Henry is sitting in his room reading Gray’s note to Vienna when she comes in. She reminds him that she saw him with that other woman and won’t let him explain about what was going on. She shows him all her shoes and then tells him she just left Gray’s limo where they made love. She keeps throwing it in his face about how he was with Kit. Henry chooses to just tell her to go running back to Gray because he wants to go be with Kit. She says she will just move in with Gray since he doesn’t want her anymore. Henry punches the door with his fist.

Katie and Brad make love in her office. She is dressing and she says this was a mistake for them to do this. He tells her it wasn’t a mistake at all. Katie apologizes for how she has been acting. Henry walks in and tells them it is over between him and Vienna. He tells them that she saw him kissing Kit. He says she turned right to Gray and had sex with him. He says he can’t tell her there is nothing between him and Kit because that would make him look like the loser.

Carly gets Kit to come over and makes her think that she has proof that she killed Sam, not Parker. Kit tells her she is bluffing because if she had proof she wouldn’t be talking to her, she would be going to the police. Kit says she has nothing, and she starts to walk out. Carly goes after her telling her that Sam loved her more than he ever loved her. She taunts Kit but she still doesn’t break. Kit tells her she doesn’t believe her. And she walks out. Kit leaves Carly standing there. Carly asks Jack what now since she blew it. They have to come up with another way to help Parker now.

Vienna goes straight to Gray and tells him about her seeing Henry. He tells her not to worry about Henry now. He tells her that she can stay with him and he will take care of her now. She says she doesn’t want to be a kept woman anymore. She goes to her room at the hotel to pack her things and she finds a pile of her shoes out in the hallway. She picks one up and throws it at the door and says damn you Henry.

Henry and Brad go to Al’s Diner to eat. He tells Brad he never wants to see Vienna again. Brad asks him if that is the case why is he there. Henry says because he is hungry and he calls the waitress over and makes an order. Brad leaves the diner. Henry sees Vienna and tries to ignore her. Outside Brad sees Gray and warns him to stay away from his friends. When he walks off Gray sees Matt and Alison. Gray tells Matt to send Brad a message for him.

In the diner Vienna takes Henry’s order from the waitress to bring it to him and they start fighting as soon as she sets it down. Every order she brings him he always finds a problem with it. She asks Henry why he is being so mean to her when he knows how much she loves him. He asks her how she can say she loves him when she slept with Gray. He tells her that with her moving in with Gray that is grounds for a divorce. She reminds him that they are not married. Gray comes in and sees Vienna crying. He goes over to Henry and asks him when he is going to learn how to treat a lady. He tells Henry that Vienna is his now as he hands him his bill. Henry pays his bill and storms out. When he turns around he sees Gray kissing Vienna on the neck.

Katie runs into Parker at Java and she asks him if there is anything she can do for him. He wants to know what his parents are up to, he says he knows it is something but they won’t tell him. She tells him to trust them, when they are ready for him to know they will tell him. Parker threatens to go to the cops and just plead guilty and sae his parents the trouble. Katie tells him not to do anything yet. She says he should give his parents a chance to do what they are doing first. He promises not to do anything yet then. He notices he needs a book that is at his Mom’s house and Katie offers to go get it. He gives her the key to the house and she says she will pick it up for him. When she gets to the house she goes inside she hears a noise in the back. She goes to check on it and someone hits her in the head knocking her out.

Brad gets back to the station looking for Katie. When he sees she isn’t there he calls Bonnie to see if she is free and asks her to join him. When he hangs up someone hits him in the head, knocking him down too. Matt stands over him and tells him that should teach him a lesson.

Jan Barrett

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