Paul got out of the exploding car with second degree burns. Barbara talks to Chris about his condition. Chris says they called in a burn specialist and promises her he is getting the best of care. When Chris walks away Margo walks up and asks Barbara how Paul is. She tells Margo she needs to get out there and arrest her brother. Margo says she has no evidence that Craig has anything to do with this. When Barbara walks off Margo thinks back of her conversation with Craig when he told her he had no intentions of hurting Meg but now Paul would be a different story. She calls the station and orders an APB out on Craig Montgomery saying he is a flight risk.

Barbara is with Paul when he wakes up asking for Meg. He begs Barbara to call Meg. When she looks out the window in the hall she sees Meg out there. Meg says she will keep her distance but she just wanted to know if he was going to be ok. Barbara says he will be ok but unfortunately he is asking for her. She says well she just was making sure he will be ok and starts to walk off but Barbara stops her telling her Paul needs her right now so she goes into the room with him. He asks her to stay with him but suddenly he takes a turn for the worse and Chris orders the nurses to take him back in for observation.

Barbara sees Sofie in the hallway talking to Chris and she becomes unglued that Chris got sidetracked by Sofie. She tells Chris to forget about Sofie and her lost cause case and to focus on Paul. Chris tells her to back off and then he takes Sofie to the lounge.

Barbara goes to see Will and tells him about what happened to Paul. She says she thinks Craig is behind all this. She says Craig and Paul have been fighting over Meg for a long time now. She said she almost lost Paul last year because of Craig and now she might lose him again because of Craig. Will assures Barbara that Paul is strong, he will pull through this.

Meg goes back to see Paul and tells him she knows he can get better, with or without her. She says she can’t help him get better this time even though she wishes that she could. She says she is sorry but she can’t do this and she leaves. As soon as she is gone Paul’s eyes open and he calls for her. He rings the nurse’s button and Chris comes in to check on him. He asks Chris was Meg there. Chris says he didn’t see her. Paul says he heard her voice, but Chris says it was probably a dream.

Jack and Carly try to find some kind of evidence that Kit could have killed Sam. He goes to the station and asks Margo to help him find a way to keep Kit in town. She reluctantly agrees to help him. She says she just hopes that he and Carly can find something to help keep Parker out of jail more than she could to keep Casey out.

Later at the Lakeview Dallas stops Kit telling her they can’t let her leave. Jack walks up and asks if something is wrong. Dallas says there is something wrong with the paperwork for Kit crossing the state line with a corpse. He says some of the right paperwork wasn’t filled out. Jack asks can’t they just take care of it without arresting her. Dallas says he supposes he could but it will take about 24 hours so he tells Kit she can’t leave town yet til they clear this up and he walks away.

Jack apologizes to Kit. She says don’t expect her to thank him. She says now she is stuck there in town and has to spend the night there again and she has no money for a hotel room. He says well the Oakdale PD could always accommodate her. She says sarcastically no thanks, then tells the bellboy to cancel her cab and she storms out. Jack calls Carly and tells her it worked. She is staying in town and has no money. Carly says not to worry. She says she knows how to handle it from here.

Carly runs into Kit in Old Town. Carly offers her a place to stay for the night. Kit doesn’t fall for it so Carly has to make a stronger plea. Finally Kit says she doesn’t really have much choice. When they get back to Carly’s house Kit says the place gives her the creeps and thinks maybe this was a mistake. Carly tells her not to be silly, she begs her to stay. Finally Kit agrees to stay. Carly offers to make her a hamburger saying she must be hungry. She says ok she will have a bite or two before lying down. Carly puts a sedative in the meat for the burger. She brings the hamburger to Kit and she tells her thanks. Kit eats the burger and then suddenly gets sleepy so Carly sends her upstairs to nap. Carly calls Jack and lets the phone ring twice as a sign that the coast is clear. Jack tells Parker to stay out at the farm for the night with the kids. At Carly’s Jack asks her where is Cowboy Jack is. He says let’s find out what happens when Cowboy Jack rises again.

Sofie is back at the hospital talking to Chris. He invites her out for coffee sometimes and she says she doesn’t want to be his charity case. She talks about Barbara and he says she is going through a lot right now. He tells her he won’t forget about a coffee date and then walks away. Sofie looks into Paul’s room and then walks in. Paul sees her and asks her who she is. She tells him who she is. He thanks her for being honest. She says she should go but he asks her to stay because he doesn’t want to be alone.

Craig calls Margo and asks her is Paul Ryan is alive or dead. She tells him he is the only suspect in attempting to murder Paul. She tells him to stop. He tells her that Paul and Meg tortured him for months. He says he feels totally justified. Then he says before he hangs up that she will never find him.

Jan Barrett

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