Katie wakes in the car finding Brad laying on her trying to keep warm. She remembers him telling her that he loves her. She gets out the car saying he is Jack’s brother and he can’t love her. She is freaking out over this. She walks away from the car and calls Vienna to tell her that Brad has made things more complicated by telling her he loves her. She admits it was in his sleep though. Vienna thinks all the more reasons to believe him then. She walks around and thinks she is lost til she finally finds the car. She runs up to it and finds Brad gone. Meanwhile Brad is off wondering around looking for her. He yells out for her and says to himself how stupid this is. He says doesn’t she know how dangerous all this is. He trips and falls and rolls down the hill knocking him out on the ground with snow everywhere. He wakes up and tries to get up but can’t move so he lays back again. Katie goes off looking for Brad and finds his glove. She looks around and spots him on the ground. She runs over to him asking him if he is ok. When he wakes he tells her he can’t move. She says of course you can move, come on. He tells her his leg is broken.

Lily wakes up calling for Holden. Jack comes in and starts asking Holden questions about what happened with Lily. As Holden starts to tell him he realizes Jack is there with his badge meaning this is official business not family talking. Jack asks Holden where he was when Dusty died. He says that is easy to answer. He was with Lily. The doctor comes in and tells Holden Lily can go home but only if someone will be there with her to look after her. He tells the doctor he will be there for her and he will take care of her.

When the doctor leaves Holden asks Jack if he can step out so Lily can get dressed. He says sure but tells Lily he is going to need to talk to her before she leaves. When Jack leaves the room, Holden asks her when the last time was she seen Dusty. He says whatever happens he needs her to remember he was with her all night. She asks him if she done something bad. He thinks back about finding her in the stairwell. He tells her when Jack starts asking her questions he wants her to tell him she doesn’t remember anything. Jack walks in and asks her about last night. She tells him she doesn’t remember anything. She tells him she took an overdose of pills. He asks her why she did that. She says because Dusty didn’t want to be with her any more and she didn’t want to live.

Holden brings Lily out to the farm. He tells her he is going to take care of her. He sends her upstairs to rest. Right after that Bonnie comes in and says she heard the news about Dusty so she thought she would stop by. He tells her thanks and then lets her know that he brought Lily home with him. Surprised Bonnie says oh ok. She says she understands and then leaves. Natalie comes down and asks Holden if she can help take care of her mother and then asks Holden if her Mommy is there to stay. He tells her yes she is.

Paul walks into the church and finds Emily there. She tells him he is gone. Paul asks who. She says Dusty is dead. He asks if she is sure. She says she was there when it happened. Paul asks Emily did she kill Dusty. She tells him she can understand why he would ask her that. She says after she done all that to him she can’t blame him. He tells her to calm down. She says she had a nice talk with Margo about all this. She remembers telling Dusty that she would get even with him if it is the last thing she ever did. Emily and Paul talk. She says she is happy he came there so they could talk. He asks her if she is going to be ok. She assures him she will be fine and leaves him in the chapel.

Susan goes to Chris asking about Emily. His attitude about it bothers Susan, so she asks him about it. She says the woman finds a man dead, and then doesn’t come home all night. She thinks there is reason to be concerned. He tells her that his only concern is this hospital. He says Emily can take care of herself. Margo comes in and tells Chris they need to talk. He tries brushing her off saying later but she stops him telling him this isn’t a request, it is police business. He says he is not going to answer any questions without his lawyer present. She tells him fine, she will give him 2 hours to get his lawyer and then she will question him. He says he won’t need the 2 hours since his lawyer just walked in. Margo turns around to see Tom standing there. She asks Chris if he could prove where he was at the time of Dusty’s death. She says they will need to get a statement from the bartender from the bar where he says he was at.

Barbara meets with her doctor and he tells her that can’t do the surgery on her right away because the tumor she has is too large. He wants to try treating it with radiation hoping to reduce its size to make it more operable. He asks if she talked to her family yet but she says no. He encourages her to do so now. He says she is going to need them to get through all of this. Barbara runs into Tom at the hospital and he tells her the news about Dusty being dead. This news upsets Barbara. She can’t believe this is true. She goes to the Chapel and runs into Paul. He wants to know what she is doing there. She tells him she just heard the news about Dusty. He says this has been a weird day especially how they both would end up in a chapel.

Emily goes back to the hotel room and Chris comes in. She says she is glad he is there because they need to talk about last night. He tells her that Margo was asking him a bunch of questions about Dusty. He is going to need her to back his story up. She says she can see he didn’t come back to mend things between them did he. She asks him if he didn’t kill Dusty why is he so worried. He tells her she will back his story up and if she doesn’t then the whole town will find out about her past.

Jan Barrett

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