Carly is on the phone taking a reservation from a college student that tells her they like the funny ads that are in the paper for Metro. She thanks them and hangs up. She tells Sam that she just booked a party of 8 and he says that’s great. She then tells him about what the college student said about the funny ads. She says she thought ads costs money and asks him if he paid for it himself. He says yes but he thought it was a good idea. Carly starts to tell him something but Jack walks in with the kids and interrupts.

Jack pulls Parker on the side and tells him to mind his manners and to be nicer to his mother. Parker tries to blame Sam but Jack told him this isn’t about Sam, it is about him and his getting bad grades. Jack says bad grades won’t hurt Sam. Jack tells Carly he has some work to do so he wants to leave the kids. After he gets back to the station Jack talks to Margo about Parker when his phone rings and it is Parker. Parker asks him when he is coming to get him. Jack says soon. Parker says but Dad I really hate it here. Jack says ok he is on his way. When Jack gets back at Metro he gets the kids. As they gather their things Parker leaves a book behind on purpose. They all go to Al’s Diner for a snack and they are sitting around talking about school and Sam. Parker says he has a big test and remembers that he left his book back at Metro and leaves to go back for it. Jack lets him go because he thinks he is going back to see Carly.

Carly has a talk with Sam and tells him she thinks he might be coming on to her a little too strong. She says she appreciates everything he has been doing for her but she thinks she needs to do these things for herself. When she walks out Sam brings the dummy out and it tells him that pretty lady just blew him off. He talks to the dummy and it tells him he should just stand up to her. Parker comes in and overhears what he was saying to the dummy. Sam leaves to give them some privacy and Parker tells her she needs to get rid of that guy. Carly doesn’t believe what Parker tells her about Sam. Carly’s phone rings so she goes to answer it and then leaves to go in the back to check something. When she is gone Parker steals money from the cash box that is left at the bar and he puts the flower in it that Sam had with Sage. Then he yells out to Carly that he will see her later and leaves. When Sam comes in Carly asks him if he had a nice walk. She hands him an invoice to take to go pick up some ice and says let her get him the money. When she opens the cash box she finds it empty and tells Sam she thinks they have been robbed.

Craig is at the farm with Holden holding a gun on him. Meg tells Holden not to do this. Craig tells Meg he loves her and the idea of her carrying another man’s baby just was too much for him to handle at the time and that’s why he tried what he tried. Holden points the gun out the door and shoots it then tells Craig that was to prove it was loaded, then points it back to him and tells him to get out. Meg stops him and tells him she has to be the one to tell Craig to get out. She turns to Craig and tells him the very sight of him makes her sick and she never wants to see him again. She says he violated her body by trying to kill her baby and she will never forgive him for that.

Craig goes home and makes him a drink. Paul goes up to Craig’s room and kicks in the door. Craig tells him he thought about killing the baby yes but before he could do it he realized he couldn’t and that’s why he stopped it. He tells Paul he has no right to judge him because he is no different than he is. Paul stands there looking at him then swings his fist into Craig’s face knocking him down. Meg comes in and tries to get them to stop fighting. Craig tells her of all the bad things that Paul has done to her. He tells her all he has ever done was to love her and he begs her to see what he is telling her.

As Meg and Paul start to leave Craig and Paul start fighting again and when Meg tries coming between them Meg gets shoved and knocked down and starts crying because she is hurt. They call the paramedics and when they take Meg to the hospital she tells the medic to keep Paul and Craig away from her. At the hospital the doctor comes in and Meg tells him she fell and then she started bleeding. Meg tells Holden to keep Craig and Paul away from her. The doctor examines her and when he comes out Paul asks him about the baby but he doesn’t say anything but he asks to talk to Holden. Holden goes in the room to see Meg and she cries on his shoulder. Craig asks the doctor in the hallway if his wife is going to be alright. He says physically but not mentally. Craig asks if there is anything he can do. The doctor says he thinks they have both done enough and walks away. Craig just looks in the room where Meg is looking lost.

Margo is at the station when Tom comes in with a smirk on his face. Margo is worried that something is wrong. He smiles and says he just got a call and it looks like Casey will be getting a hearing that could release him soon. Tom says that Casey could be manipulating the situation but doesn’t know why. Margo asks him to have a little faith in their son.

Jan Barrett

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