It is a day of a lot of imagination in Oakdale. Everyone is wondering ‘what if’.

Lily and Holden think about all the times in their lives that they almost lost each other. Holden says he can’t remember all the times. They think back of all the good times together. He thinks about what would have happened if Chris would have stuck her with that syringe at the hospital. He thinks about how hard it would have been for him to try and raise the kids without Lily. He tells the baby that this is a two person job here and he doesn’t know if he can do it alone. He thinks of Lily showing up as a ghost telling him they made a vow never to be apart. He says to himself that bodies can be separated but not souls, not soul mates. When they come back to reality Holden tells Lily she wasn’t perfect and neither was he but yet together they were, and they kiss.

Luke opens Noah’s Valentine’s Day card. Noah tells Luke his life would be completely different if they hadn’t have met. Luke imagines Noah as a sailor. Noah imagines himself with another sailor that wants him to go to one of those strip clubs. He tells the friend no thanks. He sees himself running into Luke outside the library in New York City. Noah notices that Luke dropped some papers and runs after him. He catches up with him just outside a café. They start talking. Luke shows Noah around the city. He takes him to see the Statue of Liberty. Luke tells Noah he is gay and Noah confesses that so is he. They hold hands as they look at the Statue. Luke asks Noah if he is ever going to see him again and Noah asks him if he wants to. Noah asks Luke if he will wait for him and Luke says he will be right there and then they hug.

Tom tells Margo some red head came in and stole his heart. They start to think about how their life would have been different if she hadn’t have passed all her exams from the police academy. She tells Tom she would have just went for passing the bar exam then. They imagine life in a 40’s style court case. Tom is Paul’s lawyer and Margo is Emily’s lawyer. They bicker back and forth with each other in court. The judge ends up dismissing the case against Emily because of her past with Tom. At home, Tom tells Margo he is leaving her. She says he can’t go, so he pulls a gun on her. She backs away and he shoots her then laughs saying it is only a water gun and he says face it kid, you are all wet!. Back to reality, Tom holds Margo and they kiss.

Will and Gwen exchange Valentine’s Day gifts. They give each other a picture of them with Hallie. Gwen asks Will if he knows how to tell the difference between their gifts. She says she is a girl, she got him a card. Will thinks back and wonders what their life would have been like if he had been able to stop Gwen from sleeping with Casey. He imagines getting there just in time to stop her. He imagines Gwen ignoring him and going on stage at Yo’s. She tries singing as Will watches in the audience. After the show they go for a walk and start talking about her mom and his mom. Gwen’s friends ask her to join them but she chooses to stay with Will. They go back to her apartment and sit out on the fire escape. Will kisses her. She asks him how about they make her place ‘their’ place. He likes that idea.

Jack and Carly discuss Valentine’s Day. She says to him that no matter what happens he is always there for her in a crisis. She asks him if he can imagine what her life would be like if he wasn’t always there for her. Carly starts imagining herself with Brad playing the lead roles in the movie ‘The Philadelphia Story’. She sees herself in a wedding dress talking to Sage. Sage is begging her not to marry Mr. Potter. She tells Carly he smells funny. Carly says that’s the smell of money. Sage tells her she doesn’t want the money, she only wants her Dad back.

Jack walks in and Sage begs him to ask Carly not to marry Mr Potter. Katie and Brad walk in as reporters and he sends Katie away and then turns to Carly and says alone at last. Jack and Katie talk to each other in the bar. Brad tries to talk Carly out of marrying this Mr. Potter. They kiss and Jack and Katie come in and catch them. Jack knocks Brad out. Jack turns to Carly and asks her what she thinks she is doing, cheating on her future husband with her ex husband. She says she always seems to mess things up. Katie helps Brad up and they end up kissing. Jack goes after Carly and he tells her she is marrying the wrong groom. She asks well who she should marry then, he says him, and then asks her to marry him.

The preacher comes in and Brad tells him there will be no wedding because Carly ran away. He stops the preacher and asks Katie to marry him right now and she says ok. Then Carly and Jack walk into the house saying home at last. Sage says she is so glad her Mom didn’t marry that man. Jack turns to Carly and they kiss.  

Jan Barrett

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