Noah walks into the kitchen and Luke asks him how Ameera is. He said she seems so shaken up after hearing the loud noise at the diner. Noah gets a call from the warden at the prison telling him that his father is requesting to see him. Ameera says she wants to go see him. She says the Colonel was good to her and she wants to see him even if she has to go alone. Noah says well if she insists then that means they are going together. Luke says if they are going then that means he is going with them.

On the road Noah says it is going to be weird seeing his father again. Ameera says it is going to be great seeing him again, she can’t wait. She asks Noah and Luke when they knew they were gay. She says she knows nothing about that lifestyle. Luke tells her he knew when he was in grade school. While they talk about their life as Gay men Noah isn’t paying attention to something that is in the road and swerves to miss it when Luke yells to look out. He hits a ditch and when they get out they notice the front axle on the truck is broken. Ameera is worried now wondering what they are going to do now. They have no signals where they are on their cell phones so they say they are going to just have to stay there until a car comes by. Ameera is nervous about being there with two men alone. They assure her she is safe with them.

Gwen is feeling guilty about what Sofie said in court. Will wants to take the baby out and celebrate but Gwen doesn’t feel like celebrating is a good idea. So Will suggests that they take the baby to the hospital and let her meet Paul.

Sofie goes back to see Paul. She says she wanted to come back since he was so nice to her before. She said she got him something to read while he is there. He asks her if she will read it to him so she sits down and starts reading. While she is there Will and Gwen come to the hospital and they see Sofie in the room and are confused. They go in the room and ask Sofie what she is doing there. Paul tells them she is his guest and asks Will not to be so rude. Will says they will come back later but Paul asks them to stay because he would like to meet his new niece.

The baby starts crying and Gwen says she is just a little fussy. Sofie asks if she can hold the baby. Will says no but Gwen says it is ok. She says maybe she will have better luck with her. After Hallie calms down Sofie hands her back to Gwen when Will says time is up. She thanks Gwen for letting her hold her and then tells Paul she will come back later.

When they go out the room to leave Sofie stops them and tells them she has a gift for Hallie saying it is something that she can remember her by. Will refuses to accept the gift and they leave. Chris walks up and invites Sofie to join her for dinner. When they are walking in Old Town later they run into Will and Gwen and Will whisks Gwen and the baby away. He is tired of always running into Sofie. When they are home with the baby, Barbara goes to see them. She tells them about Sofie being at the hospital to see Paul. Will says they know, they saw her there but it is hard to tell Paul anything about it because he is going to do what he wants to do anyway. Barbara says she made a late New Year’s Resolution not to interfere in either of her son’s personal lives anymore. Will says and how long does she think that will last. Gwen notices that Barbara looks a little tired.

Henry walks up and sees Gray kissing Vienna. When she opens her eyes she sees him standing there staring. She pushes Gray away and says she can explain. He says he doesn’t want to hear it and walks away. She tells Gray she can do this to her Henry. She says kissing him was a mistake. Gray tries to get her to change her mind but she goes in her room and shuts the door behind her leaving Gray out in the hall. She lies down on the bed crying. In then meantime Henry runs into Katie and Brad and Katie asks him what is wrong. He says he just lost Vienna and he thinks this time it is for good.

Katie goes to see Vienna and gets the story from her about what happened with Gray. Katie asks her what exactly it is that she is attracted to with Gray. Vienna shows her the diamond earrings. She says she gave back the necklace and the diner but she just couldn’t give up the earrings too. Katie tells her she is giving out mixed signals here and she needs to decide what she wants more, her life with Henry or her old life back.

She tells Katie that maybe the happy ending with Henry for her is not meant to be. She says she wanted to get married, he didn’t, she was happy with the diner, he wasn’t, she wants children and he doesn’t. Katie tells Vienna how much Henry has changed since he has been with her. Vienna says he is still gambling. Katie says yeah but not as much. She says Henry loves her very much.

When Henry goes home Vienna tells him she is so sorry. She tells him she should have never kissed Gray. She says the only one she should be kissing is him. She goes and changes clothes putting a sexy gown on and then comes out and seduces Henry into a hot night in bed together. While they are making love, Gray leaves a message for her on her voice mail.

Jan Barrett

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