Brad barges in on Katie in her hotel room finding her in not completely dressed. When she grabs a wrap he tells her no don’t, it isn’t like she is covering something he hasn’t already seen. She tells him she wants her room key back. She says he saw everything when they were more than just friends. She says now that they are just friends they can’t do that anymore. She reminds him that they need to set a new set of ground rules but Brad doesn’t want to discuss rules.

They have to drive all night to go where they are filming the Next Oakdale Now show. When they are almost there they get a call saying that the show has been cancelled. So Katie wants to turn around and go back to the hotel but Brad thinks they should keep going up to the Cabin. Brad admits that they are completely lost and he suggests that they pull over to the side and wait til morning so they can see where they are going since they are almost out of gas. When they pull over they get out all their warm gear and bundle up for the night so they can sleep. Katie is sitting there while Brad is fast asleep She needs Brad close to keep each other warm so she lays her head on his chest and decides to try and sleep. When she does Brad says in his sleep, there is no place I’d rather be, I love you.

Lucinda is walking around in the hospital when she notices a door opened and when she goes in she finds Emily lying on the floor next to Dusty. Lucinda thinks they had a fight or something but Emily shoos her away telling her not to touch him. She says fine then she can stay and she would come back. When Lucinda is gone Emily tells Dusty he can wake up now, she is gone but he doesn’t move. Meanwhile Lucinda is walking around looking for a doctor when she sees Tom and Margo. She asks if there are any doctors left in the hospital. Margo asks her why is something wrong. Lucinda tells her and Tom to follow her.

Holden finds Lily in the stairwell. He helps her back to her hospital room and gets her back in bed. He notices she is carrying something in her hand but she won’t let him see. He later pries her hand open to find a syringe. He takes it and goes out the door to try and wipe it clean but is interrupted by a nurse and then Lucinda comes up to him and tells him about Dusty being dead. He calls Luke and asks him to watch out for the kids tonight and then tells him that his mother is in the hospital and he will explain it all later.

Suddenly Lily calls out for Holden looking for him. She tells him Dusty is dead. He asks her how she knows about that. She says she knows that’s what her mother was just telling him outside the room. Then she says she just wants to sleep because she is so tired. After she is sleeping again he pulls the syringe from his pocket and wipes it clean.

Susan comes in and sees Emily and asks what’s going on. She starts doing CPR on him but they fail to get him back. They pronounce him dead and say his heart just stopped and now Lucinda is asking how this could be. She says he was young and otherwise a healthy man. Margo agrees too saying yeah how does this happen and she looks over at Chris. Emily stands there and tells her Mom not to stop the CPR. She says to keep trying. Susan tells her it is too late that he is gone. Emily starts to pass out.

Margo tells the coroner that she needs a time of death on Dusty. She later questions Emily about what she knows about Dusty’s death. Emily gets all upset and tells them a man is dead and one that she cared about, as she starts to cry. She tells Margo she can’t talk any more about this right now. Margo says ok, they can talk more tomorrow. The coroner finds an injection mark on Dusty and says he doesn’t know if it was there previously or if it was from just before his death.

Tom gets Chris to go and get a cup of coffee with him. Tom tries to get Chris to open up to him. Chris says he can’t get him involved. Tom says he is already involved. He wants to know what’s going on. Slowly Chris starts to open up and tells him about Dusty and Emily sleeping together while they were together.

Jan Barrett

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