Katie and Brad are finishing up a taping of the show when Bonnie walks in. Brad makes an announcement for the closing that next week they will interview an attorney that makes it hot in any courtroom. Katie asks if Brad’s last words can be edited out. When she leaves the room Bonnie tells Brad she has never been to a taping before but reminds him that she hasn’t agreed to do the show yet. They talk about her custody case and Brad hugs her to give her comfort when Katie walks back in. Katie is uncomfortable watching them and Margo comes up from behind her and asks her if she is jealous. Katie says no she isn’t but before she leaves Katie admits that it does bother her to see Brad with Bonnie. Margo asks her then why doesn’t she follow her heart. Katie insists that it isn’t Brad that she wants it is Jack.

Sofie runs into Chris at the hospital. She tells him she wanted to thank him for testifying for her in court. She says it really helped especially since Aaron double crossed her. He invites her to go for a walk in the park with him since he was just about to go on a break. She says she doesn’t know if she should since she was waiting for the call about the judge’s decision. He mentions that it would be on her cell phone and she would have it with her. She realizes he is right and agrees to go with him. While in the park Sofie tells Chris a little about her life. She admits how she use to think she couldn’t make it without Cole. They walk around and Chris sees a vendor selling hats. They try on a few of them but Sofie tells him she isn’t going to let him buy her a hat. He says ok then let him buy her some gloves. She agrees to that and when she looks for a pair she notices a knit cap like the one she made for Hallie and starts crying.

Paul sees Meg in Old Town ordering a sandwich and pretends to accidentally run into her. He tells her that Craig has left town to go find his son. Meg doesn’t care. She tells Paul to stop following her. He tells her he can’t imagine his life without her in it. Meg walks away. Paul is in the store when Emily comes in saying she got his message and wants to know what he wants.

Matt got a job at The Lakeview which makes Casey uncomfortable. He tells Matt that he is tired of him using his parents. Matt tells him he could talk to his probation officer about going to a halfway house. Casey gives in and says he can stay a little while longer but only if he lays off his Mom. Matt agrees. Alison walks up and Matt leaves. She invites Casey for breakfast but he says he has to work. Later she runs into Matt and he asks her if she would go out with him sometimes. He tells her she is hot and he is available so what’s the big deal. When he asks for her phone number she tells him to get it from Casey, he has it.

Henry is nervous in the diner and isn’t taking the customers orders. Vienna asks him what is wrong with him. Gray walks in and he asks Henry if he has reached a decision yet. Vienna wants to know about what and then asks Henry if he lost another bet. Finally he admits that he lost the diner in a gambling deal. She tells him no, she is not giving up the diner. She tells him to fix the debt. He finally tells her about the offer that Gray made him so they could keep the diner. He says that he told him no way. She says it would only be sex. Gray comes back in and asks what Vienna thought about his proposal. He wants to know if she has made up her mind. She turns around and looks at Henry. She says they are discussing this. Henry says no. He hands Gray the deed to the diner and Gray says too bad because he would have forgotten the debt for one night with Vienna. He gives them one week to vacate the premises and then leaves the diner.

Meg gets back to the farm and no one is home. She finds a rose sitting there for her and she assumes it is from Paul and she storms out of the house mad. She finds Paul while he is with Emily and slams the rose on the table in front of him and asks him what part of no does he not understand. Paul swears to her that he did not send her the rose but she doesn’t believe him. When she leaves Emily doesn’t believe him either. When Meg goes home she finds another rose on the counter and the note this time says “I knew you would think it was from Paul”

Brad and Bonnie go into the diner and Vienna tells Brad about how Henry lost the diner in a gambling debt. Bonnie makes a remark about how this is right up Vienna’s alley. Vienna pours food all over her dress and she yells that Vienna ruined her new dress. When she leaves Henry asks Brad to please tell Vienna not to do this. Vienna storms out saying she knows who she can go talk to. Henry tells Brad that he messed up big time. He tells Henry that Vienna use to care about money and diamonds and furs but since she met him she doesn’t care about all that anymore. He says she loves Henry now.

Vienna goes to the station to talk to Katie. She tells Katie how Henry gambled the diner away and lost it but there is a way she can get it back.  Katie says that if she does this it would be cheating on Henry. Vienna tries comparing what Katie did with brad in order to have a baby with this. Katie tells her this is so different. Just then a package is delivered and Katie says she bets it is from Henry. It is for Vienna. Inside the package is a diamond necklace and Vienna tells Katie this is not from Henry. The card says “Just one night and you could have so much more”. Katie tells her she is going to give the necklace back right. Vienna asks her if she is crazy or something, there is no way she is giving this back.

Jan Barrett

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