Luke comes in and hugs Lily telling her he heard on the news about her being taken hostage and wants to know if she is OK. She sends the girls out the room to watch TV and Lily explains to Luke what happened with Evan. Luke is happy now that Holden is clear now. Lucinda walks in and asks if she is still welcome there. She is upset so she runs out the door, but Luke goes after her. They talk a long time and he makes Lucinda feel better. He comes back in and tells Lily Lucinda needs to talk. Meg offers to go talk to her saying she thinks she has something that will make her happy. She hands Lucinda the papers for the company to give it back to her. Lucinda shoves the paper back at her. Meg doesn’t understand why she won’t take them and sign them. She says she has always wanted the company back so why won’t she take it now.

They go inside and she tells Lily she is leaving. Meg says not before she signs the papers. Holden and Lily want to know what that means. She says it is nothing to worry them about. Holden says let them decide that for themselves. Meg tells them what’s going on. Lily says maybe after all this with Evan. Lily and Lucinda talk. Lily tells her she will keep her secret under one condition. She calls Meg back in the room asking her to bring the papers to her mother to sign.

Lily goes to Holden and tells him that she knows that keeping secrets from each other always caused them problems. She says right now she has a secret but she can’t tell him what it is. He asks her why not. She says because it isn’t her secret to tell. He wants to know whose is it then, she says her mother. Holden says he will trust her on this one and overlook it. He thinks they can start all over together.

Chris goes to Bob and tells him what happened with Evan. Chris is feeling guilty and he asks his Dad to forgive him if he can. Bob tells him sometimes they all do things they regret later. Chris asks if that means he can forgive him. Bob says he loves him, of course he can. Bob asks Chris if he thinks he should be staying in Oakdale. Chris asks if he wants him to leave. Bob says he isn’t saying it is him that wants him to go, but there are probably others there that do. He says maybe he could start over somewhere else. 

Jack says it is confirmed from the lab that the syringe that Evan had was filled with the same stuff that was in the syringe as the one that killed Dusty. He has a note left on his desk and it has two tickets in it for a hockey game from Sam. Jack calls Carly and tells her they have a problem with it though, One, it is a school night and another is that Parker is grounded. Carly says well the doctor says they need to spend more family time with Parker so what better way than for him to go to a hockey game with his Dad. When Jack tells Parker about it he doesn’t want to go. He wants nothing that comes from Sam.

Carly is at Metro when she gets the call from Jack. Sam is there listening with a smile on his face. Carly had just told him that he needs to move out until her and Kit figure out what to do with Metro. She says she plans to close early tonight so she can spend some time with Parker. Sam is thinking now that Parker will be gone to the Hockey game this might change. Carly tells Sam she is sorry that he got caught up in her family problems. He tells her not to worry about it. She tells him she has to get busy on the books or she will never be able to sell Metro.

When she walks out the room, Sam turns to Cowboy Jack and they say now is the time to make his move. Carly comes back in and hears him. She asks him what does that mean He says he only meant he has to get a move on and get out of there. He says he has to go finish packing. When he leaves the phone rings and it is the guy with the band that Sam cancelled. She tells him she wanted to talk to him. He says he will forgive them for cancelling. She says she didn’t cancel the band for the weekend. He tells her it wasn’t her it was the guy that works for her, Sam.

When Sam comes downstairs Carly tells him about the call. She asks him if he cares to explain. He confesses to her that he is in love with her. He confesses everything to her. She tells him there can never be anything between them. She reminds him that he is with Kit. She asks Sam to get his things and go. He says ok as soon as he finishes his beer. Carly figures he isn’t going to go on his own. She asks him if he was going. She picks up his bags and says ok it was great knowing him. He stops her saying he can’t let her do that.

Jack calls and wants to know if things are ok. She says it is fine. She is just about to lock up. When she hangs up she tells Sam he needs to go, that the call was from Jack and he is at home waiting for her. She tells him to go. He says not til he gets one kiss from her. She says that’s not a good idea. When she tries to get passed him he grabs her and says she isn’t going anywhere. Carly ties to talk him out of what he is doing. She says she is sorry if she ever gave him the wrong idea. He grabs her to kiss her and then knocks her to the floor. He starts pulling at her clothes as Carly yells for someone to help her. Suddenly there is a gun shot and Sam falls to the floor.

Sofie is in New York and the baby is sick. A police officer notices them and asks her if she is ok. Sofie tries to avoid him but he insists. He says he noticed the baby seems sick. She says she is ok, she knows how to take care of her own baby. The officer says he knows what’s going on here. He tells Sofie that she must not have any insurance huh. He says they have a place there that can help her with that. She gets away from the officer and she finds a business card in her pocket from Chris Hughes. She calls him asking for his help. She says the baby has a fever. She says she isn’t in Oakdale, but she hangs up before she says where she is. He calls her back and asks her to bring the baby home. He says a fever needs to be treated.

Chris calls Will and Gwen leaving a message on the answering machine telling them that Sofie called and told him the baby was sick but hung up on him when he tried to convince her to come home. They go to the hospital to look for Chris and they say they are going to NYC but before they can leave Sofie walks in with the baby. Gwen tries to take the baby but Sofie pulls her away and hands her to Chris and asks him to take care of her baby. Gwen and Sofie argue about her taking the baby. Sofie says Will and she promised her to let her be a part of her baby’s life until his mother shut the door in her face so she can only blame herself. Gwen tells her that she should have set better boundaries. Sofie tells her that Hallie is her baby. Will walks up and says no she isn’t. Margo walks in and arrests Sofie for kidnapping.

Jan Barrett

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