells her about seeing Holden that night next to the drug cart. Margo asks if she seen him holding a syringe or any kind of drugs. She said no, if she had she would have told her about it already.

When Susan leaves Margo orders a search for the Snyder farm. When they get there no one is home so Margo lays out the search warrant and they start searching. The last place she looks is where she finds the syringe. Holden and Lily walk in just as she finds it. They want to know what’s going on. Margo shows it to him and asks him where it came from. He says he put it there. So she tells him he is going to have to come down to the station for questioning. Holden tells a confused Lily that everything is going to be fine.

Meg runs into Craig again and he asks her what she intends to do with Montgomery Enterprises. She is mad because all he is thinking about is business. He tells her she knows nothing about running a business and offers to run it for her and she would get rich from it. Meg tells him fine to take the company because she doesn’t want it, but there is a condition. She tells him she doesn’t want him to try and contact her again. No emails, no phone calls no anything. She says she never wants to hear from him again. He agrees and walks away.

Jan Barrett

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