Lily comes into the kitchen and she and Holden notice how quiet it is in there which is rare. They claim how unusual it is unless the baby wakes up. Lily suggests that they put off the cleaning for a while, and then asks what they shall do next. He looks at her and asks how about this, and then he kisses her. They end up in bed together but Lily stops and says she can’t do this. Holden asks her if it is because of Dusty. She tells him she turned to Dusty because he shut her out and she thinks that before they make love again she thinks they need to come to terms with that.

Katie runs into Brad in Old Town and he starts right away talking about Bonnie. Katie cuts him off right away showing no interest. When they get to work Brad accuses Katie of being jealous of Bonnie. She tells Brad there can never be anything between him and her and that she could care less who he goes out with. Brad calls Bonnie to meet him at the Lakeview.

Jack asks Carly how many pills she put in Kit’s hamburger. She says enough to make her groggy but not make her pass out completely. Jack hides with Cowboy Jack and speaks for the dummy, calling out is that you Sam, where have you been. Kit comes in and calls out for Sam. She wants to know who that is there. She realizes it can’t be Sam because he is dead. She starts to leave the room when Jack lifts cowboy Jack up and speaks for him asking if that is Kit. He tells her that she took his Sam away from him so now she is scared. Kit says Cowboy Jack?

She says this can’t be happening. She says she didn’t hurt Sam, Sam hurt her. She says he was going to dump her to be with Carly. Kit is just about to confess when Jacks phone rings and he has to move Cowboy Jack out. Kit is wondering what that ringing is. Cowboy Jack tells her that was probably Sam calling wanting to talk to her. Carly walks in and asks Kit why was she there talking to herself. Carly tells Kit she must have been dreaming and tells her to come let her make her a cup of tea. This gives Jack the chance to get out of there without Kit seeing him.

Out on the porch he checks his phone and sees it was Katie that called so he goes down to the TV station and asks her if she called and wants to know what’s wrong. She says she was only calling to check in and ask about Parker. He tells her he was just about to get Parker cleared but it got messed up. She says she is sorry and then asks what happened to mess it up. He tells her she called. Katie feels so bad and asks if there is anything she can do. Jack tells her it isn’t her fault. Katie tells him he should get back to Carly and try to help Parker now. Jack goes back to Carly’s and he tells her they are just going to have to start again with Kit.

Noah and Luke are at the diner when Luke asks him if he ever found that letter he lost from his father. Noah says no and then asks if they can not talk about his father. When Luke leaves saying he will meet him back at the farm, Noah gets his things together to leave when a young girl is standing there. Noah asks her if he can help her. She apologizes and then walks away. She watches him as he leaves. Noah goes to the farm and meets Luke. While there the mystery girl shows up at the door. She introduces herself as Ameera. She explains to him about her background saying Noah’s father was her family’s protector. She says now that he is gone from Iraq and her mother is dead she fears her life is in danger. She asks Noah if he can help her.

She tells them that her mother and Win were lovers and in Iraq that is an outcast that is punishable by death so she fears her life too now. Noah tells her he is sorry but he isn’t so sure he can believe any of this. She hands him a photo of her with Noah’s father giving Noah more reason to believe her story. Luke and Noah talk about it and Noah tells Luke he believes her. They agree to ask Lily and Holden if she can stay there until they figure something out. Luke goes upstairs and asks them if they can come downstairs, there is a problem.

Vienna meets with Gray after she receives a note with an invitation to meet him for a drink and tells him that she loves diamonds very much but not enough to sleep with him. She says she can’t do that to Henry. Gray says that is fine, no strings attached. He says he has to admit that he has never enjoyed being turned down so much in his life. He asks her one thing before she leaves. He wants to know why she loves Henry so much. She starts with a dozen reasons til he stops her feeling disgusted. He says but he has more to offer her but she says she loves Henry.

Brad and Bonnie are at the Lakeview and he sees Vienna there with Gray. Brad says he is going to call Henry even though Bonnie tries to talk him out of it. She says it is Vienna hitting on the man. Brad tells her that Vienna is his friend and he would want someone to tell him if some guy was hitting on his girl. He calls Henry and tells him to get over to the Lakeview right now.

Bonnie offers to go talk to them til Henry gets there. She approaches Vienna asking her if she has opened up shop again picking up men. Vienna says she sees she is still taking men from the better women. Bonnie starts to walk away but deliberately knocks over the glass of Champagne into Vienna’s lap. Vienna gets up and attacks Bonnie. Brad and Gray try separating the women when Henry comes in and punches Gray to the floor.

Henry drags Vienna back up to their hotel room and argues with her about the necklace. She begs him to forgive her and they make love. After Henry falls asleep she hears her phone ringing. When she answers it, it is Gray. He tells her he doesn’t understand why they would ever want the diner. He says he sure doesn’t want it so he is offering to give it back to her. She thanks him but says no thanks and says it wouldn’t work anyway.

Jan Barrett

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