Carly is dreaming of when Sam was trying to rape her. She remembers seeing Parker aiming the gun at Sam. She wakes up and is startled. She grabs her keys and runs out. She goes to get Jack and she tells him that she remembers now that Parker only fired one shot hitting Sam in the shoulder. She says he couldn’t have killed Sam but she needs him to go with her to Metro to try and prove it. Once at Metro, Carly tells Jack they have to go through this step by step. She starts out by telling him about the phone call from the band member. When she gets to the part about how Sam tried to kiss her Jack stops her telling her he can’t do this. She tells him they can’t stop now. Jack says if he had seen Sam do what he done then he would have shot Sam himself. Carly tells him they have got to prove Parker didn’t shoot Sam.

While Jack and Carly try finding any clues they can Kit comes in. She tells them that after burying Sam it took everything she had so now she is broke. She says she came back there because Metro is all she has left. Jack says well he doesn’t see Metro bringing in the big bucks anytime soon. She says well she can see that too but she had to come back to collect what is rightfully hers. She tells Carly she wants her share of Metro right now.

She says she wants her to sell Metro. Carly says the place is a crime scene now and it won’t be so easy to sell. Kit tells her she is leaving town but she will send her an address where she can be reached so Carly can send her, her half of what she gets for Metro when she sells it. Jack asks her why she is in such a hurry. Kit has no excuse other than she just buried the love of her life and she wants all the memories to go away.

When she leaves Jack tells Carly something doesn’t seem right there. He asks Carly doesn’t she think it is odd that Kit claimed to have loved Sam. Jack said it seems like if she cared that much for him, she would have wanted stuff of Sam’s. She didn’t even give Sam’s dummy a glance that was sitting right there. He says he would have thought she would have wanted it since it was so close to Sam. Jack asks Carly was Kit ever jealous of her and Sam.

Carly thinks back and remembers that she did question her about Sam. She tells Jack now that she thinks about it yes she was. Jack thinks that maybe after Parker shot Sam and she ran after him, that maybe Kit came in and found Sam and the gun there and that she could have shot him. Jack gets the ballistic reports and it backs their story that the first shot to Sam hit him in the shoulder and it was the second shot that hit him in the heart that killed him. Now they only have to prove that Parker didn’t fire that second shot that someone else did. They get a report on Kit’s where abouts the night Sam was killed. It shows that Kit could have been in Oakdale when Sam was killed but now they just have to prove that Kit killed him.

Paul walks into the office only to find Craig sitting at the desk. Craig lets him know that he is sure that it was him and Lucinda that sent him on the wild goose chase to look for his son. Paul warns Craig that he better not hurt Meg. Craig says she is the last person in the world that he would hurt.

Meg tells Holden about the roses left for her. She says they have to be from Craig. Holden says he has had enough of this. He says he is going to go to the police with it. She thinks if she just ignores it he will get bored and give up but Holden isn’t so sure.

Paul goes to Lucinda and tells her that Craig is back. He says Craig is different this time though. He says it is like he has some sort of secret for revenge planned for the two of them. Lucinda tells Paul that Craig can’t touch them. She says they have the company back.

Craig goes to Margo and tells him he wants her to arrest Lucinda for conspiracy. While he tries to convince her of the charges Holden comes in and tells Margo he wants Craig arrested. He tells her he has been stalking Meg and he wants him to stay away from his sister. Margo tells Craig to please stop sending Meg flowers. Holden tells her if she doesn’t do something about this he will find a judge to help him and he storms out. Margo says to Craig that he will never give up, will he. He says it is a free country. He changes the subject back to Lucinda and tells Margo it is her job to find evidence to prove Lucinda is guilty. When she refuses to so as he demands he says he will find a way on his own to get Lucinda and he storms out.

Margo meets with Lucinda and tells her she wanted to ask her some more about her contact with Evan Walsh. Lucinda asks her didn’t they go over that already. Margo says yes but she needed to ask some more questions. Lucinda tells her that she had no contact with Evan. She wants to know if someone was pushing her for the questions. Margo admits that Craig has but she is still investigating the case.

Paul goes back to Meg and tries to warn her about Craig being back. He tells her that Craig is going to come after him and he is really worried that he will go after her too. Meg tells him that Craig will never hurt her. Paul says she just doesn’t know how Craig is so angry right now. Paul tries to get Meg to take heed to his warnings about Craig. She accuses him of only trying to get rid of Craig so he would be able to try for another chance with her. She asks him what it is going to take for him to realize that it is over between them Just then Craig walks in and says that’s the best thing he has heard in a long time. Craig tells her he is saying good bye. He says he knows it is over between them now too.

Holden gets a restraining order against Craig. He says he is now not allowed to come anywhere near her. He says he can’t come within 200 yards of her. She tells Holden about Paul coming to warn her about Craig. Holden says well if he has to they will just have to get a restraining order against Paul too. Meg hugs him and says thank you.

Craig talked to Lucinda and tells her that he hopes he will get away with murder again. She asks who he is planning on killing. He says she will find out sooner or later. He says he has a plane to catch but he can assure her that it is going to be a real blast. Next Paul is seen getting into his car. As he turns the key in the ignition switch to start the car, it explodes.
Jan Barrett

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