Will and Gwen go home and Alison ask how did it go at the hearing. They tell Alison the judge still hasn’t made a decision. Alison wants to know if she can do anything. Gwen tells her that maybe she can talk to Aaron for them. They need someone to testify for them about Sofie’s state of mind when she took the baby. Alison says she will try but Aaron is pretty loyal towards Sofie so she doesn’t’ know if it will help but she is willing to try.

Sofie’s lawyer goes to see her and he tells her that maybe she should get hold of a crib for her hotel room for the baby. She asks would that be a way for the judge to think she can take care of her baby. He says well just maybe she might be bringing her daughter home with her tonight.

Jack tells Carly and Parker that the DA wants to try Parker as an adult. Carly says no way, he is just a kid. Jack is calmer about this saying they will just have to fight this out in court. After Jack leaves Carly calls Lily and tells her she needs to see her. Lily tells her she is kind of in the middle of something but Carly insist saying it is really important.

Alison goes to Old Town and finds Aaron. She says Gwen and Will asked her to talk to him. She tells him that they need him to testify against Sofie for them. Aaron tells her that he can’t betray Sofie. Alison defends Gwen and Will but he refuses to help them. Alison goes back and tells Will and Gwen. Bonnie comes in and they tell her Aaron has refused to betray Sofie. Bonnie says well maybe that’s for the best anyway but says they need to get back to the court. Alison offers to stay with the baby til the regular babysitter comes in. They head back to the courtroom.

Lily goes to see Carly and she takes her outside. She asks Lily if she can get access to Lucinda’s plane. Lily asks her why she thinks its best that she doesn’t ask what for. Carly says she needs to get out of town but no one can know where to. Lily tells her she can’t help her run away. At first Lily says no, but then she calls the pilot and orders that the jet be prepared to fly out. Lily goes home and ends up telling Holden about what Carly wanted.

Jack tells Carly they can win this thing. They just have to stay strong and fight this. She tells him unfortunately she doesn’t have as much faith in the justice system and he does. He tells her he has to go to the station to take care of some things. As soon as he leaves she calls Parker and tells him to pack some things. When he asks why she tells him she is taking him away. She said she has changed her mind, now she wants to run. He tells her he has changed his mind too. She says she told him she wouldn’t let them put him in prison. He says his dad won’t like it but she doesn’t care. She says they will figure out what to do next once they are out of the country. He says ok, he will pack some things.

Carly and Parker get on the plane. Parker still isn’t comfortable about leaving like this. Carly says it is up to him as to where he wants to go. She just has to let the pilot know. Just then Jack walks in and says this is the dumbest idea she has ever had. Carly asks him how he found her, he says that doesn’t matter. He tells Parker to get his things, he isn’t going off. Carly tells him yes he is because she won’t let them put him in jail. Jack and Carly argue til Parker tells them to stop. He says if he is old enough to face charges as an adult then he is old enough to decide what to do here and he says he just wants to go home right now.

Noah receives a letter from his Father. He and Luke go to Java and Noah opens the letter and reads it. His father apologizes to him for everything he has done. Luke tells him that maybe he should forgive him. Noah says there is no way he can ever forgive him. Back at the farm he has the letter in his backpack and they go to finish their chores. When they return Noah finds that the letter is gone and wonders what happened to it. Luke says who cares, no one would want it. Noah is worried now since he doesn’t know what happened to the letter.

Lilt is feeling like she has betrayed Carly’s friendship. Holden tells her she did the right thing. He tells her about Aaron coming by and the problems he was having. Lily’s phone rings and it was the pilot of the plane. She says Jack got there in time. She says if he hadn’t have pushed her she wouldn’t have told him the truth. He tells her she did the right thing. He tells her a lot has happened but he wants them to work things out between them. He tells her that he wants her to stay with him at the farm so they can make things better between them.

Aaron goes out to talk to Holden for some advice. He tells him that Will and Gwen want him to testify for them in the custody case. He says he is on their side about the adoption but at the same time he doesn’t want to betray Sofie’s confidence. He says she told him things that she never told anyone else. Holden says well the bottom line is that there is one person here that he wants to make sure isn’t hurt and that is Hallie.

Back in the court room the judge calls the case back in. He asks Bonnie if she can produce a witness on their behalf. She starts to tell the judge no when Aaron walks in and introduces himself to the judge and he says maybe he can shed some light on why Sofie gave her baby away. The judge says he would like to hear what Aaron has to say and tells him to have a seat. Aaron takes the stand and even though Sofie’s lawyer keeps objecting Aaron tells his story. He tells the judge that he doesn’t think Sofie was emotionally ready to take care of the baby when she gave the baby up. He tells the judge in his opinion it isn’t for him to decide what is best for Hallie but he will say that Will and Gwen will be great parents to Hallie and have been from the beginning. He tells the judge Sofie is a good person but the fact is it wasn’t her instinct to put the baby first so in his opinion Will and Gwen would make better parents. The judge thanks him and calls a recess so he can make his decision.

Alison and Will and Gwen all thank Aaron for testifying. He says he hopes he did the right thing. They tell him he may have just saved Hallie from having a terrible life. Aaron runs after Sofie and apologizes to her saying he felt he had to tell the truth. She blames him for everything and runs off. Will and Gwen are home waiting for the judge’s decision.  Sofie is in her hotel room looking at Hallie’s picture. She prays to God that he will give her another chance to be a mother to Hallie. Alison sees Aaron and he says he hopes she is happy, because he just made an enemy for life. She reminds him that she didn’t force him to testify. He apologizes then excuses himself. She tells him he did the right thing but he walks away.

Jan Barrett

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