Vienna tells Henry that Katie and Brad is a perfect couple. He tells her she needs to stay out of Katie’s love life. He reminds her that her interference caused Brad to break his leg. She tells Henry that she is trying to give Katie what all women need. Just about then Katie walks in and tells Vienna that all she needs right now is the cake she ordered. Henry tells Katie he was trying to make Vienna stop playing match maker.

Carly sees that it was Parker that shot Sam. He tells her he wished they had believed him before when he tried to warn them. He says now what are they going to do. She tells him they will get through this, but the first thing she has to do is call his Dad. Parker says no, please don’t call him. He says his Dad told him to never touch that gun. He says he will be so mad at him. Carly tells him there is a man dead here, they can’t just let this go. She tells Parker that his Dad will not be mad and he will believe them when they tell him what happened. She says Jack will know what to do and they can trust him so Parker agrees to let her call him. She calls Jack and tells him she is with Parker. Jack gets upset but Carly tells him something terrible has happened. She tells him they are at the church and asks him if he can come to them. He says he is on his way.

When he gets there she tells him that Parker stopped Sam from raping her. He says ok they need to get her to the hospital and put out an APB on Sam. Carly tells him that it is probably too late for that. He wants to know what that means. She says Parker shot Sam and she thinks he might be dead. He wants to know where Parker got a gun and Carly says from the farm. She says he knew she was in trouble and he went to Metro to check on her and found Sam on top of her. He says ok he has to make a report on this. Jack says she left the scene of a crime and if they don’t go by the book on this it could make things worse. She says ok, she doesn’t know for sure that Sam is dead so she wants to know if they can at least go back to Metro and see. Jack agrees and says he hopes to God that Sam is still alive.

Margo comes home and tells Tom and Casey about Will and Gwen and what they are going through. Margo suggests to Casey that he calls them, saying they could probably use a friend about now. Casey says no he’s rather not. Margo tells him she wishes her wouldn’t cut himself off from his friends. The doorbell rings and it is Katie. She notices the silence and asks if she interrupted something. Casey says oh no, it is ok, he was just getting another lecture about his life. Katie says she knows the feeling she was just going through one of those herself.

When they arrive at Metro, Jack checks out Sam. He checks for a pulse and doesn’t find one. He calls the station and asks for a forensic crew to come there saying there is a dead man there. Jack says ok let’s go. Carly tells him he didn’t mention Parker, she wants to know can’t they just take him home and keep him out of this. Jack says he is taking Parker in for this. She begs Jack not to turn Parker in. Jack says this is the best thing they can do for Parker. Jack apologizes to Parker for not trusting him before but he says he needs him to be brave for him tonight and hang in there so they can do the right thing here. Parker says ok he can do this. Jack calls Margo and asks her to come to the station and to bring Tom with her. He tells her Parker shot a man and killed him.

At the station Margo questions Parker. Parker gives her the details about what happened. Tom thinks he needs to talk to Carly and Jack before Parker answers any more questions. Parker says he wants to answer the questions so he can get this over with.

Casey gets a call from a guy he knew in jail. The guy tells him to pay up or the guard who changed his story to get Casey released early will change his story yet again. Casey tells him he doesn’t have the money, but the guy just tells him to get it.  Casey goes to Lakeview and notices the bartender needs a break so he offers to cover for him. When the guy is gone and Casey opens the register he sees the money in the drawer. He takes the money and then leaves when the bartender gets back.             

Henry goes to the bar and orders a martini and finds Brad there getting drunk. Henry tells him that Katie just told him and Vienna that there will never be anything between her and Brad. He says she said they are professionals that work together and that is all it will ever be. Brad says he is in love with her and its so unfair that it is always Jack in her heart. Henry asks Brad to please just go on with his life and forget Katie.

Vienna interrupts a friendly poker game that Brad and Henry are in and gets Henry to leave with her. Brad stays and ends up losing his clothes during the game. Katie sees him walking around in Old Town naked and asks the waitress for an old towel or cloth or something. The girl gets her an old table cloth. She runs outside with it and gets Brad to cover up.

Brad is drunk and tries to kiss Katie when a police officer stops him calling him a pervert. Katie says he isn’t a pervert but the cop asks her if she’d like to press charges on Brad. Katie says he didn’t really do anything wrong but maybe a night in jail wouldn’t hurt him. The cop decides to arrest Brad for indecent exposure. Bonnie walks up and asks what’s going on. Brad recognizes her. She tells the officer about her being Dallas’s cousin and how Brad is Jack Snyder’s brother. The cop agrees to let Brad go but leaves it up to Bonnie to get Brad home after Katie agrees.

Jan Barrett

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