Henry starts talking in his sleep about poker. At first Vienna thinks he is talking to her but when she realizes he is dreaming about playing poker she gets mad and jumps out of bed and starts yelling at him. Henry asks her how he can control what he is dreaming. He tells her about other dreams he has had that had cheerleaders in it. She says this is worse than she thought. Not only is he dreaming about gambling, but in his dreams he is being unfaithful to her and then she slams the bathroom door in his face as she goes in there.

Chris talks to Will and Gwen about Sofie. He tells them there is more going on with Sofie than they know. Will says she kidnapped their daughter and that’s all he needs to know. Meanwhile Aaron goes to the jailhouse to see Sofie. She doesn’t want to see him. He offers to get her a lawyer but she yells at him and tells him she doesn’t want his money or anything from him. She tells him she wouldn’t even be there if it weren’t for him. She said he told Gwen and Will where she was and now she has lost everything.

Chris goes in to see Sofie. He tells her she is suffering from post-partum depression and he could testify for her if she would like for him to. He tells her she needs to see a doctor. She refuses to listen and sends Chris away. He goes back to the hospital and asks Gwen and Will to give Sofie a break. He says she needs to see a psychiatrist. He says he thinks she is suffering from post-partum depression. While alone talking, Gwen tells Will they need to think about this. She says if Sofie is sick then she needs help. Will says ok but if they do this they have to do it on a condition that Sofie stays away from Hallie.

Will calls and has the charges dropped on Sofie but he has no idea an attorney went to see her already. Sofie tells the lawyer that she told Aaron she didn’t want a lawyer. He tells her he has no idea who Aaron is. He says he read about her case in the newspaper and he thinks he can help her get her baby back which gets Sofie’s attention. Will and Gwen go talk to Sofie and she tells them she has a lawyer now and that she thinks he can help her. Will wants to know what he is going to do for her. She tells him he is going to help her get her baby back.

Casey calls Matt and tells him he has the money to pay him off and he will bring it to him in a few minutes. Before he can leave Alison walks in and tells him about Hallie and asks him to go to the hospital with her. He says not right now and Alison gives him a hard time for not being there for his friends so he finally gives in and goes with her. When they get to the hospital Alison brings a teddy bear for Hallie.

As soon as they are there Casey’s phone rings so he goes out in the hall. He answers it and tells Matt he has his money and he will get it to him. Before he can hang up Alison walks out the room and asks him what the hell he is doing. Alison jumps on him for answering his phone like he did the minute he gets there but before she can go back to the room with Gwen, Matt walks in and introduces himself to her. Alison goes back inside and Casey pays Matt his money. Later he goes back to the hospital and ends up taking Alison for a drink at the Lakeview. While there Lisa comes up to them and mentions that she had to fire a bartender because there was money missing in the register, making Casey feel guilty because he knows he was the one that stole that money.

Jack and Carly bring Parker home after he spent the night in jail. Kit comes in and is upset because Carly didn’t call her when Sam was killed. She blames Parker for it. Carly yells at her and tells her that it is not Parker’s fault. She says this is Sam’s fault. She says Sam tried to rape her. Kit says that’s bull. She accuses Carly of always throwing herself at Sam and now she is covering for her son. Jack throws Kit out.

Margo tells Tom that the DA wants to charge Parker as an adult. Tom gets mad and says he is just a kid. He tells Margo she should use her influence to help Jack out here since they are friends. She says she would do anything for Jack and his family but her hands are tied. She says this is the DA’s call. Tom warns her that if they continue with this he will fight them all the way.

Tom goes to see Jack and Carly and tells them that the DA is thinking about charging Parker as an adult. Jack asks him can’t Margo do something to change that. Tom says Margo has to go by the book with this. Margo gets some ballistic reports back at the station and says this could complicate things. She goes to Carly’s house and tells Jack and Carly and Tom that she needs to question Parker some more but she wants to take him back to Metro and ask him there. Carly is against it and Parker even says he doesn’t want to go back there. Carly tells him he doesn’t have to but Jack thinks maybe they should go along with this. He says maybe this will clear things up for Parker.

When they get to Metro Margo asks Parker exactly what happened that night. He tells her that he wanted Sam dead. Tom stops him and tells him not to say another word. Tom tells Margo she needs to let them talk to Parker first since after all he is just a kid. She says but Parker is the lead suspect in a murder here. Then she tells them all that there were two bullets put into Sam. Carly says that isn’t true because Parker only shot Sam once. Carly throws a fit and Jack tells her that she is only making things harder for Parker. Carly tells Parker to just answer Margo’s questions. He says he doesn’t think he can. She says to just do the best he can. Parker starts telling Margo what happened that night. Margo asks him how many times he pulled the trigger. Jack tells him to tell the truth. Parker looks at him and says he doesn’t know.

Jan Barrett

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