Emily tells Chris that she thinks Dusty really has some sort of evidence against him. Chris tells her that that is impossible. Emily asks Is it? Emily tells Chris not to misunderstand. She knows he couldn’t have done anything to his Father. Chris changes the subject and gives Emily a gift of some diamond earrings.

Lily tells Christa that she must be thinking of someone else. She just can’t imagine Emily as a hooker. Christa tells her she doesn’t think so, in fact she heard that Emily has hooked up with some big shot Doctor at Memorial. Lily gets up to leave when Christa asks her where is she off to. Lily says to teach a blonde a lesson. Christa warns her about drinking and driving saying she doesn’t want to get caught with a DUI. Lily says she is right and she will just get her a cab and then leaves.

Lily arrives at Chris and Emily’s room and takes more pills. She is about to knock on the door when Dusty comes up from behind her asking her what is she doing. She tells him she thinks Chris should know the truth about Emily. She turns around to knock on the door again when Dusty pulls her away. She tells him about her running into Christa and tells him what she told her. Then she realizes he already knows about this. Dusty tells her that if she breathes a word of this to Chris he and she will never be friends again. Lily laughs at him. She gets up and says she is going to tell Chris the truth. Dusty grabs her again and says the only place she is going is to bed to sleep this off. He takes her to her room and puts her into bed. She tells him she is not tired but he covers her anyway. He turns to leave but she asks him not to leave her. She closes her eyes and appears to be sleeping so Dusty leaves. Lily’s phone rings and she jumps up and looks for Dusty but he is gone.

Emily and Chris are getting ready for the party. She tells Chris to give her one more minute to grab her wrap and she should be ready. When she leaves the room a note is slipped under the door and Chris sees it. He opens it and reads it. Emily comes out the room and she asks what that was. He says it was a note delivered under the door. She asks what does it say, he answers it is about her. She says that she has some enemies since she is a reporter. She asks him what it says about her. He tells her it says she use to be a hooker. She takes the letter and it says that he should know his girlfriend use to be a hooker. Chris picks up the phone to call Margo because they couldn’t let someone get away with telling lies about her. She stops him then admits that it is true but she was hoping he would never find out about it. Chris can’t believe what she is telling him. He gets a call asking him not to be late for the party so he says he will be right there. He starts to leave when Emily asks if she is going to the party with him, he looks at her and says no, and then leaves.

Lily had been listening at the door hoping things would blow up between Chris and Emily but decides to run out of there. She goes to the lobby and takes more pills when her phone rings. It is Lucinda telling her she should go to the party at the hospital today saying Dusty was going to be there. She tells her mother she isn’t going but she is in a mood to celebrate right now. She changes her mind and goes anyway.

Barbara’s doctor advises her to tell her family of her condition telling her she needs them to be with her through these treatments that they are about to start. She says her sons are each going through crisis of their own right now so she can’t burden them with her problems too. He tells her it is too important for her not to tell them the truth.

When she leaves her doctor she goes to Will’s house to try and tell him but once there she can’t do it. She tells him about what Paul is going through and asks Will if he will call his brother. He says he will call Paul in the morning. Barbara tells him at times like this the family needs to stay together. Will sees that as a trick to get him to forgive her and tells her to leave. Gwen tells him to let her say what she came to say but he isn’t falling for it. The baby starts crying so Gwen asks Will to check on her. When he is out the room she tells Barbara that Will has a big heart and he will forgive her, but she needs to give him time.

Sofie gets her first pay check and says it is way too much. She tells Lisa they were supposed to take out of her check the room bill. Lisa tells her that Barbara Ryan paid her room bill. Sofie goes up to Barbara and tells her she sees that she paid for her room. Barbara tells her she doesn’t have to thank her she did it because she knew she needed the help. Sofie tears the paper up saying she doesn’t want her money and tells her that as soon as she can she intends to pay her back all the money she gave Cole when she was trying to buy her baby. Lisa comes up to Barbara and tells her that Sofie will come around just give her some time. She mentions to Barbara that she has noticed a few things about her and suggests that she sees a doctor. Barbara tells her she has seen a doctor in fact. She starts to tell Lisa the truth but suddenly stops herself and just says he told her she needs some dental work done, that she will be fine.

Emily finds Dusty and pulls him into a room at the hospital and asks him how could he do this to her. Of course he doesn’t know what she is talking about. She asks him if he really hates her this much to have told Chris the truth about her. Dusty says he didn’t do it but he says he thinks it is good that the truth is out in the open now. She tells Dusty that the only reason Chris is reacting this way is because he is in shock. She tells him Chris loves her. Dusty wants to know if he really does and if he told her that before or after he read the note. Then he tells her it really doesn’t matter because she doesn’t love Chris. Dusty tells her she really loves him. He says she would have never made love to him like that that night if she didn’t. Just then Chris walks in slamming the door behind him.

Jan Barrett

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