Will and Gwen come in and find the door unlocked. They find Barbara sleeping on the sofa. When Gwen goes in to check on Hallie they find her missing. Gwen wants to know where she is. Meanwhile Sofie is seen carrying the baby saying she is her real mom and she is going to take her away from there. After they all panic Barbara suddenly remembers Sofie being there. She says she called Bonnie after to get her to talk to her about visitation. Gwen tries calling Sofie but she won’t answer so they leave for the Lakeview to try and catch her. Will and Gwen go to see Aaron and he calls Sofie. She admits that she has the baby and she is never coming back and then she hangs up on him. They decide to go to the police station and talk to Margo. She gets right on it and promises they will do everything they can to get the baby back for them.

Lily tells Holden that she needs to tell the police that she saw Emily leaving the room that night Dusty was killed. She says it would get him off the hook but Holden doesn’t want her to do it. He says there has to be another way to do this. She gets a call from a man saying he has a message for her from Dusty. The guy is a lab technician that did some work for Dusty and he tells Lily that Dusty told him if anything ever happened to him to call Lily and give her the results. He tells her to meet him at the bar Yo’s and to come alone. Holden refuses to let her go alone so while they wait at the bar the man sees her with someone and leaves after leaving her a note telling her he told her to come alone.

He calls her and tells her he will give her one more chance but she has to come alone. Holden says he doesn’t want her to go alone but she says she can handle it. He says well he guesses he doesn’t have a choice. Lily goes where she is supposed to meet the man but he doesn’t show up. While she is waiting on him Holden shows up and tells her she has waited long enough. Holden decides to search the car the man told her to meet him at. He finds the keys inside on the front seat. Holden says maybe the guy left the keys to let them find something. He opens the trunk of the car and they find a dead man in it.

Paul and Emily are in Chris’s hotel room to look around. She hears the elevator door opening and tells Paul it is Chris. Paul hides before he comes in the room. Chris is upset seeing her in the room. She tells him she missed him and wants to get back with him. Emily tries to seduce Chris. She asks him to give her one more chance. He tells her to find someone else to lie to, he is not interested. She says she isn’t lying to him. She says what she had with Dusty was a one night stand. She tells him she knows he still loves her.

They start kissing and Emily continues talking about Dusty when suddenly Chris asks her where it is. She asks where what is. He says the bug. She asks what he is talking about. He tells her she didn’t come there to get back with him. He says she is just there to find out what she can about him. He starts tearing the room apart when he finds a bug. He grabs her and starts to hit her when Paul comes out telling him to let her go.

Chris opens the door and throws Emily’s clothes out and then them. Out in the hall as Emily is dressing Paul tells her he thought that went well. She is frustrated because Chris now knows she told him everything. Paul tells her he thinks it is time she goes to the police with what she knows.

Emily goes to Margo and tells her what she knows about Chris. Margo asks her how come she waited til now to come forth with this kind of information. She says this could be vital towards this case. Emily hesitates then slowly tells Margo that for a while she was a hooker.

Luke and Noah are having coffee discussing Dusty’s murder when Luke’s friend from school, Brad shows up. He invites them both to go to a GLBT outing that weekend. They tell him they will think about it and he leaves. They discuss it and although Luke doesn’t really like the idea, Noah thinks it just might be what they need together so they decide to go. When Brad comes back around Luke tells him they have decided to go this weekend. After Noah leaves they tell Luke what about the fun they have on these trips. Later Luke tells Noah what he found out about what all goes on at those weekend outings. Luke and Noah both discover that they agreed to go to the party to make the other happy and they decide not to go to the party.

Paul happens to find Evan and Chris at the Lakeview together and he eavesdrops on them to see if he can find out what is going on. Chris tells Evan about Emily and how she could be a problem for them. Evan tells Chris they have to get rid of Emily in order to save MEMO21. Evan asks Chris if he thinks that Craig Montgomery would consider helping them shut Emily up. Chris says Craig has been known to do such things.

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