Meg goes to see Craig. She tells him the meeting has been cancelled because he is no longer CEO of the company. She says she has made up her mind. She has decided not to hand over the company to him. She says she has made her mind up and she isn’t changing it. She tells him she is giving the company back to Lucinda. He thinks Lucinda talked her into doing this but she says no, in fact she went to Lucinda. He says he bets she was really thrilled too. Meg says yes she was. He says well if it wasn’t Lucinda then who was it, then he stops and says he knows now, it was Paul. He says Paul has no right to tell her what to do with Montgomery Enterprises. She says she has made her decision, as of tomorrow the company will be Lucinda’s again. As she is leaving Craig begs her not to do this. Her phone rings and it is Paul. He asks her to come down to the lobby he has something to tell her.

Paul sees Emily. He wants to know what she knows. She says she got a call from The Intruder and they say Dusty’s killer took Lily hostage in the hospital and is threatening to kill her. He tells her she must be relieved that now she is off of Margo’s suspect list.

Lucinda is trying to negotiate with Evan to free Lily but he is demanding a jet to take him out of the country. Holden yells from out the room to Evan that he has the money now let them go. He says not til he gets his jet. Margo asks Holden who that is in there but Lucinda yells out that it is Evan Walsh and he has admitted to the murders. Margo tells him it is against police policy to negotiate with hostage takeovers.

Chris comes up and demands to know what is going on. Holden tells him that Evan has Lucinda and Lily as hostages and Margo asks him if he can talk to Evan since he knows him pretty well. Chris goes in the room and Evan tells Lucinda and Lily that Chris is his friend. He tells Chris hat he thought he cared about saving lives. Chris says he does but all he has been doing is taking lives. Chris tells him he could have killed his Father. Evan says Bob was getting in his way of his research, so he had to stop him. Chris steps towards Evan but Evan tells him not to come closer or he will kill Lily. He is holding the syringe to her neck. Chris tells him it is over and he warns him to give it up. He says he isn’t taking orders from him and makes him leave the room.

Lily picks up a syringe and tries to stab Evan with it but he wrestles her forcing her to drop it. He takes Lily and Lucinda out the room and heads up to the roof to wait for the helicopter. Evan locks the door when they get up to the roof to slow the cops down. Once up there he hangs onto Lily but Lucinda talks him into letting her go and he grabs Lucinda instead. Lily grabs hold of the arm he has the syringe in and starts fighting with him. Evan gets stabbed in the chest with the syringe freeing Lily and Lucinda. He stands there as they watch him with the needle in his chest. He falls to the ground and dies. The cops and Holden get the door open just as Evan falls over. Margo starts questioning everyone about why Evan chose their little town to bring his research to. No one has an answer for it. Craig says Evan approached him and he was very impressed with his proposal so he went along with it.

When Meg gets down to the lobby Paul tells her about the hostage situation at the hospital. She says she has to go check on Holden. When they get to the hospital they find out that Evan has died and he was the killer. Meg asks if Holden and Lily and Lucinda are ok and they say they are fine. When Holden and Lily come in Meg hugs Holden and says she is so glad that this means he is no longer a suspect. Holden says he is taking his wife home now.

Paul tells Meg it is nice to see her smile again. She says well after losing the baby and Holden being held as a murder suspect there wasn’t much to smile about but now it seems something good is happening for a change. Paul walks over to her and they hug. He tells her this really feels right to him. She tells him she never stopped wanting to feel his arms around her. He seems to take it the wrong way. She apologizes by telling him she can never be with him again though. She tells him he will have to learn to live with this because they can never be together. She says she can’t do this anymore, and then she walks out. Craig walks up and says well, well, well, it looks like they both lost the girl. Paul turns around and says but he isn’t giving up. Craig goes back up to the roof and tells Lucinda this isn’t over yet. He says the only reason Meg was giving her the company back was because she thought he killed Dusty.

Back at the farm Holden and Lily talk. He tells her that after all of this that they have been through he just can’t imagine his life without her. She tells him she feels the same way. They hold hands, and then Holden gets up and holds her close to him. The kids come in and tell Lily and Holden that they heard on the news about what happened and they want to know if she is ok. Holden says they are all going to be fine.

Luke and Noah are talking about their future together. They start talking about family. He tells Noah that they are starting a new kind of family together. Then they share a sandwich together.

Jan Barrett

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