Carly screams as she comes downstairs in a towel finding Sam standing there. She is shocked and tells him she wasn’t expecting to see him there. He was there fixing the hot water heater and tells her he didn’t know she was taking a shower. She says it is ok and mentions that she isn’t use to having a man around the house again. Later when she gets dressed and comes back downstairs she asks Sam if he has any news on Kit. He says not yet but offers to move out. Carly tells him he can stay there. When Carly leaves for work she tells Sam thanks for being there for her and says she will see him later. Sam turns to the dummy and it says to him he just might have a chance with that lady after all.

Meg receives a phone call at the farm and it was Craig calling. She tells him she was up with her mother all night helping her and she tells Craig she and the baby are fine. He offers to bring her something to eat but she tells him Emma isn’t up to seeing anyone and besides she wants to get some sleep. She tells Craig that she has to go, her mother isn’t feeling too good and hangs up. Holden had just come in and when she hangs up he tells her their mother isn’t sick so he wants to know why she lied to her husband. Meg admits to Holden about what Craig did to try and get rid of her baby but she makes him swear not to tell Paul. She says she wants to leave Craig but she doesn’t know how to tell him. Holden tells her to think about the baby now not Paul. She says she needs to be with the father of her child. He reminds her that Paul is married to Rosanna. She says she is in love with Paul. Holden tells her she better hope that Paul never finds out the truth about Craig trying to kill the baby. Holden tells her not to worry that he will stand by her and watch her back for her. He told her to get some rest, then goes out to check on the horses.

Rosanna comes home early and Paul tells her right away that he knows about her switching the paternity tests. She tries acting like she is surprised to hear that they was switched but he doesn’t buy it. He tells her he knows why she did it, it was because she knew if the tests showed him as the Father that he would go back to Meg. She says that is absurd but he finally gets her to admit it. She tells him about Craig trying to kill the baby too. She tells him she just can’t lose him. He tells her it is too late, she already has. Paul tells her that what she did in unforgivable. He says he is in love with Meg and they are going to raise their baby together. Rosanna tells him she did what she did out of love for him. He tells her she doesn’t know the meaning of love. Rosanna begs Paul not to leave her. She says she needs him. He says it is too late.

Paul runs into Barbara outside of Al’s Diner and he tells her he is going to be a father. She asks him about Rosanna and he says he is getting a divorce from her and going back to Meg. He tells Barbara that Craig hated the idea so much that Meg was having his baby that he tried to kill the baby. He says he promised Meg that he wouldn’t go after Craig but now that he knows that Craig tried to kill his son he can’t keep that promise. Barbara begs Paul not to go after Craig. She tells him to let her take care of it but he won’t listen, he is way too mad.

Brad surprises Katie at the Lakeview with her favorite pastries hoping to make up with her. Since it is her favorite she can’t help but forgive him. Joe, from the speed dating, walks up with flowers for Katie and their breakfast date. Katie tells Brad she will see him at work and dismisses him. Joe asks questions about her and Brad. She admits that she and Brad had something that was casual. He asks if that is what she wants. She says no she is more interested in a serious relationship, he says so is he. As they are talking Katie realizes that they have something in common so she brings up her experience with Jack. As she tells him about it she fails to say she loved Jack in the past tense and Joe catches it. Then while they are talking he says something that makes her think of Brad and she starts giggling and Joe asks her what is so funny. When Joe is ready to leave she tells him she doesn’t think this is what she wants. She says it is nothing personal but she just doesn’t think she is ready to start dating again yet. When he leaves she calls Brad and asks him if he is busy before going to work. He tells her no not really so she invites him to come over to play the video game that they both like so much. Brad says he is on his way.

Rosanna calls Craig and warns him that Paul and Meg know the truth and she says Paul knows he tried to kill the baby. Craig heads to the farm to talk to Meg after that. When he gets there she tells him that she can never forgive him for trying to kill her child. Craig asks her what did Paul say when she told him about him trying to kill the baby. She says she didn’t tell him. He says see she covered it so that means she does love him. She says she can’t love someone that tried to kill her baby. He says Rosanna told Paul about it then. He says if he can’t have Meg then he will make sure Paul can’t have her either. He grabs her by the arms and is shaking her when Holden walks in with a rifle telling him to get his filthy hands off his sister.

Jan Barrett

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