Craig is dreaming that he storms in looking for Meg at the farmhouse and finds Meg there. He says he has been looking all over for her. She tells him she spent the night there and then in his dream he looks around and sees Paul sitting there with the baby. He asks Paul what he is doing there with his son. Meg says it isn’t his son, she can tell once she looked into the baby’s eyes, she knew Paul was the father. He wakes up in a sweat and looks over for Meg who is sleeping next to him.

He gets up to change the bandage over the cut on his hand when Meg wakes up and wants to help him. She says it looks infected and wants to take him in to have it checked. He tells her he is not going to have it looked at, it is just a little cut. She says if that’s all it was it would be healed by now. He insists he is ok. She says that cut needs to be treated. Finally he agrees so she says good, she is going with him. He asks why, she says to make sure he goes, then as she turns to go get dressed, she says God help them if their son inherits his stubborn streak.

At the hospital Chris is treating Craig’s hand and he says she was right it is infected. They took some samples of the infected area and when Chris gets the results he says it just shows an infection and then tells Meg to go talk to her friends in the hospital that was asking about her. When she walks out Chris tells Craig the results show traces of a drug that is used to cause miscarriages and wonder how they got on Craig’s cut. Craig ignores him and asks him if this infection can be treated and he says yes with a simple antibiotic. Chris asks again about it and Craig says he must have just come in contact with something that he was unaware of.

Barbara is at her doctor’s office and he has the results of the tests they ran on her. She tells him she wants to know what is wrong with her. He gives her some upsetting news and asks her if she has any questions. She says no, she just has to take all of this in but she knows what next step she has to take is. She tries to call Paul. He is about to go out the door to the Christening and Will tells Paul he may as well answer or she won’t give up trying. He answers and tells her he is kind of in the middle of something.

Aaron runs into Alison and he can see she has been shopping. She asks him if he is going to the Christening and he says yes, he even bought a card for them. She tells him he is such a guy. He offers her a deal, if she would add that card to one of those gifts she has there then he will give her a ride to the Christening and then maybe to get a cup of hot chocolate. Alison finds it hard to do but she passes on Aaron’s offer. She thinks she needs to just do things on her own. In her heart she thinks Aaron cares more about Sofie than her and she doesn’t want to get hurt.

Aaron and Alison arrive at the church and they appear together there. Will and Gwen are happy to see them there and they ask them both if they will please be God parents to the baby. Alison asks her if she is sure that is what they want. She says she and Aaron aren’t even together anymore but they says yes especially since they both done so much to help make sure the baby was ok. Alison asks her if she is sure she wouldn’t rather Carly or Rosanna and she says no she really wants her to be. So Aaron and Alison both agree to be the Godparents to the baby.

While Hallie Jennifer Munson is being baptized Craig is being effected by the shot Chris gave him, Barbara is in Old Town watching a mother with her child, and Meg is having fun with her nurse friends at the hospital. As the priest announces the baby being baptized Sofie walks in the church. She apologizes for interrupting but since they did invite her she thought she should show up. Gwen introduces her to Rosanna and Paul after she notices the Christening gown. She assumes the gown came from Rosanna and she asks Rosanna how many children she has. Paul says none now. Then she asks them if they are Hallie’s godparents and Paul says no they weren’t even asked. She says then who is the godparents. Aaron speaks up and says he and Alison are. She says oh ok.

Everyone is leaving the church to go back to the house to celebrate and Gwen invites Sofie to join them but she turns her down saying she is just going to go back to the hotel room and relax. When everyone is out of the church Aaron asks Sofie if she needs help getting back to the hotel and she says no thanks, for him to go on and join the others. Alison is standing at the door and asks him if he is coming. When she sees the look on his face she tells him that just maybe Sofie needs time to be alone.

He stays behind anyway to make sure Sofie is ok. When Sofie sees him she asks him questions about the Christening. She tells him how hard it was to see the baby again. She says that is why she can’t go back to their house. He offers to give her a ride home but she says she wants to stay at the church for a while by herself. She tells him as he is leaving that if she can’t watch over her little girl she is proud that she has him to do it for her as her Godfather. Once Aaron is gone she talks to the priest about her giving the baby up for adoption to Will and Gwen. He tells her they will be very good parents to the baby and he thinks she will soon find out that she made the right decision. When he leaves Sofie spots Barbara sitting in the church praying. She hears her words asking God for more time in her life to make things right with her kids. She needs just a little more time to make them happy and to get them to forgive her.

Meg calls Craig and asks him to come downstairs and meet her friends in the lobby. She tells him she has been bragging about him to all of them so now they all want to meet him. He is really woozy from the shot he got and is not himself but agrees to go down. When he gets there she is holding a baby doll and he snatches it out of her arms. The he starts rambling on about his son and how his daughter ran off with him and he doesn’t know where he is. The nurses excuse themselves saying they have to go and Meg yells at Craig for chasing her friends off like that. Craig is really acting weird with the doll, acting like it is real and Meg notices it. She asks him if he has been drinking. She says he shouldn’t have been after taking that medication. He sees Paul and Rosanna walk in and tells Meg they need to ask them if this baby looks like him.

Jan Barrett

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