Carly tells Sam they need some warm bodies in Metro to get the place rocking. Sam tells Carly that he thinks he and she need to make a trip to Chicago and see if they can round up some talent for Metro. Carly tells him she can’t go to Chicago with him. She suggests that he and Kit go instead. She asks Sam if he would mind watching the place for a little while because she has to run an errand for Parker on her way home.

He says sure but as soon as he is gone Sam calls the manager of the band that was hired to play at Metro over the weekend and cancels it telling them he really doesn’t need a band, it’s that simple. Kit comes in and tells him she has it all booked and has even made some appointments to meet with some bands. He tells her the band that was hired for the weekend called and cancelled so he can’t go since he needs to stay there and play on stage himself. If not they have no other entertainment. Kit says they will just have to cancel their trip then. He tells her she needs to still go and when he explains why she agrees.

Carly goes to see Parker and tells him that Kit and Sam are going away for the weekend and she asks him if he can come help her out and she will pay him like she would any other employee. He says ok he guesses he could do that. When they get to Metro Sam tells her the band cancelled so he is going to have to be the Entertainment for the weekend. Parker gets mad and runs out. Carly goes after him and defends Sam again to Parker. Parker doesn’t fall for it. He tells her if Sam is going to be at Metro he won’t be.

A man comes in at Metro and tells Sam he wants to be paid for the gig that he cancelled on them. Sam says the best he can do is pay him for one night. When the man leaves Parker comes in and tells Sam he knew he lied. He said he was right about Sam only trying to do things to get closer to his Mom. Sam says he doesn’t know what he thinks he has on him but it is nothing. Sam tells him to keep his mouth shut and he won’t tell his parents about his little spy games. Parker says he doesn’t need any favors from him and walks out. Sam gets the dummy out and says he is going to have to do something about Parker.

Chris talks to Craig. Craig says it looks like Emily is picking up right where Paul left off. Chris asks him if he can depend on him to help him stop Emily and Paul. Craig says oh yes but when Chris asks what he is going to do, he says not to worry he knows how to handle them. Craig goes to Paul and Emily and threatens them telling them to back off or they will be sorry. When Craig leaves Paul tells Emily about overhearing Chris talking to Evan. They figure that Evan must be putting some pressure on Chris which is why Craig would get involved here so he can protect his investments.

Luke comes in at the farm and finds Meg there. He tells her how he went out and got some rocky road ice cream to surprise Noah with since it is his favorite. Meg turns around and whispers Paul loved Rock Road Ice Cream. Luke asks her if she misses Paul. She says she misses what they could have had. Luke asks if there is any chance that the two of them could get back together and she tells him no. They talk about Luke and Noah’s relationship. He tells her how much Noah really seems to make him happy. Luke leaves the room with ice cream for Noah.

Paul tells Emily he just might have the answer to get to Craig. He goes to see Meg. As soon as he starts in about Craig Meg gets irritated and says he will never change. Paul stops her and says that is not what this is all about. He is not there to get to Craig. He says this has to do with Holden really. She questions his concern over Holden. He tells her why he came to see her. She says she has nothing to do with this and there is nothing she can do. He says actually that’s not true. He explains about the connection with Craig and MEMO21 and how she is the only one that can gain control of Craig and his money through the company. She asks Paul if he really thinks Craig could have killed Dusty. Paul says he doesn’t know for sure but he knows all this ties in together somehow. He tells her she can do what she thinks is best and he leaves.

Meg calls Lucinda and asks her to come out to the farm. Lucinda tells her she is a little busy right now but Meg tells her it is really important, so Lucinda says she will be right there. When she hangs up Lily asks her if everything will be ok. Lucinda tells her she will be alright, they will be alright and all of them will be alright and then leaves. When Lucinda gets there Meg tells her she knows that she was cheated out of her company and she never should have taken it. She tells Lucinda that she was going to give the company back to Craig. Lucinda asks her just what is it that she is trying to tell her. Meg tells her she is offering her the company back if she still wants it. Lucinda smiles and says oh yes she does.

Emily goes to Craig to try to warn him about Chris but Craig isn’t interested. She tells him she came to him because she knows Craig Montgomery only like to back winners and she is there to tells him that Chris Hughes is going down and if he is not careful he will go down with him.

The man that Lily was supposed to meet was the same man they found in the trunk of the car. At the police station Margo tell them the man was a lab technician and he appears to have died from a lethal injection too. Holden says just like Dusty was. Margo questions them about how now suddenly the two of them are right in the middle of two murders.

Paul goes back to the Lakeview and meets Emily. He says now everything is in motion. He says all they have to do now is continue asking questions and sooner or later someone will slip up. Chris comes in and yells at Emily tells her to consider herself warned and leaves. When he leaves Paul points out that for someone that is supposed to be so innocent Chris sure is acting up.

Jan Barrett

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