Henry and Vienna are at the diner when she tells him she meant it when she told him no more gambling. She tells him she thinks he is tired of her but he assures her that is not it. Gray comes in and surprises Henry. Vienna tells Henry she does not want his gambling buddies hanging out there. She says get rid of him but then decides to handle this herself. She goes over to take his order. Gray flirts with Vienna but she doesn’t see that yet. She suggests that he orders the pepakokker so he does along with some coffee. Gray continues to flirt so Henry pulls her away and tells her that Gray’s eyes have been undressing her and he is not going to let him get away with it. Henry tells Gray that he and Vienna are not married but he can never break their bond. Gray tells Henry there is going to be another poker game and too bad he can’t join them. When he leaves Henry tells Vienna he has to go get some more doggy biscuits and he will be home soon.

Henry heads right over to the poker game. He is drinking and getting drunk and is losing in the game. He finally wins a big hand but Gray talks him into playing one more hand. Gray asks Henry to cover his bet. Henry says he is good for it. Gray says he certainly hopes so and lays his cards on the table with a straight flush. Henry suddenly feels sick because he loses which means he loses everything he has. Gray wants his money now.

He offers Henry a deal. He says to give him one night with Vienna and his debt will be paid 100%. Henry says there is no way he’d ever let him lay a hand on her. Gray says well it was just a suggestion. He says he knows how much Vienna loves the diner and he is sure she will understand when he loses it. Henry is upset and leaves the room. When he goes back to the diner Vienna was worried and asks if he is in some kind of trouble. He says what kind of trouble he could be in. She wants to know if he has been playing poker and he lies to her saying he has been looking for the doggie treats and pulls out a small box of them from his pocket.
Paul goes to see Lucinda. She is still feeling guilty. He wants to know what has her so upset. Paul suggests to Lucinda that she should be working with him to get rid of Craig forever. Lucinda is intrigued by this idea. Paul calls Emily and asks her to meet him. He tells her he needs her help to get Craig out of the picture. Emily calls Craig and asks him to meet her at Yo’s. He asks why he would do that. She tells him to trust her. It will be worth his time.

Casey is home alone when his friend Matt pays a surprise visit. Casey tells him he got his money from him so what does he want now. Matt says he can’t get rid of him that easy. Margo comes in earlier than Casey expects and when confronted Matt lies saying he and Casey are old friends from Oakdale U. He says he will leave but Margo stops him and invites him for dinner. Tom comes home and Margo tells him she has invited Matt to stay for dinner. Casey and Matt go back downstairs to play some games. Margo tells Tom she really misses Adam. At dinner Matt tells Tom and Margo that he may have to drop out of school because he is broke. Tom and Margo invite Matt to move in with them. She says he can move in right away. Margo leaves to go get dessert so Casey asks Matt what he is up to. Matt promises not to cause any trouble and not to stay long.

Craig finds Meg at Worldwide packing up her office. He tells her that he doesn’t want Worldwide or Montgomery Enterprises, he just wants her. He sees a picture of Meg and Paul in the trash. Meg asks him to leave.

Paul goes to see Meg. He says he isn’t there to try and talk her into coming back to him. He is there to offer her a job at Worldwide. He tells her to congratulate him. He is now the new owner of Worldwide. She asks how this came about. He says well Lucinda still owns it. He is just the new CEO. He says Lucinda wants time to concentrate on her family right now. He tells her he has gone over her plans for charitable work and loves them. She tells him he is just like Craig and turns him down for the offer, and then leaves. Paul glances down and happens to see the picture of him and Meg in the trash.

Emily tells Craig that she has some information that he just might be interested in for a price concerning his daughter and son. Craig asks her if she knows where Johnny is. She says she does but it is going to cost him. She tells him she overheard Lucinda talking to Lucy and she is suppose to be calling Lucinda back today at 3:00. She tells Craig to be there when Lucinda gets that call and he will be able to trace it back to his son.

Craig follows Lucinda’s limo and when her car pulls over Craig stops and waits. She sees him back there but pretends not to. She gets out the car pretending to be on the phone with Lucy and asks how Johnny is doing. Craig is out of his car listening to her conversation. She carries on with a conversation pretending to be talking to Lucinda. Craig asks as he whispers, where she is. Just then Lucinda makes an arrangement to meet her in Barbados. She hangs up and gets back in the car.

Craig calls his travel agent and says to book him on the next flight to Barbados. Lucinda goes back to The Lakeview and tells Emily and Paul that Craig took the bait. Paul asks her to keep him posted and she leaves. Paul thanks Emily for her help and she tells him now they are even, then she leaves. Paul looks at the picture of him and Meg and thinks about making love to Meg. Meanwhile Meg is back out at the farm thinking of the same thing. Emily comes back and sees Paul looking at the picture and tells him it is never going to happen. Paul tells her never say never.

Jan Barrett

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