Katie tells Brad that the two of them should have sex so she can have a baby and Brad is having a hard time understanding this. He says before she was so against it. He tells her he doesn’t know, he doesn’t know if he can do this like this. Brad is reluctant about doing it this way, he says she needs someone to do this with that would make this a nice thing to remember and it is just not with him. She tells Brad the reason she wants him to do this is because he is very unpredictable and that’s what she needs right now.

Vienna tells Jack that Katie is going to do this with Brad and she makes it plain that Katie is none of his business anymore. Jack’s phone rings and it is Margo. She tells him to get back to the station now. She tells him he is not going to believe what Carly has done this time. Jack tells her that Carly is not his favorite person right now. She tells him she knows and neither is she hers but she is ordering him to come in and see for himself. Jack calls Carly and tells her he needs her and her new business partner to come down to the station right now.

At the station Jack tells Carly and Kit to follow him. They go into a room where Margo and Sam are. The police caught Sam breaking into their new club. When they asked for his permanent address he gave them Carly’s address. She tells him that is only temporary. Jack is not very happy about Carly letting this guy move in at her house. Carly tells them that she thinks this was all a mistake and she thinks they should just let him go. Jack says he can do that but he hands her a folder and tells her to read this first. Carly says she sees that Sam has done a lot of things in his life that he probably isn’t so happy about but she thinks he sincerely wants a second chance and she thinks everyone deserves that. 

Carly and Jack argue over Kit and Sam both having records but Carly tells him so does she. He says so that means he has the upper hand here and walks out after Margo orders him out. Margo tells Carly that she has her hands full and she wasn’t talking about Sam, she means at Metro. Margo shows her she has 6 or 7 violations and it seems like the only thing working is their alarm system. Carly says oh now the police department has turned into a building inspection company also, and walks out. She tries to get Jack to talk to her but he walks away from her so she just leaves.

At the hospital Rosanna wakes up and Paul tells her he has some good news. The doctors say she might be able to go home today. She says she is not so sure that’s a good idea. Rosanna tells him she doesn’t want to go home til he tells her what is going on between him and Meg. She tells him that she knows that Meg’s baby could be his so she wants to know where this leaves them. He tells her that Meg had a paternity test done and it showed that Craig was the baby’s father, not him. Rosanna remembers when she switched the results of the test herself. Paul assures Rosanna that it is all over between him and Meg. He tells her all he wants is for her to come home so they can be together. She tells him that’s all she wants too.

Craig and Meg come in at the farm after Christmas shopping. Craig tells her that this time next year they will be shopping for their own child. She tells him she likes seeing that part of him, the gentle part. He says well when he gets things he wants then he is happy. Emma comes in and doesn’t exactly give Craig an easy time. She warns him that if he messes with her daughter then she will be messing with her. He tells her that he loves her daughter and he will never do anything to hurt her. Emma tells him she doesn’t believe him, but Meg comes back in saying but she does believe him.

At the hotel Craig and Meg are talking. He says she seems to be growing on him or something. She seems to like him more now. They are waiting by the elevator while talking. When the door opens there is a pregnant woman in labor saying her water broke. They get in to help her and tell her they will get her to a hospital. While in the elevator it stops in between floors. Meg and Craig do what they can to calm the woman down. He tells her his wife is a nurse and she is the best at this. Meg tells the woman her contractions are coming really close to each other and she thinks she will be having this baby right there, soon. Meg realizes that she is going to have to deliver this baby right there. She gets Craig to help hold onto the woman and they get ready to deliver it. The baby is delivered and it is a little boy. Craig tells the woman that he and Meg are going to have a baby. Right after Meg hands the new mother the baby the elevator doors open with the rescue squad.

In Old Town Vienna is talking on the phone with Henry telling him that in about a week or so she and he are going to be Godparents. She says right now at this moment Brad and Katie are at the hotel room making love making a baby. Just then she shuts up and Carly is standing right there asking her what did she just say? Katie tells Vienna if Katie gets pregnant by Brad it will kill Jack and it is not good for her either. Vienna tells her she is dead wrong but Carly leaves for the hotel room anyway. At the hotel just as Katie and Brad get into bed they hear a knock at the door. Katie gets up saying she will get rid of whoever it is. She is shocked to see Carly standing there. She asks her what is she doing there.

Jan Barrett

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