Kit calls Henry interrupting him and Vienna in bed. She asks him where her money is. He tells her she will get it. He wants her to meet him at Metro at noon. When he hangs up Vienna asks him what is going on and she wants the truth. He tells her he is working on a good deed. Once it is all over he says she will be very proud of him but first he has to go to Metro and deliver $250,000. The first thing Vienna asks is he gambling again and he tells her no but he has to go.

After he is gone someone knocks at the door and when she answers it is the bellhop with a delivery for her from Gray. She shakes her head no and says Henry is not going to like this one. The card says she is as beautiful all the way down to her toes. She opens all the boxes and loves all the shoes. She calls Gray and tells him that they were beautiful but she says she is on her way now to return every one of them.

Jack goes to Brad and asks him to loan him some more money. He says he needs $250,000 but Brad says he doesn’t have that kind of money. Katie walks in and says she will do anything for Parker and for Jack to tell Henry she will get him the money. Jack says oh no not from you and turns toward Brad. Katie gets offended because he would take the money from Brad but not her. She says what does it matter, she will get the money back when Kit gets arrested. Finally she talks him into it.

Carly comes in and thanks Brad for coming up with the money but Jack says the money didn’t come from Brad, he doesn’t have it. Katie walks in just as Carly asks where will the money be coming from then. Katie says from her but Carly doesn’t want to accept it. Katie tells her she is doing this for Parker’s sake so Carly finally gives in and says she will take the money.

They come up with a plan to get Henry to try seducing Kit but he isn’t crazy about that idea. When he gets to Metro Kit is anxious to sign the papers and get the money and run but Henry pretends to care about her to try and delay her leaving. He tells her to tell him all her secrets. She tells him to kiss her first so he does. Just as they kiss Vienna walks in calling his name out and is shocked to see him standing there kissing Kit.

Luke and Noah wake up after being stuck all night in the truck with Ameera. They hear a car coming so they get out the truck to try and get them to stop. The driver of the car is playing games with them stopping and then taking off and then returning only to take off again until they hear Noah yell out to them calling them jerks.

This time they speed up trying to hit Noah but Luke pulls him out of the way in time. Two guys get out the car with beer cans falling out as they open the car door. They smart off to Noah and Luke when Ameera comes up telling them to leave the boys alone. They don’t like seeing Ameera saying they wonder how many of her relatives have killed Americans. Noah tells them to leave her alone.

The guys tell her they can give her a ride but they don’t have room for the guys. Noah says she isn’t going anywhere with them. They start fighting and one of the guys gets a tire rod out of the trunk and hits Noah in the back with it hurting him. This makes Luke mad and he starts fighting back more. When they try taking off with Ameera Luke attacks them both. Holden and Lily drive up and run stops the fight. They get Noah to the hospital and Susan tells them they were really lucky. When Ameera and Luke are in the room visiting Noah Ameera tells Noah she was so worried about him. The nurse asks her if Noah is her boyfriend. She says no, then hesitates and says he is her brother.

After seeing Henry with Kit, Vienna runs straight to Gray for comfort. She tells him to take her as far away from Oakdale as he can. They are in the back seat of the limo when she makes the first move on him thinking of Henry as she does. She stops and Gray asks her is she is ok. She tells him sure, she is just perfect. He says oh yes she is and then they start kissing again. After Gray tells her that he always knew that making love to her would be great but he never thought it would be like this. He tells her she was wonderful. Meanwhile Henry went back to their hotel room looking for Vienna and finds the shoe box and the note from Gray to Vienna. He just sits there wondering if this means he has lost her now to Gray.

Jack and Carly have to come up with a new plan to clear Parker now. Parker comes in and says he is going to try out for the baseball team even though it probably won’t do any good because he will probably be in jail. Carly tells him no way and that he should try out for it and she promises to go to every game. When he leaves Jack tells her he doesn’t like building Parker’s hopes up. He thinks they should tell him the truth. Carly says no, she thinks she has a plan. She thinks she needs to make Kit think she has proof that she killed Sam, not Parker. She said the only way to get Kit is to catch her trying to kill again.

Jan Barrett

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