Rosanna calls Barbara and asks if she knows where Paul is. Barbara doesn’t want to talk to her. Rosanna says this is not her fault in fact she tried to tell Paul the truth. Barbara blames her for Paul’s outrage this time. She tells her she will hold her responsible if anything happens to Paul.

Carly is in a panic because she says someone robbed her. She wants to call the cops but Sam tries to talk her out of it. She says she has to call now so maybe they can catch the thief. She calls Jack and tells him she had been robbed so he said he will be right there. Sam asks her if she is sure she left the money there, and she says yes she is sure. She says this is not $20 she is talking about missing here. It is a lot of money. She says she will just wait for Jack. When Jack gets there he wants to know who all was there that day and Carly tells him no one but her and Sam. He says well if she didn’t take the money then that only leaves Sam. Sam says he has no idea who robbed Metro.

Carly says this is ridiculous. She stops Sam from arguing with Jack defending him once again. Jack asks her if she ever left the room without locking the door. She says no at first then she remembers going to the back with Sam and leaving the door unlocked. Jack says ok he will go to the station and file the report. When he is gone Sam explains to Carly about finding the flower in the bottom of the cash box. He thinks Parker done it but Carly asks why he didn’t tell Jack about it when he was there. Sam says he didn’t want to get the kid in more trouble with his dad. Carly asks him if he will hold down the fort while she goes out.

Meanwhile Parker is daydreaming that Carly is telling him how sorry she was to have trusted Sam and then in his daydream he hears Jack suggest that he moves back in to protect them all. Carly tells him it is up to Parker and he tells his mother sure as long as she promises to stop falling for every creep that comes around. Then JJ comes up bringing Parker back to reality.

Holden is in the hospital room with Meg trying to give her some comfort. He tells her he is sorry. Paul and Craig break into the room and Holden yells at them both telling them that they should be ashamed of themselves. He says they both are the cause for his sister to miscarry. A hospital security guard comes in and starts to kick them both out but Barbara shows up just in time to get Paul to go with her. The guard goes in Meg’s room and asks her if she will see him. Holden says no but Meg says it is ok, she will see him.

When he comes in he apologizes and says he is so sorry, but if she will just give him the chance he will do whatever he can to make this up to her. He tells her yes he hates Paul but all he has ever wanted was to be a family with her and the baby. He admits when he found out the baby wasn’t his he had a hard time with it wanting to get rid of it. She tells him that he just isn’t getting it. She tells him they are done. She never wants to see him again. He walks out the room devastated only to find Margo out there telling him she is sorry he has had such a rough day but she needs him to go down to the station with her for questioning. She tells him he has been accused of attempted murder of Meg’s baby.

Paul goes home and Rosanna is happy to see him. He lets her know that Meg lost the baby. He tells her they are over and turns to go pack his things. She tells him he can not leave her. She says she knows she made a terrible mistake and she never should have kept the news about the baby from him. Rosanna says she knows he loves her. She says no matter what happens she knows that is the one thing she knows for sure. He mumbles not anymore and walks away. He says he is in love with Meg and then leaves.

The doctor tells Meg that the problem with the miscarriage was not a genetic problem that it was caused from an accident. He tells her that he knows she had had some fertility problems in the past but this shouldn’t mean she can’t try again. When he leaves the room Meg tells Holden she doesn’t want any more babies.

Margo questions Craig and he admits to her that he did think about giving Meg the drug to cause her to miscarry but before he could he changed his mind. Margo tells him that she tried so hard to give him the benefit of the doubt that he had changed because she is his sister. She says not anymore. She will not cover for him for this. She tells Craig he can go but she warns him that she is going to talk to Meg and if she wants to press charges she will arrest him for it. She tells him not to leave town. Margo goes to the hospital to talk to Meg. She tells Meg that Paul told her about what Craig did. She says she has enough against Craig to arrest him if she wants to press charges on him. Margo wants to know if she wants to press charges. Holden tells her he thinks she should. He tells Margo that Meg isn’t the first person Craig has tried to hurt and she knows it. Margo says she is aware of that. Meg doesn’t want to press charges.

Carly goes out to the farm and asks Parker if he took her money. Of course he denied it. She yells at him saying she thinks he did then grabs his backpack and dumps it all out on the table. Parker tried grabbing it back but before he could the money came out on the table. He tells her he was going to find a way to give it back to her, he just wanted her to see that Sam is not a good man. Jack walks in and asks what is going on. Carly tells Parker she is sorry but they maybe divorced but they are both still their parents so she has to tell Jack. Jack asks Parker if that is right, did he steal the money. Jack sends him up to his room and tells him to stay there until he and his mother discuss what to do. He tells Carly the kid just remembers that the last man she went into business with ended with her leaving town with him. Carly says this is different. Jack says not in Parker’s eyes.

Carly goes back to Metro and apologizes to Sam about Parker taking the money and trying to make it look like he done it. He accepts the apology and offers to move out of her house if it will make things easier for her with her son. Before she can answer Jack walks in with Parker and tells Sam that they both owe him an apology for thinking he stole the money. Parker says yeah he is sorry too. Sam says it is ok and offers his hand to Parker to shake hands. Parker can’t shake hands so he leaves. Jack says he will be ok, he says he made him apologize and he didn’t like it. He asks Sam if he can talk to Carly alone. Jack asks her if Parker can come to live at the farm with him fulltime. He says he can’t be there around Sam.

Sam finds Parker in Old Town and they talk about what Parker done. He tells Parker that he is not a threat to him. He says they are just friends. Sam tells him she is trying to run that club alone and needs help. Parker tells him he heard him talking to his dummy, so he knows what he is after with his Mom. Sam tells him the dummy just says what he wants him to say so it meant nothing. He then tells Parker not to ever try to get him into trouble again, he is not very good at it. Parker asks him if he is threatening him now. Sam says just don’t try it again and leaves. Sam goes back to Metro and tells Jack where Parker is. Jack leaves and Carly asks him if he was serious about moving out because she thinks it might be better for her son if he did. He says no problem that he understands but asks if he can just bunk out in the back room there at Metro. Carly agrees saying that would be great.

Jan Barrett

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