Craig tells Meg she never ceases to amaze him. He says she just delivered a baby in an elevator and he is so proud of her. When Craig walks off, Paul is out in the hall asking the nurse about Rosanna’s release papers. He asks her to let him know when they get them ready. When the nurse walks off, Meg tells him that she is happy Rosanna is doing better now. Paul asks her if her cramps are all gone now and she says yes thank you.

In the stairwell Craig runs into Chris and they talk about the publicity that Emily’s article is bringing. Craig wanted to know if it was his idea and Chris says no but he is ready to go to the next step with it. Craig encourages it.

Carly is at Katie’s hotel room door trying to talk Katie out of doing this with Brad. Katie is wrapped in a sheet and then Brad comes to the door covering himself with a pillow telling her to go home. Carly tells him no she has to stop them because this is the worse thing that could ever happen to Katie. Brad goes out in the hall and argues with Carly telling her to stay out of this. He tells her she can’t stop him and Katie. Carly is determined to stop them. Carly tells Brad that Jack still loves Katie and she knows Katie loves Jack. Brad thinks that Carly is only trying to ruin things for him since she lost Jack. Carly swears that is not it. She tells Brad that he is just a sperm donor to Katie. She isn’t in love with him.

Inside the room, Katie calls Jack and tells him she can not believe he would stoop so low as to send Carly to her hotel room to stop her and Brad from trying to make a baby. Jack tells her he doesn’t know what she is talking about. She said she doesn’t believe him. He says he will go over there to fix it but she tells him no, she wants him to stay away from her and let her go on with her life. Katie tells him she has made up her mind. She is going to have a baby with Brad so deal with it and she hangs up. When Brad comes back in the room Katie tells him she is sure Jack sent Carly. She says but it doesn’t matter, she still hasn’t changed her mind. Brad tells her he knows he is just a fill-in for Jack and that maybe this is all wrong. He tries to explain it to her but when he looks over at her, she drops the sheet around her and then kisses him.

Dusty talks to Kim and Bob while they are eating and Dusty tells him he talked to Emily and she agrees not to publish any more stores like she did before. Bob thanks him. Dusty warns Bob that he will never approve of Chris and if Chris is ever put in charge of the hospital he will remove Jennifer’s Foundation from the hospital. Before Dusty leaves Kim asks Dusty to please give Chris another chance. He asks her why, he says he respects her and he always has but her son is only out for himself and someone has to keep an eye out on him, then he walks away.

Eli talks to Meg about the paternity test. When Craig and Meg leave, Paul and Rosanna are waiting to leave the hospital. Paul tells her he is going to check on the papers. When he is gone Rosanna is standing at the door when Eli walks up and asks her if she has a minute. She asks him what he wants. He tells her he thinks she will be very interested in what he has to say. Eli tells Rosanna that he has a video of her switching the results on the paternity test. Rosanna asks Eli to please keep this quiet. He says but he and Meg are old friends. She says all the more reason he should want her to live peaceful not knowing. Rosanna asks him what will it take to keep him quiet. He tells her that his bills have been piling up and Rosanna understands just what he wants. He writes a figure down on paper and she says this is a lot of money. She asks what if she refuses to pay, he says then he goes to Meg. She says fine that he will get his money but it will take time to get cash.

Bob walks in on Chris talking to Evan and over hears him telling Evan not to worry about his Dad, that he won’t be running the show much longer. Bob tells him he has no plans of going anywhere. He asked Evan to excuse them while he talks to his son. Bob tells Chris that this is the second time he has went directly against his orders. Chris says he hasn’t done anything wrong. Chris reminds Bob that this is something that could be a good thing if they would only approve of this project. Dusty is standing out the door and he can hear Bob and Chris arguing inside the room. Bob tells Chris he is way out of line. Chris says Memorial will never be the research hospital it should be as long as Bob holds things back. Bob tells him to clean out his office and leave him the key. Chris says fine but he swears that he will regret this and he walks out. Bob stands there and takes a drink of his coffee. Later Dusty passes the room and finds Bob laying on the floor spread out unconscious. Kim comes in and screams his name Bob. Chris comes in and sees what happened.

Carly goes home only to find Jack sitting in her living room. She looks at him and says this is a pleasant surprise. He repeats, pleasant, no this is more like unpleasant. He tells Carly he doesn’t believe that her intentions were good. He thinks that she planned this to make it look to Katie like Jack sent her over there. Carly denies it but Jack doesn’t believe her. While they are arguing Brad and Katie are making love.

Jan Barrett

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