Sofie goes to see Chris. She tells him that a lawyer made her see that it is possible that she can get her baby back. She tells him she needs him to testify for her. He tells her that this is not an ordinary case for him. He says Will and Gwen are family to him. Sofie asks him to please help her. Her lawyer walks up and tells Chris they really need his help. Sofie says Hallie is her daughter and she doesn’t think she can live without her. Chris finally agrees to testify for her.

Brad and Katie are trying to finish up the shoot at work and Brad just can’t concentrate on it. Katie tells him they are co-workers and that is all from now on. Bonnie walks in and tells Brad she has his wallet and his undies. Katie leaves the room but she can still hear Brad and Bonnie talking. He asks Bonnie if he can go to court with her and then he can buy them some lunch together. Bonnie tells him that this is a closed hearing case. When they are out in the hallway Bonnie tells him she thinks Katie fell for it. She says he can drop the act now, his plan worked. She says she thinks Katie bought it all, and then she walks away, but Katie over heard her tell Brad this.

Will hands Gwen a card and tells her that Hallie made her a Valentine’s Day card. They get ready to go to the hearing. Gwen can’t believe that Sofie is taking them to court and that the child custody case was brought up so fast. When they get to the courthouse they run into Sofie. Gwen asks her if she really wants to go through this and she says yes. She says she should have never given up her baby. Now she will get her back and start a new life with her. Barbara shows up at the courthouse and Gwen tells Will she called her hoping that the judge would see that with them Hallie would grow up in a family environment filled with love.

In the courtroom, the judge tells them that once his decision is made all parties have agreed to accept it as is. Sofie’s lawyer starts with his opening statement. Her lawyer argues that his client was suffering from depression. He tells the judge that the father and his mother and Barbara Ryan were responsible for all this starting to take Sofie’s baby away from her. Chris testifies that he thinks that Sofie was pressured into giving the baby up. When the judge orders a recess Sofie thanks Chris for helping her. Will asks Chris what he thinks he is doing. He says he is family and he will never forgive him for this. Chris says he only gave an honest opinion.

When court is back in session Bonnie gives her opening statements. She tell the courts that Sofie had no right to take off with the baby. Sofie says well she is her baby. Her lawyer says she signed those papers with no attorney. Bonnie brings up the fact that Sofie could have had a lawyer for the adoption but said she didn’t want one. Bonnie tells the judge that one day after the waiting period was over. Sofie kidnapped the baby and ran off with her. The judge asks Sofie if she read the agreement. She says yes but she forgot about the date. She says she is her baby. Bonnie says she had no rights to take the baby like she did. She tells the judge after that waiting period Will and Gwen had all the parental rights to the baby. Bonnie asks the judge if she can bring in some more witnesses. In her mind this would delay the judge’s decision. The judge agrees and dismisses them. Gwen is worried that this could cause them to lose Hallie. Bonnie asks if they can come up with someone that could overturn Chris’s testimony. Will says maybe Aaron would testify. Bonnie says it would really help the case.

Parker has to talk to the doctor with Tom present. While he is in the room talking to him, Katie comes in and talks to Jack. She offers her help but Carly loses it on her by telling her to stay away from her son and her family. She says it is her family. Parker comes out the room and tells Carly to chill out, they can hear her from in the room. Carly tells him she is sorry. Parker tells Katie hi and she tells him to hang in there. Katie tells Jack she will talk to him later. He thanks her for coming. Katie goes over to the courthouse and tells Brad that Parker is in trouble. He says he will head over there right now and asks her if she wants to go with him. She says she was just there and Carly didn’t exactly welcome her so she thinks she better stay away. She says she just thought he should know about it and she thinks Jack would want him there.

Parker is talking to the psychiatrist about Jack and Carly. He admits to the doctor that Carly makes him mad a lot. He is asked if she makes him mad enough to kill someone. Parker gets angry and he blurts out that he would kill him again. Parker later tells Carly and Jack that the psychiatrist thinks he is guilty. Tom comes out and says the doctor is a fair man and despite hearing Carly’s outbursts Parker could get the benefit of the doubt in this.

Jan Barrett 

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