In Tuesday’s show (which wasn’t aired here on Tuesday due to a Canadian special on TV, but was aired this morning) the judge has come to a decision on who gets Hallie. Once at the court room, Gwen tells Sofie that no matter what happens with Hallie, she and Will only want what is best for Hallie. The judge thinks Sofie repeatedly exhibited bad behavior putting the child at considerable risk so he awards Gwen and Will custody of the baby. Sofie asks the judge if she can say something. She tells Gwen and Will that she loves her baby and she is so sorry that she scared them by taking Hallie off to New York like she did. She says even though they now have custody of her, she says Hallie is still the only family she has left. With that said she grabs her coat and runs out the court room.

Will and Gwen invite Alison to come over for a little celebration. She asks if they mind if she brings Matt with her. Will says sure and brings Casey too. At the house they all celebrate and Gwen gets Matt to hold the baby. When the party winds down, Casey says they have to go. Outside Casey jumps on Matt for getting involved with his family and friends. Meanwhile Gwen tells Will she feels sorry for Sofie.

Vienna meets Gray downstairs in the lobby at the Lakeview for lunch but is invited to join him with a glass of champagne first in the lounge and she accepts. He offers her the necklace back but she says it has caused enough trouble for her already. He says ok, and then offers her new diamond ear rings which really make it hard for her to turn down. Vienna starts drinking and ends up drinking too much. Gray makes her offers to travel in glorious places, stopping to stay only in 5 star hotels. He tells her she can even bring her Henry. She asks if that means with no strings and he says yes. Vienna gets drunk and Gray takes her home. She tries to get her key to the door to work but it won’t work. When she turns around laughing Gray takes her and kisses her. Henry opens the door and sees them kissing.

Jack and Carly talk Henry into helping them with Kit more, against his better judgement. Henry goes to Kit and tells her he can’t buy Metro and become partners with Carly. He pretends that Carly is a person from his past saying she ended up breaking up his marriage. Henry and Kit share a beer and Henry talks bad about Carly to try and get Kit all worked up. He tries to get her to tell him what she did to get even with Carly for making a move on her man. Kit clams up and starts to leave but Henry thinks fast and comes up with an idea to keep her there. He says he will give Carly a call and see what they can work out. He says he has to go outside with his phone to get a signal. He gets into the Van where Jack and Carly are listening in at and he says this is where he is out of there but Jack tells him no way, he has to go back in there because they are too close to saving Parker now. Henry says as long as he promises to come running in if the crap gets thick.

Henry goes back in and gets Kit to say if it wasn’t for Carly she wouldn’t have done what she had to do. Henry tells her he got Carly to agree to sell her half of Metro to him too but he doesn’t have enough cash on him to make the deal final so he will have to wait til tomorrow. She agrees to wait til morning then. Jack and Carly bring the tape into Margo who is not so happy to hear that they used police equipment to illegally tape Kit with Henry. She tells Jack he is too close to this case and shouldn’t be seen working on it at all. Jack says Parker is his son. He has to do what he can to help. Margo says all the more reason he can’t be on this case. Jack says fine, then he takes his badge and sets it on the desk saying well then he quits and walks out.

Paul calls Margo to his hospital room and asks her how come they have not arrested Craig yet. She says she has been really busy at work and confesses that most of her time has been spent trying to save Parker from going to jail. Meanwhile Parker talks Meg into taking him to see Paul. Paul tells Parker the car blowing up was an accident. Meg listens to what Paul says and thinks to herself that maybe Paul is starting to change. When it is time to go, Meg asks for a minute alone with Paul. She thanks him for telling Parker what he told him. She says it isn’t too late for Parker but it is too late for her and him, and then she walks out and leaves. 

Chris tells Sofie she looks so alone. She tells him now she is alone since she doesn’t have her baby. His beeper goes off and he says he has to check on a patient but asks her not to go anywhere because he will be right back. When he walks away Barbara walks up and tells Sofie she is sorry about how she was involved with trying to get her to give her baby up for adoption to begin with. A nurse walks up and tells Barbara that a room is open for her to get started with her radiation treatment now. Sofie hears this and asks Barbara if she has cancer. Barbara looks at her and asks her to please not tell Will and Gwen about this.

Sofie comes in later to see Paul. She says she saw he had visitors so she waited to come in and see him. He asks her how it went in court. She starts crying. She apologizes saying she didn’t want to start crying. She had been holding it in so no one would see her cry. Paul tells her it is ok. She cuddles up to him and cries more. Chris is out in the hallway looking for Sofie but assumes she must have gotten tired of waiting and left.

Jan Barrett

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