Margo called Craig in to talk about Dusty. He shows up with coffee and donuts thinking she called him in to see how he was now that he has lost his wife. Margo tells him she called him there to ask him some questions about Dusty. Margo asks Craig point blank if he wanted Dusty dead. He says he hated Dusty. He says the man drove his daughter away from him and he took his son away so yes he did want to see him dead but he didn’t kill him. She tells Craig she needs someone that can verify where he was the night Dusty was killed.

Barbara goes to the farm and sees Meg. She says she is there to talk to her about Dusty. She tells her how much she still thought of Dusty as family. She tells Meg she is sorry about the baby too. She says Paul is grieving for the baby as well. Meg asks Barbara if there is something she wants from her to please tell her then go. Barbara tells her she wants her to forgive Paul. Meg argues with her about it saying she is done with Paul and Craig. She says now please go.

Jack catches Parker with some of his friends in Old Town. He doesn’t approve of the boys he is with saying they are older than he is and smokers. Parker tells him well his mother is still hanging out with an ex con and he doesn’t seem to be bothered with that anymore either.

Sam invites Carly out for dinner but she turns him down saying she has plans with her sister. She leaves Metro leaving Sam there alone with the dummy. Kit calls there and Sam asks her not to keep calling Carly saying she is insecure right now. He tells her he will call her every day to keep her up to date. She starts to think something might be going on between them but he assures her nothing is going on. He explains to her that he even moved out of Carly’s house. He says he is bunking out in the storeroom at Metro. He promises to stay in touch with her. When he hangs up he gets out a pen and paper and writes him a Dear John letter and signs Kit’s name to it.

Carly goes to see Rosanna. She is worried about her sister. Rosanna tells her what is going on between her and Paul. Rosanna says she has come to realize that she doesn’t think she can make it without Paul. She tells Carly about how she switched the paternity tests making it look like Craig was the father of Meg’s baby. Carly gets her to lay down on the sofa and rest and then leaves. When Carly is gone, Rosanna gets up and leaves the house and goes to the farm. She goes in the door and sees Meg. She says hello to her and then says she is just there to get her husband. Meg tells her Paul is not there. Rosanna tells her she needs to know what her plans are with her husband. She says her life depends on it. Meg tells her to get out, that is her answer.

Carly gets back to Metro and finds Sam upset. He says Kit just sent him a Dear John letter. He says no matter what he does he just can’t win. Carly offers to call Kit but he tells her not to. He says this time Kit means it, it is over between them. Feeling sorry for Sam Carly asks him to go out to dinner with her. She says it will cheer him up. He says only if he can pay. He tells her to go get dressed up and they will have some fun.

When Carly shows up all dressed up he tells her he is a beer man himself but asks what she would like to drink. She says she likes beer too so that is fine with her. They agree not to talk about Kit or Jack. They make a toast to happiness. She tells Sam she loves the song that is playing. He says he does too, it always makes him feel like dancing. He asks her to dance with him. She says oh no, there is no one dancing there. He says come on, no one will say anything so she finally agrees. Jack is at the hotel where Sam and Carly are having dinner and he sees them dancing together. When Carly sees him she pulls away from Sam and tries explaining but Jack tells her she doesn’t have to explain a thing to him and leaves.

Katie is with Brad. She tells him she needs to get him to the car so they can get him to a doctor to see about his leg. He says he can’t walk so she finds a stick for him to use as a cane telling him to lean on her so they can get to the car. They get halfway up the hill and they trip and both tumble back down. Once they see each are alright they get up to try it again. Once they get to the car Katie can’t get it to start. Katie remembers that she did get a signal on her cell phone earlier so she needs to walk around outside to try and find it again but she tells Brad he needs to stay awake while she is gone. He tells her he is fine, he is awake. As soon as she is out of the car walking away he falls asleep again. Katie finally gets a signal on her phone and calls 911. Brad wakes up and finds her gone so he tries getting out the car to go look for her. He falls out on the ground and can’t get up. Katie comes back and finds him. She tells him he is bleeding and he has a fever.

Jan Barrett

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