Rosanna tells Paul he doesn’t mean it when he says it is over. He tells her she ruined everything. He says their marriage is over. Paul tells her he is in love with Meg and she has to accept this. She tells him he can’t walk out on her. She says that they said their vows to each other. Paul just looks at her. He tells her he may never be able to look at her again without thinking about what she has done. He says their marriage is like his son, they are both dead because of her. She says she will not let him go without a fight. He threatens to press charges on her and she will go to jail for a long time if she doesn’t give him a divorce, it is her choice.

Meg is at Craig’s hotel room packing when he comes in. He starts talking to her about covering for her at work and then he tells himself that he has to stop talking to her like nothing is wrong here. Meg turns around and just looks at him. He tells her they have a lot to talk about. She asks do they? She says she was pregnant with Paul’s baby, what else is there to say. He says he lost control and is sorry for that. He asks her what he can do to make this all right. She says he can start by getting out of her way. As she is starting to go out the door he tells her that she is still his wife. She tells him she is nothing to him now. She says when he tried to kill her baby he gave their marriage up. She threw his wedding ring at him and walked out the door.

Holden is at the hotel waiting for Meg to finish packing. He sees Lily and explains to her what all happened. She offers to help in anyway possible. She tells him Meg is still her family too and she will do anything that needs to be done. About that time Meg comes downstairs and Lily tells her if there is anything she can do to please let her know. She says how sorry she is. Holden tells Meg he has the car waiting and they leave. Lily gets into the elevator as she is digging for more pills but before the door closes someone says hold that door. Lily looks up and sees Dusty standing there. Lily makes another play for Dusty but when he turns her down she comes to reality and stops herself. He mentions calling Holden for her but she says no way. She gets mad and leaves him standing there.

Emily asks Chris what he is doing in the office. He tells her with Dusty charging him with all this. He wants to make sure there is nothing there that they can use to say he gave his father something. She asks him if they done a toxic test on Bob. Chris gets defenceless by saying no way, why would he do that with since he already knew what medicines his father was on. She says she thought that was routine tests done in cases like this. He thinks she is telling him this because she thinks he is guilty. She assures him that is not the case. Later they see Dusty and Chris tells him to give it up, because he has nothing on him. He asks if that’s what he thinks.

Rosanna goes to Craig and asks where Meg is. He tells her she left him just as he is sure that Paul has left her. She lies saying no that is not the case. He says he was just about to have a drink and wants to know if she will join him. She tells him he can have his drink later, after he gets Meg to come back to him.

Paul goes out to the farm looking for Meg. When he gets there he finds her sitting at the table just staring. He tells her he went to the hospital and they told him she came here. He tells her he knows she blames him in part for what happened. She asks him how come he had to still go after Craig. She tells him he had to go after Craig for revenge. She says that’s not love, it is more hatred than anything, hatred for Craig. She says she begged him to leave so nothing terrible would happen but he couldn’t leave not even for a second. She says God help her but the way she feels right now she doesn’t want to be with him anymore. He says they can fix these problems. She reminds him how he left her before by not telling her he was alive. She says they can’t go back. She tells him his greatest passion in life isn’t love for her. It is his hatred for Craig. He denies it. She says he just told her that point blank. Paul tries to kiss Meg but she pulls away saying no she can’t. He tells her he just wants her and then leaves. When he goes out the door he starts to go back in but changes his mind and leaves. Meg comes out after him but he is gone.

Lily goes looking for Jay, the drug dealer. She makes a deal with the bartender for some drugs. As she is about to leave a hooker comes up to her saying she knows her. She reminds Lily about how she talked to her about Cherie. She insists that Lily stays and has a drink with her even though Lily says not now. They start talking when Lily mentions the woman that came between her and Dusty. When she mentions Emily’s name the woman recognizes it and says she knows her. The woman tells her that she use to work with Emily. Lily says she doesn’t understand how that is possible. She tells Lily they both worked for Cherie. Lily asks her if she is telling her that Emily was a hooker.

Bonnie comes in at Al’s and flirts a little with Holden. She invites Holden to go to a party with her at Memorial Hospital tonight. He says he can’t say no to that. He says he has to check in with his sister and if all is ok there and she doesn’t need her then he will love to go with her. He says he will call her and leaves.

When he leaves he runs into Dusty. Dusty tries to tell Holden that he ran into Lily earlier and she looked a mess. He tells Holden Lily still loves him and he wishes he would talk to her. He says they still have time to put their marriage back together.

Jan Barrett

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