Carly sees the dummy in the fireplace burning and grabs the poker to pull it out. She starts yelling for Parker and tells him she is sick of his lying to her. He said he didn’t do it but Carly doesn’t believe him. She says she is calling Jack. Parker tells her fine call him. When Jack gets there they argue as Parker continues denying it. The phone rings and it is Sam telling Carly that the dummy is missing. Carly tells him she knows. It is there. He asks if it was her son behind it again. Before she can answer Parker grabs the phone and tells him to tell them the truth. That it was him that set him up again. They call the psychiatrist that Parker is seeing. She thinks they need to start spending more time with Parker as a family not just.

Carly’s only answer to this is for her to just give up Metro. When she goes to Sam he doesn’t want her to do this. She tells him she will either find someone to buy her out or she will just take her loss. She says she will do anything for her family. When she leaves Sam takes the dummy out and talks to him. He says if he wants to be with that pretty lady then he is going to have to get her away from that bratty kid of hers.

Will and Gwen are out looking for Sofie in Chicago. They show people Sofie’s picture. Some have seen her but no one knows where she is right now. They call Margo and tell her where they are but Margo tells them she thinks they are going about this search the wrong way. She doesn’t think Sofie will go back there and she urges them to come back to Oakdale.

Lucinda is held in a room by Evan. She figures it all out that it was him that killed Dusty and poisoned Bob and killed the lab technician. When she realizes he isn’t going to let her go she argues with him. She tells him she will not let him get away with this. She says he is a disgrace to her family. He tells her unfortunately this is not her decision as he pulls out a syringe. She tells him not to do this. He holds the syringe up to her and tells her nothing will get in the way of his research. She says fine then let her help him. She says she can give him money and set him up in a new lab say in Switzerland. He thinks of this and says well maybe she is right. He says he wants 10 million dollars and a private jet out of the country. She says ok she can do that.

She makes a call to Lily pretending it to be her banker that she is calling. She tells Lily to bring her 10 million dollars to the hospital. Instead of going for help Lily goes straight to the hospital and to the room Lucinda said she was in and doesn’t take the hint to leave right away. She bursts into the room only to find Evan there. Lucinda tells her she wanted her to go for help and how come she never listens to her. Lily is shocked to find out that Evan killed Dusty. He tells Lily that Lucinda was the one that brought him there telling him to do whatever it was that was necessary to make his project work. Lucinda says yes she was only trying to get her company back by discrediting Craig. She didn’t know Evan would turn out to be some mad man.

Lucinda’s phone rings and it is Holden calling looking for Lily. He can tell something is wrong with what Lucinda said. He goes to Margo asking for her help in finding Lily. While at the station Lily calls Holden and asks him to get 10 million dollars in cash and for him to bring it to her at the hospital in room 408 but not to tell anyone. When he hangs up he tells Margo that it was Lily and she is fine. When he leaves Margo orders a plain clothes officer to follow Holden Snyder. When Holden gets to the hospital he knocks on the door. Evan opens it and grabs the bag with the money then shuts the door. Margo and a few officers come in and Holden stops them from going in the room saying he has Lily in there. Evan looks through the window and sees the cops with Holden which infuriates him saying Holden brought the cops.

Aaron talks to his boss about Sofie. He asks him to let him look at her resume when she came in for the job. Meanwhile Sofie is in New York City and walking around with the baby. Hallie starts crying so Sofie stops to look for her pacifier. She pulls it out of her purse and then starts walking away. She doesn’t notice that her wallet fell out of her purse and is lying on the sidewalk as she walks away. Later she tells the baby she needs to see how much money they have left. When she reaches for her wallet she finds it is gone.

She has no choice but to call Aaron for help. He says he will help her but she has to tell him where she is. She makes him promise not to tell Will and Gwen where she is. He flies to NYC and finds her. He tells her they can get some formula for the baby and get them warm. He tells her they need to go home. She says no. She can’t go back there. She says she is going to Canada where no one can find her. Aaron hands her plane tickets and tells her he will be there for her but she needs to go back.

Sofie begs for one more night with her daughter. He tells her they have to go back. He says they can’t keep Will and Gwen worrying anymore. She finally says ok but she wants to go to the washroom and change Hallie, then they can go back to Oakdale. When she walks away he calls Gwen to tell her he found Sofie and he was bringing them home. When he gets off the phone he goes to the washroom to tell Sofie he called them but finds her gone again and he doesn’t know where she went this time.

Jan Barrett

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