Luke is in the kitchen when Noah and Ameera come in. Luke says he hopes she slept well. She says in her country it is not permitted for a woman to sleep in the same room with a man unless he is her husband, so Noah hung up a sheet to separate them. She says after that she slept the best she has slept in months. Noah tells Luke he is going to skip class this morning because he wants to help Ameera with her first day in town.

Carly calls Jack and when he gets to the house she is nervous saying that Kit was gone when she got up this morning. Jack tells her to relax that Kit is at the police station being interrogated. He says they need to come up with a new plan and not let this one mess up. Carly blames Katie for messing this last one up. He says not to blame her, it was his own fault. Carly doesn’t listen saying it is always Katie interfering somehow.

Henry tells Vienna she has to give the diamond necklace back to Gray. She doesn’t want to but finally agrees that she loves him more than the necklace. She tells him that Gray did make another offer. Henry says no, they already agreed she is not going to spend a night with him. She says not this time. He made a new offer when he called while Henry was sleeping. She says he offered to give them back the diner because he knows how much it means to her with no strings attached. She says this is their chance to get their life back. Henry insists that they can not do this. He tells her to think about this and ask herself why Gray would want to give them back the diner for nothing. She says because he likes her. He says exactly, he likes her too much. Henry says Gray will come up with something if they accept the diner back and he isn’t willing to go through that.

Katie and Brad are at work when Katie starts crying. He thinks it has something to do with him and tells her to give him a kiss and make it all better. She tells him she is not crying because of him, she is crying because of Jack. She tells Brad all about her calling Jack and messing up his plan to help Parker. She says the stupid phone call messed everything up for Jack’s plan with Kit. Henry interrupts and asks Katie for help with Gray and Vienna. Brad interrupts and says he has an idea that might be able to help Parker.

Kit is at the police station finishing up the paperwork with Dallas. Kit has her attorney there telling Dallas that they can’t hold Kit there like this. Dallas walks away to make a phone call to Jack to tell him that he can’t keep stalling Kit there at the station so Jack says he will be right there. When Jack gets there Kit is gone and Dallas says he couldn’t hold her any more. Brad walks in telling Jack he has a plan to help Parker. Jack isn’t interested saying he wants him to stay out of it. Brad says sorry it is too late, he has already started it. Brad tells him he doesn’t want him involved.

Katie goes to see Carly and apologizes to her about the call to Jack. Carly accuses her of using Parker to try and get Jack back. Katie swears this has nothing to do with her and Jack, it is all about Parker. Carly tells her that she just wants her to stay out of their lives. Katie tells Carly about the plan she and Brad have to help. Carly tells her she will do anything to try and worm her way back into Jack’s life. Katie says that’s not what this is about but Carly doesn’t buy it. Katie just walks out.

Alison meets with Matt at Al’s diner when Aaron walks in. He gives Matt the third degree with his questions about him after Alison introduces him to Matt. Aaron tells Alison he is leaving Salem to go back to Seattle.

Vienna comes into the diner and tells Gray that they can’t accept his offer and she gives him back the necklace. He says he is sorry to hear that since he knows how much the diner means to her. She says Henry insists that she return the necklace too. Gray says he has one last request of her and that is for her to have dinner with him tonight. Just then Luke and Noah and Ameera walk in and sit down. Vienna tells Gray she won’t have dinner with him. He asks for at least a cup of coffee with him. Suddenly there is a huge bang coming from the kitchen startling Ameera and causing Gray to pull out a gun. Vienna tells them all to calm down it is just the old furnace in the back. Ameera is really upset so she gets the boys to take her home. Gray then tells Vienna since his coffee break was interrupted then she could have lunch with him. She says ok as long as Henry doesn’t object.

Ameera is happy when Luke offers to take her back home after she tells them she is use to car bombings in her homeland. Back at the farm Ameera tells Luke and Noah about how bad things were for her at home. Luke and Noah feel so sorry for her and they both agree that they can’t let her go back there.

Alison and Matt are outside the diner when they hear the loud noise and she tells him it is only the furnace. She ends up opening up to Matt about her past and he confesses to her that he use to shoplift candy and comic books

Henry goes to the Lakeview and finds Kit about to leave. He pretends to be a real estate investor interested in purchasing Metro. He notices she looks like she is about to leave with her luggage and says she must not have time but she tells the desk clerk to cancel her cab and agrees to take Henry to Metro and show him the place. At Metro Kit admits to Henry that her boyfriend was killed there and Henry says that will bring down the market value. He asks her what the asking price for the place is. She tells him $250,000. He says that’s a reasonable price and says sold. Then she says well that is only her share. But she says she doesn’t care how he covers the other half. He tells her they can meet with each other tomorrow with the lawyers and have the deal finalized. She says she was hoping to have it all done today. He says if it has to be done all today then there can be no deal. She asks for a cash deposit and then she can wait til tomorrow so he agrees to that giving her a wad of money as a deposit.

Henry goes to see Katie and tells her he got Kit to stay in town. She thanks him and tells him she has to go tell Jack. She tells Henry to go make up with Vienna now. Meanwhile Carly is at the station bad mouthing Katie for coming up with this scheme to help them when Brad tells her that it wasn’t Katie’s idea, it was his. He tells her to back off Katie. Just then Katie walks in and tells them that the plan worked and Kit is staying in town now. Carly and Jack go home and Carly admits she can’t believe Henry pulled it off. Jack tells her well now the hard part comes for them to get Kit to admit to killing Sam.

Henry goes back to the hotel room and apologizes to Vienna. He tells her he has made her life so much harder than it was before. She just smiles at him then kisses him and tells him she loves him. He says he loves her too. She tells him she made it perfectly clear to Gray that she loves Henry and only Henry.

Jan Barrett

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